11 Dec 18
My College Activity

Preparing for Growth Sustained growth is defined as growth in both revenues and profits over an extended period of time. Succesfully growing business is a function of preparation, good management, and appreciation of the issues involved. The three primary things that a business can do to prepare for growth are appreciating the nature of business […]

11 Dec 18

The Ameri power barges have stirred controversy since 2015 Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), Energy think tank, has scored high marks for the latest draft deal between the government and power producer, Ameri Energy. Executive Director of ACEP, Benjamin Bauchi, says compared to the controversial Novation Agreement that got Boakye Agyarko sacked as Energy […]

11 Dec 18
Professional Industry Market Research

This recently published report examines the global Digital Keyboard market for the projected period of 7-years, i.e. between 2018 and 2025. The report highlights the accomplishments and opportunities lies in the market throughout the forecasted period. The report offers the thorough information about the overview and the scope of the global Digital Keyboard market along […]

10 Dec 18

014 The Novation Launchpad is an easy-to-use app for iPad that will have you making beats and music instantly. It comes with eight ready-to-perform sessions Discover the top 100 best music notation apps for android and paid. Top android apps for music notation in AppCrawlr! This article needs to be updated. Please update this article […]

09 Dec 18
Go AudiO

Electronisounds Orchid Chord Kits WAV Orchid Chord Kits delivers instant melodic inspiration to your DAW of choice! I’ve created FIFTY chord kits to help get your new tracks and live-jams started super-quick, guys — Just pick a kit, drop the chords into your DAW or sampler and you’re off and running! I used several different […]

07 Dec 18
Robyn Wilkinson Sound

In 2009, Akai released the original APC40, one of the first Ableton Live specific MIDI controllers. On release, the APC40 was a groundbreaking piece of equipment. In 2015, Akai released an updated version, the APC 40 MKII; a lighter, more slimmed down version with some upgraded features. This upgraded version consequently went on to become […]

07 Dec 18

Here are a few terms that you might encounter in the course of contract negotiation, which might be of use.

06 Dec 18
Jamalife Helpers Global [@ubuntujamalife]

  “We are Dream and Vision Achievers Through God, Our True Helper.” Login | The following was formulated for the purpose of ensuring growth and practical business operations, for you to use on a regular basis. Please refer to them when you have questions about Jamalife Helpers Global or need to clarify any concerns about your […]

06 Dec 18
Synthetic Assets

A few basic points about shadow banking ten years after the crisis: “What shadow banking is” isn’t very complicated if banking is defined as “borrowing short to lend long” What makes banks unstable is that their liabilities are on demand (i.e. they borrow short) while their assets pay out only over the course of years […]

04 Dec 18

Novation has announced a free update for the Peak synthesizer that adds new wavetables, additional LFO’s, microtuning support, new patching options and more.

04 Dec 18

It takes more than great ideas to start recording music. You also need an audio interface, a microphone, headphones, recording software and cables.

Save time, effort and expense by choosing the Scarlett Solo Studio Pack. Itメs everything you need to start recording with Focusriteメs legendary quality sound on your Mac or PC: audio interface, headphones and studio-quality condenser microphone. Thereメs even a mic cable.

03 Dec 18
The Streak

By payment in due course Payment-in-due-course, is the payment made in good faith and in accordance with the apparent tenor of the instrument to the rightful holder thereof. Accordingly, it is the payment made in money only on maturity of the instrument and of the entire amount due on it and the person to whom […]