19 Feb 19
Corelight Blog

By Richard Bejtlich, Principal Security Strategist, Corelight In my last post I introduced the idea that analysis of encrypted HTTP traffic requires different analytical models. If you wish to preserve the encryption (and not inspect it via a middlebox), you have to abandon direct inspection of HTTP payloads to identify normal, malicious, and suspicious activity. In this […]

18 Feb 19
Dominik Birk

On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security and Outdoor Sports. All InfoSec Reading Lists can be found here.

17 Feb 19
Aryan Street

A black “civil rights advocate” has become the legal president of the National Socialist Movement Group as of January 15th of this year. I don’t know if this was a great loss as the NSM seemed (if accounts are to be believed) to be full of feds. I would assume this take over has something […]

16 Feb 19
Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

If you’ve ever listened to Identity Evropa’s podcast (which we don’t recommend) you very quickly get the impression that Identity Evropa is a very image-conscious organization. Their national president, Patrick Casey, is quick to denounce “extremists” and brag about how Identity Evropa is full of “well-adjusted” people. It’s a great place for people who want […]

15 Feb 19

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15 Feb 19
Sacred Sunwheel Odinist Kindred

National Policy Institute needs to relocate from Alexandria, Virginia to Olympia, Washington. Likewise, Identity Evropa needs to relocate from New Market, Virginia to Seattle, Washington. On the same note, the National Socialist Movement needs to move headquarters from Detroit, Michigan to Spokane, Washington or perhaps Portland, Oregon, whatever they decide. As for the Atomwaffen Division, such as they are still […]

15 Feb 19
Markets n Trends Analysis

MarketResearchNest.com adds “Global Magnetic Slide Conveyors Market Research Report 2019” new report to its research database. The report spread across 99 pages with multiple tables and figures in it. This comprehensive Magnetic Slide Conveyors Market research report includes a brief on these trends that can help the businesses operating in the industry to understand the […]

15 Feb 19
Collection Of Sources For Your Company

We do extremely simple issues, every thing in moderation. We walk when we can, take the stairs, remain active as a lot as feasible. Our son doesn’t get much of the sugary juices and we stick to giving him water to stay hydrated. We remain away from harmful snacking but if someone deviates. (mostly Father) […]

13 Feb 19
To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting. Russian mock-attacked a Norwegian radar and peeled off at the last second.  This is a clear provocation, yet Russia will deny, deny, deny.  </end editorial> Muscovy theater over INF continues. NATO holds meeting, warns on the need to prepare for Russian post-INF capabilities. RAND surveys Russia’s hostile behaviors. Poland’s […]

13 Feb 19

Through Photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy, it is possible to analyze the light emitted by a material after photon absorption. PL-spectroscopy is a non-destructive measuring method and has several applications in different areas of physics: e.g. it is used in molecular physics to measure vibrational states of molecules and in solid-state physics for gaining information about the band distance and structure. In this experiment photoluminescence is used to determine the composition of a ternary InGaAs-semiconductor. From the measurement of the PL-spectrum at different temperatures, it is possible to deduce both the the band gap energy as well as the composition of the semiconductor.

13 Feb 19
Deep Breaths In

The past few weeks we’ve had some wild weather here in Southwestern Ontario and for the first time in years, local school boards have cancelled school due to inclement weather conditions. The weather has been so bad that everything from government offices to your local coffee shop have been closed. I personally don’t remember there […]

12 Feb 19
Social News XYZ

Jaipur, Feb 12 (IANS) The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is said to have made a tight case of money laundering against Robert Vadra, brother-in-law of Congress President Rahul Gandhi who is being probed in a land deal in Bikaner in Rajasthan. According to the ED, which is investigating a web of controversial land transactions in Bikaner […]

12 Feb 19
Learn With Kelwin

IDPS -> Intrusion Detection Prevention System IDS -> Intrusion Detection System 1. Signature-based IDS -> database 2. Anomaly-based IDS -> bandwidth  1 MBPS -> 15 MBPS False – Positive Penempatannya: Network-based IDS -> standalone, biasanya sebelum atau sesudah firewall Host-based IDS -> host, endpoint, pc Sniffing: 1. Active Sniffing -> ARP Poisoning, MITM (tampering) 2. […]