Nicholas Deakins

04 Jul 19
Digital Learning with @digitalzones

4 mins reading Some years ago, a student who I’d never met or spoken to came up to me after a graduation ceremony. This student had recognised me from my YouTube videos in a unit she’d studied as part of her degree. She told me that even though she was an off-campus student studying from […]

28 Jun 19

Mr. Gerner – who described himself as Continental's "custodian rather than owner" after buying it for $ 12 million two years ago – is selling. Local groups that fought against the redevelopment plan for years before it was approved by the Mornington Peninsula Council organized a community meeting for Sunday at the Sorrento Community Center. […]

26 Jun 19

Read the Previous Entries HERE and HERE I arrived at the gig and got myself a good seat near the front as there wasn’t a particularly large crowd for the event, possibly the tucked way nature of the tent was a contributing factor to this. The band were playing a number as I arrived and […]

15 Jun 19
Blogtor Who

Bernice Summerfield is back with four new adventures from four new authors this September in an audio boxset from Big Finish starring Lisa Bowerman and David Warner. The authors of this boxset are all new to Big Finish. “Last year we ran a Bernice Summerfield short story competition,” explains producer James Goss, “and we were so […]

05 Jun 19
Blogtor Who

Demon Music Group have unveiled a stunning brand-new vinyl edition of BBC Radio Four‘s adaptation of Good Omens, available later this year. Amazon Prime‘s recent (and highly successful) adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett‘s 1990 novel Good Omens is not the only time this well-loved work has been adapted into another form of media. Back in 2014, […]

05 Jun 19
Som2ny Network

Top ten wedding photographers Edward Olive View Big On Black its always hard to take a decent photo and especially hard not just to repeat yourself i have been getting less than a decent shot per roll since the summer. i am going to change cameras and style again. no more failing attemps at photojournalism […]