12 Dec 18
Ten Tees

What is love? It is not so easy to answer this question at all. We often accuse each other of not loving or no longer, or not enough. So, what is love? Love means that we consider someone more important to ourselves. Usually, people say that. What it means? Do we subordinate ourselves to someone? […]

12 Dec 18
Sailing Adventures aboard Paws

My mojo went missing a few weeks ago & I pulled the boat apart looking for it. It is with great relief that I can announce it has been found again. I must have lost it somewhere in the Russel islands & didn’t look hard enough for it up until now. After snorkelling & diving […]

11 Dec 18
Yellow Bird Stitches

A quick December knit to add another present under the tree. An almost finished double wrap cowl, made of several different colorways of Noro silk garden yarn.  Quick and satisfying to knit.  

10 Dec 18
Audrute's Blog

Šios bylos medžiagą išsiunčiau Jungtinėms tautoms, Europos Komisijai dėl grubių pažeidimų.   Almantas Barkauskas (toliau – pareiškėjas)  oficialiai atsisakė Vyčio teismuose ir jo nekenčia, tyčia žaloja, nuolat grasino dar kūdikiui Vyčiui atimti iš jo mamytę. Pareiškėjas sakėsi atsakovei (Vyčio mamytei Audronei), jog pats surašo pažymą (-as) Kauno miesto vaiko teisių apsaugos skyriui per 40 minučių, […]

09 Dec 18
Ten Tees

There are people who are suffering from severe illnesses in very bad circumstances, for decades, because of their injuries or disabilities, are limited in their movement, while others are young or younger, vigorously, successfully, squeezed or die from a single blow that many people, so they go out on the floor. Not the bad or […]

08 Dec 18
Ten Tees

Assume that society is a man, the mind of this man is the media, memories, and compulsive thoughts that are seen in the media. What is this man like? Constantly bad things happen to him, around him, everywhere he is threatened by threats. Horrible events are remembered year after year so that you can not […]

08 Dec 18
Euphraxia Novel

Sakaki! Kau dengar? Ada penjahat di sekolah!” “Huh?” Sehari setelah kekacauan dengan pembunuh, Yuichi datang ke sekolah, ia mendengar Shota menyapanya. Di atas kepalanya tertulis “Babu”. “Memang cocok banget.” Yuichi refleks berkomentar. “Huh?” Shota bingung. “Maaf. Aku cuma ingin mengatakannya saja.” Yuichi meminta maaf. Saat SMP Shota mungkin saja seorang striker andalan, namun tampaknya ia […]

07 Dec 18


kimura-art: [ カサブランカ ] Casablanca noro annaさんというモデル

07 Dec 18
Folt Bolt Shop

A fantasy pattern in soft pinks and mint greens. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The hat is crocheted entirely of Noro Flower Bed yarn in a version of tapestry crochet technique, that allows me to create intricate patterns. Tapestry crocheted item unlike a knitted colorwork has no strands on the inner side. Both sides look almost the […]

07 Dec 18


noro-arts: Another transparent boyo! I have zero idea how to background, but I needed to draw Patton because. He is my sunshine child and you CANT change my mind.

07 Dec 18

We need everyone to pray us HOOOOME! Lincoln had a good night last night and a great day today- eating lots and drinking well. We don’t know if the 2 bad nights stemmed from something he ate or drank that made things worse, or if it was just the virus acting up. The doctor came […]

06 Dec 18
randomly erin

But first, a bit of a diversion… We never did really figure out what the deal was with Eric the other night but he kind of half climbed into Mom’s lap and then wiggled until she supported his back bits. It was almost as if her lap wasn’t in the right configuration but he really […]