Nostalgic Hot Rods

24 May 19

[ad_1] Little More Than A Good Idea While some prefer the safety of limiting actions to words, for better or worse, I’ve always been the type of guy who’d prefer to fail catastrophically over never trying. The idea for Speedhunters Live first came to mind after seeing the sterling turnout for Paddy’s display at the Irish Motor […]

23 May 19
listen records

900! I’ve put together 900 of these news letters! That’s just ridiculous! I can’t think of anything else I’ve done 900 times in a row. I hope you’ve found these weekly dispatches informative, helpful, inspiring, life altering, and entertaining. Oh ya… if you don’t follow us on Instagram, WHY NOT?! And now you know. CHECK […]

19 May 19
R/C Toy Memories

…and the day they went racing as slow Historics, against a friend’s Brushless Fantastic.

18 May 19
Miracle Movies

YESTERDAY, we described the early part of Buster Keaton’s career and tried to provide some background as to why he was uniquely suited to create some of the greatest comedies of the silent era.  Today, we’d like to continue showcasing some of the classic films “The Great Stone Face” was responsible for. As we’ve seen, […]

16 May 19

WHY GO: It’s a safe bet that parents who drop their kids off at Binghamton University in Binghamton NY don’t generally stay to see the city sights, but they’d be missing out. Once maligned as blighted and abandoned, Binghamton – newly branded with the zingy “BING” – is undergoing a resurgence, with new art galleries […]

15 May 19
Ever Abide

Party Planning on a Budget My beautiful baby darling turned 2 this past weekend (on Mother’s Day, actually. I know, best Mother’s Day present ever😍), and I had the greatest time throwing her a Pretty Pony Birthday Party! 🐴💕🎉. We own a new business so money is tight, but I wanted to make this party […]

13 May 19
Blue Towel Productions

So as explained before, we are playing a seeded tournament-style elimination game amongst each of the US domestic box office champion movies from the last 32 years.  Seeding was done via Rotten Tomatoes scores, with ties broken with Metacritic scores.  Three of our six judges will vote on each match-up of two films, with the […]

08 May 19
Solo Kiwi

Chiang Mai is relatively small city in the misty mountains of Thailand. It is oftened known as a playground for seasoned travellers. As it is not visited nearly as much on tourists trips to Thailand, many of whom often opt to stay in the Islands of the South and/or the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. Chiang […]

05 May 19
Madison's Movie Reviews

“Jesus, what a night!” “You just can’t stay 17 forever,” recent high school grad Steve chides during American Graffiti’s opening scene.  The comment is fleeting but the moment echoes across the rest of George Lucas’ (yes, the one of Star Wars fame) coming-of-age masterpiece as each character, even Steve himself, struggles at one point or […]

03 May 19

There’s a very wicked ’55 Chevy lookin’ for you I was nostalgic when I read the story about VxBlock hitting 10.  I had been working in Converged computing going back some time, and helped grow the FlexPod business.  So to acknowledge this passage of time also recognizes just how old this space is, esp. in […]

19 Apr 19
The Shop - A History of the Joseph Kavanagh Company

January 20 The Shop is off to a strong start this year with several orders from distilleries, several beer vats to fabricate and a boiler repair. The boiler repair is for E. J. Codd, one of the Shop’s oldest customers. A copper liner is fabricated and several flanges to go with it. Joe is happy […]

18 Apr 19
Vacant Throne

<– Back | Index | Next –> There and Back Again Toilet Talk The first thing that hit Alyssa was the noise. Tenebrael’s world was quiet. Nearly silent, in most parts. A deserted military compound in the middle of a desert had no noise at all. Even the city, filled with people, didn’t have much […]

15 Apr 19
Unconventional Xicana Ph.D.

Cultural appropriation, the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture, has become a controversial issue in recent years. Reality star Kim Kardashian, pop star Miley Cyrus, and megastar Madonna have all been accused of cultural appropriation. When these women dress in traditional attire from other cultures or sport corn rolls in […]

13 Apr 19
Cinema Lovers Club

Brashly politicized with okay production value & cinematography, but watered-down tone, C-list cameos, & fundamental misunderstanding of the (far-superior) original 1959 Twilight Zone. 4/10 … Brashly politicized with okay production value & cinematography, but watered-down tone, C-list cameos, forgettable scoring, overstretched length, & a fundamental misunderstanding of the (far-superior) original Twlight Zone._4.2/10. … An updated […]

13 Feb 19
Cinema Lovers Club

A dreamlike masterseries redefining what was possible on TV & paving way for anthological horror while interweaving social commentary amongst incredibly imaginative dystopia, TTZ is one of_TV’s_greatest_series_of_All-Time._9.7/10. … A strange mix of horror, science-fiction, drama, comedy, and superstition, Emmy Award-winning Rod Serling serves as narrator, host, writer, and creator of this series that went over […]