23 Jun 19
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Nitecore UI1 Portable USB Li-ion Battery Charger is an ultra small battery charger which supports to charge single Li-ion battery. The USB input with Automatic Adoption for the optimal charging modes. It supports 18650, 21700 and 26650 batteries.
21 Jun 19

Whether for everyday use or not, flashlights are an essential piece of equipment everyone should have. And just like with everything else, there are lots of flashlight types available on the market to choose from, ranging in size, quality, and performance. Since each and every one of us has its own interests and personal preferences, […]

19 Jun 19
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Vaping101 Nitecore new i4 Hi guys ​ Does anyone have this charger, I have had mine for a month and yesterday it was fine, when I put my batteries in it today it's not working as it should. I know the batteries should be empty but when I put them in the led's […]

19 Jun 19
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NITECORE TIP2 (720 Lumens !!!) Dual-Core Magnetic Keychain Light The new member of T Series – NITECORE TIP2 Dual-Core Magnetic Keychain Light With 2 times power upgrade, the TIP2 utilizes 2 x CREE XP-G3 S3 LEDs with a total reflective optic lens to emit a stunning output of 720 lumens, a max beam intensity […]

18 Jun 19
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This charger recharges lithium, NiMH and NiCd batteries. The electronics detect the inserted battery Adjusts the charging behavior. The LEDs indicate the charging status of each battery in After charging the Intelicharger switches i2 automatically. Capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously [price_with_discount] Click Here to Buy

16 Jun 19

The Nitecore i8 Intelligent Charger is the latest charger from the Intellicharge Nitecore range, ideal for charging a huge variety of batteries whether used for vaping, torches or other electronic devices. Featuring 8 bays that are controlled independently, the i8 automatically detects power levels of the batteries and selects the appropriate voltage and charging mode. […]

16 Jun 19
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New 2018 upgraded version Twice the charging speed of the i2 Charger; 100% Charging Acceleration Active Current Distribution (ADC) technology; Charging program optimized for IMR batteries Expanded Compatibility to Support 3.7V and 4.35V Batteries; Compatible with 1.2V. 3.7V, 4.2V, 4.35V batteries IMR Battery Restoration; Automatic Current Selection Based on Battery Capacity This car adapter power […]

15 Jun 19
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electronic_cigarette All charger testing will be made public I originally wanted to offer my incredible patrons something for their support, as I don’t have the classic rewards that are part of what many Patreon creators offer, so charger testing was going to be just for them. They paid for the chargers and supported […]

14 Jun 19
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An EDC flashlight is one of the best pieces of gear you can carry, along with a decent pocket knife and/or a multitool. The basic features to look for in an EDC flashlight are durability, output (in lumens), and length of charge. In other words, get you one with a metal housing that can take […]

13 Jun 19
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Here is the latest from Nitecore with their TIP2! This tiny key chain light can put out 720 lumens if needed! Top notch build quality and performance. This is a USB rechargeable for easy on the go charging. This has a very powerful magnet as well that hold the key ring and clip on. This […]

13 Jun 19
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The Halogen Handheld Flashlights market report gives a sorted image of the Halogen Handheld Flashlights industry by the technique, incorporation, and analysis of study and data picked up from various sources. The report exactly elaborates the basics: descriptions, departments, applications and Business chain overview; business regulations and plans; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on. In […]

12 Jun 19
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submitted by Mikey Bautista Your keychain is one of the most convenient places to keep your tools. You carry your keys every day anyway, so pairing them with useful gear—like a flashlight—ensures you always stay prepared. You might think to get a flashlight that’s powerful or useful enough to be worth carrying would take up […]

11 Jun 19
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electronic_cigarette Charger testing for my patrons has finally started! Six chargers have been tested: Efest LUC V4 Efest LUC V6 Nitecore Digicharger D4 XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus Nitecore New i4 Intellicharger MiBoxer C4-12 In the queue for testing are the following: Nitecore i8 Intellicharger Nitecore New i2 Intellicharger Opus BT-C3400 SkyRC MC3000 Additional […]