17 Apr 19
The IT Nerd

ASUS today announced wins of 21 Red Dot Awards for outstanding product design, setting a new company record for the number of Red Dot Awards won in a single year. The awards highlight the continued ASUS commitment to providing incredible customer experiences through innovation and exceptional product design. The Red Dot Award: Product Design is […]

10 Apr 19

WEDNESDAY (4.10.2019):  House of Vogue at the House of Yes; Honey Davenport at ReBar; SSION performs at Elsewhere; Yell Club karaoke at Rockbar; Pass the Aux at Stonewall; Pussy Willow & friends at Albatross; and more! UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) CASTRO: BARRIO WEDNESDAYS (10pm) WEST END: Selma Nilla (9pm); Lagoona Bloo (9pm) HELL’S […]

08 Apr 19
The Galway Review

Alec Solomita has published fiction in the Southword Journal, The Mississippi Review, Southwest Review, and The Adirondack Review, among other publications. He was shortlisted by the Bridport Prize and Southword Journal, and named a finalist by the Noctua Review. His poetry has appeared in Algebra of Owls, The Galway Review, The Lake, Literary Orphans, MockingHeart […]

08 Apr 19
Technology Arena

[ad_1] PRODUCT INFO Lian Li PC-O11 Razer Edition Mid Tower Case Out now Type PC Case Price $170, £150, €170 My current rig pretty much dates back to April 2015 which is when the main guts of the system were acquired. Back then I was going to be keeping the machine on the floor so […]

07 Apr 19
Social Bulletin Site

Free Video SEO report : & Antec Save the Day! | Fixing Our Dead ITX PC/   SyndicationApp Project title: “Noctua & Antec Save the Day! | Fixing Our Dead ITX PC”. Get a $10 in free video SEO syndication service: Signup here: ■ Video title : Noctua & Antec Save the Day! […]

06 Apr 19
Notes from MWhite

Hello all, I hope this finds everyone who reads it as doing well.  Things good here.  A nice week at home and lots done on working towards a very good release of my VAO product. I have another week at home before on the road again. I am really enjoying reading a very interesting and […]

03 Apr 19

There are many different approaches you can take when building a VMware home lab, but I always prefer to do custom-build tower systems. This allows me to select the components I want – the fans, heatsinks, PSU – to keep the noise to a minimum. Even though I keep the lab in the basement, I […]

01 Apr 19
Levin Dorko Collins Learning Ltd

This afternoon right before Chris and Bruce came to hang out we we shot this video (during which I talked), and then the separate mp4 file to use as a voice over. We wanted to make sure we could do a voice-over manually, as it could be necessary in a project we are going to […]

01 Apr 19
Fragment Designs Jewellery

Sterling silver Owl Cufflinks. Each owl is handsawn from eco silver a recycled supply of sterling silver and is approx 2cm tall. Owls are seen as wise as well as mysterious and feminine, I can get behind that! The goddess of wisdom athena was initially represented as an Owl and later in human form often […]

29 Mar 19

Like countless others before and after me, I got into building PCs because I was attracted to the infinite potential for customization. While I never got into the modding scene, one of my most time-consuming hobbies is to find a product that intrigues me and read every scrap of information I can find about it […]

28 Mar 19

Whenever Noctua demonstrates a cool (no pun intended) new product at a trade show (i.e., Computex), I always find it necessary to temper my excitement with the knowledge that Noctua doesn’t mess around and they do not introduce flawed products; in other words, while they may demonstrate a product at Computex, we might not actually […]

27 Mar 19
Kernels of Wheat

Here are some things we saw in our backyard last summer before I got really sick from hyperemesis gravidarum and couldn’t do nature study any more: A rose slug: Okay, I think the one we saw was a little different, having a red head.  You can see a great image of a red-headed larva here. […]

25 Mar 19
Random Ramblings

I recently upgraded my PC (last big upgrade was 2013 with a GPU upgrade in 2016)… its the first MMO focused spec I have gone for as I traditionally prefer single player games like Far Cry etc… Part of the spec included an AIO water cooling solution for the CPU and a Radeon Vega 56 […]

23 Mar 19

When I try to find a more optimistic takeaway on things, I come to realize that Noctua has, in some way, done us a great service in the DIY PC community. Have you ever seen John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)? Terribly overrated movie, but one scene that sticks with me is when the surviving researchers […]