Num Noms

19 May 19
17 May 19

Num Noms zijn een mix van schattigheid en een snufje verrassing. Meng een Num eneen Nom om je eigen smaakmengsel te maken. Met zoveel geurige combinaties is hetrecept altijd perfect. Num Noms zijn de schattigste minigerechten ! En ze ruiken ZO heerlijk! Verzamel 120 Num Noms in serie 4! Nums zijn geurige en flexibele figuurtjes […]

01 May 19
STEAM Homeschool Co-Op

STEAM School parents know that outdoor time is a highlight of each day at co-op. Our kids employ sticks, rocks, hammocks, pallets and more to enhance their time outdoors. Whether they are building forts, playing capture the flag, or immersed in their own creative game or pretend play, nature, found items, and imagination are all […]

29 Apr 19
A Timid Goddess in the Kitchen

Well, I tried searching for the blog I started, only to find an established blogger using it. I was unable to figure out how to change the blog name, that I started almost five years ago and never posted on, so… I got frustrated, found a different blogging app, changed the name, and got a […]