23 Apr 19
Kieran's Bullshit Humor

I always thought “comfort animals” were bullshit.  Until I saw one last week in San Francisco.

Going through airport security is stressful enough, but the lady in front of me was losing her shit.

22 Apr 19
The Jacker Maker

If you’re on the hunt for something to shut out the gathering chill as winter draws ever closer, consider investing in one of the most classic items a man can have in his wardrobe: the jacket maker original. Ever since Marlon Brando sneered his way into legend as the original anti-hero Johnny Strabler, the leather […]

22 Apr 19

If you rescue a pets, please rescue me also. If you purchase one, the profit goes to my and my sisters studies. Can you please purchase one mugs? your one purchase is not become my day, it’s become my life.

19 Apr 19
Beautifully Random Stuff

I’m 46 and still fucking hate school… My kid’s gym teacher has been on her for months about needing ‘better’ gym shows since they have to change to avoid scuffy the shiny floor. I tried to explain our money situation. My sister went and got her two pairs of used tennis shoes at Goodwill and […]

18 Apr 19
Miroslava Duma

it’s far a fashion that has prolonged and grown, defensive the global places excessive streets faster than the beards have protected the faces of folks that pioneered it. Road fashion has landed-and it’s far right here to stay, as human beings get commenced to find the hidden gem stones within the lower back in their […]

17 Apr 19
Best Bookish Blog

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge  is for bloggers who wish to participate by publishing a blog post every day in April except for Sundays. Each blog post will focus on a letter of the alphabet. For example April 1 will be A, April 2 will be B and on it goes. By […]

17 Apr 19
Emma's Atelier

I’ve been trying to make different garments for Paul. It’s satisfying to make him garments as it teaches me how to fit a body other than my own. View this post on Instagram I finished a pair of jeans for Paul! Now he can wear a full outfit made by me woot! I used the […]

17 Apr 19
No Condition Is Permanent

Pictured: Andre “Mr. Rhythm” Williams, R.I.P.. Returning after more than a month’s work related absence, Reeshard & Lee-Roy  resumed business within the DJ booth at the Purple Bat Lounge last Saturday evening. Those who can recall the night in question — but who speaks to those people? — say it was like the pair had […]

16 Apr 19
Bean & Noodle

I discovered Hatch Show Prints on a 1999 DC to LA road trip with my sister Jessica. We’d spent the prior night in Asheville, NC and were headed to Memphis, along the way we stopped at the Country Music Hall of Fame. While the Nudie Suits were the initial draw for me, it’s the posters […]