Nomos Glashutte

19 Jun 19
Watch I Love

NOMOS Glashütte presents the Nomos Duo: simple and elegant two-hand models with a prime calibre from Glashütte—watches for women that make wonderful gifts. Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, Tetra are the four classics that NOMOS Glashütte started with more than a quarter of a century ago. Now, there are new versions of these watches designed to embody […]

02 Jun 19
Jake Scheideler

(Source: Watch Snob on Breguet and a Dress Watch Under $10,000 Leroy, Bucherer & Parmigiani There are three watchmakers I am quite confused about as I feel they can make absolutely beautiful to less interesting stuff. What's your take on them? Leroy Bucherer Parmigiani Of the three firms you have mentioned the one with which […]

29 May 19
A Review Blog

Part of the fun of a journey is the unexpectedness. In one of the previous posts, I mentioned that I still have not visited any famous coffee shops in San Francisco. Well, I decide to fix that.

26 May 19
Jüdische Allgemeine

Gary Shteyngart findet Berlin toll. Die Stadt, sagt der amerikanische Autor bei unserem Treffen in einem Café in Brooklyn, werde anders als die USA nicht von den Banken und der Hightech-Industrie dominiert. Stattdessen sei hier noch ein unkonventionelles, experimentelles Leben möglich. In Berlin hatte Gary Shteyngart kürzlich sein neues Buch Willkommen in Lake Success vorgestellt, […]

22 Apr 19
Bark and Jack

What is the best Office watch? Well firstly, what is an “Office Watch”? We’re used to terms like Pilot’s watch, Diver’s watch and Explorer’s watch, but it is less common to refer to a watch distinctly for an office or work environment. Perhaps brands like to designate their models as tough and enduring and the […]

04 Apr 19

Global Outdoor Watch Market Research Report presents detailed information on the latest market trends, development scope and business growth is presented. The business strategies applied for Outdoor Watch growth are explained. All major elements like market share, Outdoor Watch geographical regions, market drivers, CAGR value and market risks are evaluated. The competitive scenario between Outdoor […]

26 Mar 19

Once known for its smaller, more minimalist timepieces, Nomos Glashütte has in recent times presented sportier models in larger case diameters to up their technical profile and broaden their appeal. After introducing the motoring-inspired Autobahn collection at Baselworld 2018, this year the German brand has introduced a trio of new sports watches that retain the brand’s trademark minimalist […]

26 Mar 19

At the annual Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland, which wraps this week, many of the world’s finest watch-makers debut their new styles for the year. As the New York Times recently informed us, well-made mechanical timepieces such as these—like contemporary art, rare single malt scotch, or high-end real estate—have become a popular place for the […]

25 Mar 19
At the annual Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland, which wraps this week, many of the world’s finest watch-makers debut their new styles for the year. As the New York Times recently informed us, well-made mechanical timepieces such as these—like contemporary art, rare single malt scotch, or high-end real estate—have become a popular place for the super-wealthy to park their money. Many hope, of course, that the value of these watches will rise, perhaps stratospherically, like the 1968 Rolex Daytona that Paul Newman’s wife Joanne Woodward bought him for about $250. A Paul Newman Daytona today—as the styles resembling Newman’s from the 1960s and 70s are known—can go for upwards of $750,000, and Newman’s own watch fetched a cool $17.8 million at auction in 2017. Some of the watches we saw at Baselworld this year—particularly those made in very limited editions—will quite likely appreciate in value. Others might just be appreciated by their wearer, making them a worthy investment of a different sort. Here are a handful of our favorites from the fair, from a $995 smartwatch to a $33,000 showstopper. A smart Alpina, $995 Alpina AlpinerX. Yes, it’s pricier than an Apple Watch, but this Swiss-made “outdoors smartwatch” has the same basic functionality—including heart rate monitoring, call and message notifications, and sleep and fitness tracking—in addition to an altimeter, a compass, a UV sensor (apply more sunscreen!), and an old-fashioned horological face that’s powered by a battery guaranteed to last at least two years. Alpina’s app is compatible with iOS and Android, and the AlpinerX is available in four new colorways, based on those best-loved by the fans who funded the watch and chose custom designs in 2018 on Kickstarter. A classy Patek Philippe, $33,450 Patek Phillipe Calatrava Weekly Calendar. Waiting lists for Patek Phillipe’s sportier steel watch models—the Nautilus 5711 chief among them—can extend for several years. And while we were impressed by the new steel Nautilus 5726 at Baselworld, the Calatrava 5212A Weekly Calendar was our new favorite from the watchmaker. It tracks the day of the week and date, as well as the week of the year (we’re currently in week 33, according to the dial above), and is notably fresher looking than Calatravas of yore. Precious metal is replaced with stainless steel, there’s a handsomely thick-stitched caramel calfskin strap instead of an alligator one, and most notably, the lettering has been updated to resemble the handwriting of one of Patek’s watchmakers. An iconic Rolex, $16,050 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller. Yes, amidst Rolex’s 2019 novelties, you could go for a very practical all-stainless steel Datejust with the watchmaker’s newest movement for just $6,800. Or, you could spend another $10,000 and get something totally different: the new Oyster Perpetual Sea Dweller, which is offered for the first time in stainless steel and gold. This is the sort of design detail that’s bound to be controversial, but also might possibly make this watch a collector’s item. Plus, as Hodinkee’s James Stacey writes, “If you want to take some gold to 4,000 feet under the water, Rolex can now make that happen. Lucky you!” A sporty Seiko, $4,930 Seiko 1970 Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition. The Seiko 1970 Diver’s Re-creation was inspired—you guessed it—by one of Seiko’s original diver’s watches from 1970. Fun fact: this watch is an update of what’s known as the “Willard,” for the watch worn by Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now. For such a substantial watch, it fits relatively smoothly to the wrist, and the crown is nestled within the bezel, so it won’t catch on your wetsuit. Seiko is only making 2,500 of these available in July, but if you don’t get one, there are lots of handsome options in the Prospex collection. A modern Nomos, $2,980 Nomos Club Campus. Amidst the legacy watchmakers and flashy timepieces of Baselworld, the 29-year-old Glashütte, Germany-based watchmaker Nomos is a breath of fresh air. Nomos’ unisex watches are always inspired by the principles of Bauhaus design, giving them a clean, simple look that prizes function over fashion. The brand pitches its Club Campus collection as a graduation gift, or an entry-level watch for a budding mechanical-watch enthusiast. $2,980 gets you a midnight blue 39-mm Club Campus Neomatik, with rose-gold hands and space on its stainless steel back for a custom-engraving. (Also note the mix of Roman and Arabic numerals!) For the first time, Nomos is also offering a stainless steel bracelet (pictured at top), amping up that industrial design appeal.
25 Mar 19


24 Mar 19
ManuFaktUhr - Uhren und Lebensart

Von NOMOS Glashütte gibt es jetzt Duo: unkomplizierte und elegante Zwei-Zeiger-Modelle besten Glashütter Kalibers – Damenuhren, die perfekte Geschenke sind. Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, Tetra sind die vier Klassiker von NOMOS Glashütte, mit denen die Manufaktur vor mehr als einem Vierteljahrhundert gestartet ist. Nun gibt es die Uhren, die die Erinnerung ans Bauhaus in sich tragen, […]