Ninja Gaiden

16 Feb 19
Seafoam Gaming

One of two games from studio Joymasher, this throwback to the NES promises to offer a fun, challenging experience, but does it manage to succeed?

15 Feb 19 | Previews, Reviews & Digital Entertainment News

New Online Beta to Launch with 24 Playable Characters Across the PlayStation®4 and Xbox Team NINJA took the EVO Japan 2019 stage by storm today, making a flurry of announcements including the pre-launch DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Deluxe Demo, a new eSports venture – the DEAD OR ALIVE World Championship, and the first news on the upcoming DOA6 […]

15 Feb 19
Into the Warp Pipe

I’m back. And I’m gonna do something a little bit different this time. That is, I’m going to go over some of my favorite video game boxart/flyers/whatever. In no particular order. …Let’s go. Ninja Gaiden II (NES) Starting off with an NES classic, Ninja Gaiden II probably has my favorite boxart of the original trilogy. […]

13 Feb 19
Akechi no Yabou

Backlog kelimesi “sahip olduğunuz ama henüz oynayamadığınız ya da geri dönüp devam etmek istediğiniz oyunlar” için kullanılan bir terim. Kendi halime bakayım dedim ve malesef listem epey kabarık… 2019 amacım tamamen backlog temizliği. Backlog 25’e inmedikçe oyun almak falan yok bana. Vita’da Ratchet and Clank 3’e başladım. PS4’te Persona 5’e devam etsem iyi olur. PS3’te […]

13 Feb 19
F.A.S. Gaming on the Xbox One.

A A Kingdom for Keflings   A World of Keflings   ACE COMBAT™ 6: Fires of Liberation™   Aegis Wing   Age of Booty   Alan Wake   Alan Wake’s American Nightmare   Alice: Madness Returns   Alien Hominid HD   Aliens vs Predator   Altered Beast   Anomaly Warzone Earth   Aqua   ARKANOID […]

12 Feb 19
Sreys Official Website

Dark Souls, Battletoads, Ninja Gaiden, and Cuphead wear their difficulty as a badge of pride. They crush souls and spirits alike, and results in a lot of fatigued fingers. Playing them feels like Groundhog Days of death; Live, Die, Repeat, and Repeat! Sometimes it’s about memorization, recognizing patterns, knowing where random enemies spawn, like in […]

12 Feb 19
Dante Plays Old Games

It took me seven hours to beat Adventure Island. There are no save games or passwords, so that is one playthrough, broken up by a few long breaks, done over the course of a day off from work. I’d say it’s harder, more frustrating, and drove me closer to considering just giving up than other […]

11 Feb 19
The Beige Moth

It’s been a while, but I feel like writing another game review. I’m a big fan of the Souls series of video games, from From Software, going way back. Not quite back to the beginning, I played Demon’s Souls when it was released by Atlus and not the Asian version that was available in English […]

09 Feb 19

I may be two months late, but better late than never, right? Although I hate to start on this note, I found that 2018 was overall a fairly mediocre year for games. Was it outright bad? No. However, I felt that 2018’s game lineup didn’t push the industry forward like 2017 did, and while there […]

08 Feb 19

3 more images in my cosplay gallery Tessa Kristine Cosplay as Demon Hunter [WWW] [facebook] , Burst Angel [Bakuretsu Tenshi] Cosplay, Crime, Crime Cosplay, Diablo, Diablo Cosplay, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden Cosplay, The Venture Bros., The Venture Bros. Cosplay, Video Games, Video Games Cosplay, Demon Hunter, Demon Hunter Cosplay, Cosplay]

08 Feb 19
Twentieth Century Gamer

Famed satirist Jonathan Swift once observed, “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it….” In the realm of classic gaming, I can think of no clearer example of this timeless truth in action than Hagane: The Final Conflict for the Super Nintendo. Around a decade ago now, a obscurely-sourced story began circulating online that […]

08 Feb 19

KOEI TECMO America revealed the latest GUST Studio’s Atelier release earlier this week and we have screenshots and the trailer.

08 Feb 19
The Outerhaven

Wondering if your PC is up to snuff to play Sekiro? Wonder no more.

08 Feb 19
Spacetime Fragments

While I still have aspirations to make music within the regular music industry, I have wanted for years and still want to work on music within the video game industry. Not some much writing music in the American industry (I’d rather do background work in the studio or music research for the writers), but if […]

07 Feb 19
Johan Holm

I just finished these in the same day so might as well combine them. Guacamelee 2 starts off weak but gets back to the first game’s muted glory by the end, while The Messenger starts off strong but stumbles during the second act. Both are overall good games I think, but they did leave me […]