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19 Jun 19
The White Man's Burden

Ancient Man and His First Civilizations Etruria-3 Modern Italy Who or what were the Celts/Gaul’s? Up until now, nowhere have Whites been more successful in blurring Black history, than with the Celts/Gaul’s. Of course there was no shortage of Whites declaring that they were White people. According to Diodorus Siculus – who was a Greek […]

18 Jun 19
Adventures in Baking: A Journey Towards Baking Competence

I love Bundt pans, and I always have. They are so intricately patterned, with a wonderful weight and shine (I love shiny and sparkly things), and the designs they imprint upon cakes make any dessert seem effortlessly elegant. This past weekend, I bought a new Bundt pan from Nordic Ware to make mini-Bundt cakes, and […]

14 Jun 19
More than Barcelona guides

Nordic guide ladies list popular markets in Barcelona. Bonus: review of an amazing Indonesian restaurant in the Gothic Quarter.

12 Jun 19

In a city renowned for its beautiful doors,  the glass entrance of the palatial Hotel D’Angleterre’s is an excellent place to start. Situated on the King’s Square, just across from Copenhagen’s picturesque harbour, the D’Angleterre exudes luxury and good taste. The hotel could easily be mistaken by unwitting tourists for one of its neighbours, the […]

11 Jun 19
Wave eStore

Nordic Ware 7″ Springform Pan [price_with_discount] Click Here to Buy

10 Jun 19
Fancy Flours: Where Bakers Bloom

Bring the garden to your table this Summer with these lovely floral bundt pans! Find all of these beauties on our website! Keep scrolling for information and tons of delicious recipes! 1. Blossom Bundt Pan – $38 One of our favorites – this pan brings lovely organic shapes from the garden indoors to your table. […]

10 Jun 19

LADDA NER SPEL DARKSIDERS Household sharing included. No complicated set-up. Unlimited DVR storage space. Cancel anytime. Ladda-ner-spel är en stor samling spel med en sak gemensamt, de är gratis att ladda ner och spela – oavsett om det är onlinespel, open-source, indiespel eller ware. Helt lagligt dessutom. På sajten kommer du aldrig finna några demo-, […]

10 Jun 19
Farm & Garden Store
Get outdoor smoked results indoors when cooking meat, seafood, vegetables, and even pizza! The non-stick finish makes clean up a breeze. Made of aluminized steel and featuring a lifetime porcelain enamel exterior. Includes high-domed cover for large capacity, water pan for moist, flavorful smoked food, a non-stick smoking rack, adjustable smoke vent, thermometer, and recipe booklet. Wood chips are included to get started! Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware.
Indoor/outdoor smoker can be used on the stovetop or grill
Includes nonstick smoking rack, water/drip pan, adjustable smoke vent, temperature control thermometer, instructions, recipes, and wood chips
Simply add a pinch of wood chips, a cup of liquid and start smoking
Aluminized steel construction; porcelain enamel exterior
Hand wash; backed by 5-year limited warranty
[amz_corss_sell asin=”B000VEFN9S

05 Jun 19

Whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen or you’re the person everyone in your family turns to for baking tips, having the right bakeware is absolutely essential to whatever you plan on baking. Here, we’ve rounded up the best and most versatile bakeware that everyone should have in his or her kitchen. Best Baking […]

04 Jun 19

  Pretzels are my downfall – ever since I was a little kid, skipping my way through the Farmer’s Market in Munich, Germany eagerly searching for that delectably soft, crunchy, salty goodness. There is nothing like a true German pretzel! The melt in your mouth, overly satisfying comfort of leaven! I am not sure if […]

04 Jun 19

Whether you’re an amateur baker who whips up delicious cookies all the time or just someone who enjoys baking cookies once in a while for holidays, having a good cookie sheet to bake on is an absolute must. It might seem like cookie sheets are all the same, but we can assure you that’s not […]

03 Jun 19
Drifting, Almost Falling.

Time is short and submissions are in abundance. Those that make it onto the blog pages are those that I want to share. Unfortunately due to time restraints I can’t always do the further in-depth reviews I normally do. That said all these releases have their own special qualities and all get the DAF tick […]

02 Jun 19
Inspector Gorgeous

CRACKER /ˈkrakər/ noun plural noun: crackers 1.  A highly addictive snack that requires a 12 step program to stop eating. 2. A person or thing that cracks. Probably from eating too many crackers. You know how when you’re sick, all you want is Saltine crackers and fizzy ginger soda? That’s how I’ve felt lately, except I’m […]

26 May 19
Newsy Today

CLOSE Awesome sales loaded on Sundays. (Photo: Amazon / Drop) – Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy what you need. If you buy by clicking on one of our links, we can earn a small proportion of the income. However, our points and opinions are independent of today's US newsroom and […]