12 Dec 18
Ace Newsroom Live

#NeoNazis and White Supremacists Share News of NSM Meeting During First Week of #January in #Tennessee https://t.co/ZC2TuoFhWz — SITE – FRFL (@SITE_FRFL) December 12, 2018

11 Dec 18
Corelight Blog

By Richard Bejtlich, Principal Security Strategist at Corelight Welcome to the first in a regular series of blog posts on network security monitoring (NSM). In 2002 Bamm Visscher and I defined NSM as “the collection, analysis, and escalation of indications and warnings to detect and respond to intrusions.” We were inspired by our work in […]

08 Dec 18
Arkansas Commonwealth

This one is special one . I don’t mean that in a ableist or offensive way . It’s clear this person doesn’t live any where near reality. From his failures starting in Louisiana and after being run out by the people ( , my people ) and continuing his bullshit in Arkansas . Roper seems […]

08 Dec 18
A Complete Guide To Household Packing Paper For Moving

n Good, qualitу mߋᴠіng ϲontaіneгѕ aгe high ρгiϲeԁ, ɑnd іt’ѕ ɑ ѕhame tⲟ jᥙѕt tοѕs tһem ɑƅsеnt. С᧐mρаniеѕ ѕuⅽһ aѕ Eϲо Ρacκіng сߋntaіneгѕ wiⅼl ϲоnsіԀеr іndіѵіɗuaⅼѕ undеѕіrеⅾ cοntɑіnerѕ оff уοᥙг ρаlms and ѕеll them ɑt a grеatⅼy mіnimіᴢеɗ ρricе tаg, ѕaᴠing thе ѕһоρρег ϲaѕһ and savіng tһe ѕսгг᧐ᥙndingѕ at thе νегу ѕamе tіmе. Εс᧐ Ᏼоⲭеѕ […]

07 Dec 18
Market Research Report

Market Snapshot Advanced technology is aiding the automotive sector for optimizing various functionalities in automobiles. Automotive data logger is one such system that is utilized for diverse purposes which include simple performance evaluation to complex development of latest applications. Market Research Future (MRFR) has published a research report asserting that the global automotive data logger market is forcasted to […]

07 Dec 18
Security Boulevard

This is a debate post, and not a position post. The question alluded therein (hey… I said “alluded therein” to sound like Dan Geer, no?) has been bugging us for some time, perhaps for 2+ years. However, we deferred this debate and hid behind the fact that most organizations don’t really compare broad security approaches […]

06 Dec 18

— Media Release — Today (Thursday, 6 December), marks the final event the National Shelter Movement of South Africa (NSM) and the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s (HBF) 3-year project, “Enhancing State Responsiveness to GBV: Paying the True Costs”. The project – which seeks to support State accountability for adequate and effective provision of domestic violence survivor support programmes, […]

04 Dec 18
Brotherhood Of Siege

Dear Generation Revenge,   I know a lot of of who are on this path of nationalism and pro-white advocacy are in a similar place. We’ve seen the insanity from the Left since Trump threw his hat in the ring, maybe started off with the low-hanging fruit of ridiculing SJW’s, and then started researching seriously […]

03 Dec 18
american identity

My name is Andrew, I’ve been on the edge of right, far right and alt right politics for a long time. I’m a 30 year old white male, and I am disgusted by the depravity and degeneracy of modern western culture. In this blog, I will be laying the framework, for a new group I […]

03 Dec 18
Timothy Jewell

Naval Ship Management (NSM), an existing joint venture between Babcock and UGL, has been awarded the support and sustainment program for two Landing Helicopter Docks (LHDs) at the Garden Island Defence Precinct in NSW, following a competitive… from Storage Containers https://www.marinelink.com/news/babcock-jv-secures-b-australian-dfs-460276

02 Dec 18

This year, a supercomputer from India took 39th position in the TOP500 list, the highest-ever position achieved by the country. And, if an ambitious project by the Centre goes as planned, within the next five years, an army of 20,000 technology experts from India will form one of the world’s strongest human networks to handle […]

01 Dec 18
Nouvelles Du Monde

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01 Dec 18
Noticias Ultimas

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30 Nov 18
RSS News

click to enlarge NEWS? Counter-protestors outnumbered the small scattering of neo-Nazis who gathered for a rally at the Capitol earlier this month. The journalism nonprofit Poynter takes a look at the decision by Austin Kellerman, news director at KARK/Fox16 News, not to air coverage of the scattering of Nazis who rallied on the Capitol steps […]

29 Nov 18
Newsfile Corp.

The drilling at the Tamarack South Project has shown that the magmatic layering of the FGO (Fine Grain Olivine) intrusive (original sulphide bearing peridotite) is consistent with the magmatic layering at the Tamarack North Project. Massive sulphide intersections proximal to the FGO footwall contact, similar to the Tamarack North Project, have been encountered in three […]