07 Dec 18
Undefining Motherhood by Dr. Katy Huie Harrison

Thanksgiving may be over, but the holiday season is just starting.  Chances are you will be attending or hosting several get-togethers and dinners for family and friends, and some may include children (or adults) with food allergies. As the parent of a child with food allergies, meals outside our home are a challenge.  Obviously, most […]

19 Nov 18
Our Journey with Infant Allergic Colitis

Our journey with Allergic Colitis all began when our son, Bobby, was about a month old. We had never heard of Allergic Colitis (also known as MSPI or Food Protein Induced Allergic Proctocolitis) prior to receiving Bobby’s diagnosis and after spending countless hours asking Dr. Google, there isn’t that much on the internet about it. […]

18 Nov 18
Nia Alexandria

Nia has been tube fed since birth, because initially she experienced tachypnea (fast breathing), which can be typical of Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome (EVC) due to the narrowing of the rib cage. It’s been a difficult road as I continue to exclusively pump liquid gold for her! We truly believed Nia would take a bottle within […]

05 Nov 18
E M I L Y & Y O U

Almost six weeks ago, we had finally started to see a little bit of a light at the end of what had felt like a very dark, dreary tunnel as I received the long awaited call from Reuben’s dietician confirming what I had known all along. If you don’t already know, Reuben has a cows […]

28 Oct 18
How to Airmile like a Boss

Some of you may know I am a momma of a little one who has allergies. Lots of #allergies. We have started to get really good at handling and understanding what the world of allergies look like. We use vegan margarine from #becel and still have her on the #nutramigen formula she has been on […]

21 Oct 18
Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Toddler Hypoallergenic Formula, Powder, 12.6 oz Can – Buy – Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Toddler Hypoallergenic Formula, Powder, 12.6 oz Can

07 Oct 18
Perfectly Imperfect Mummy

I breastfed both of my girls. My oldest, Isla, took well to the breast and I fed her for about 4 months and then went on to formula. I produced a lot of milk. To be perfectly honest, I could’ve solely run a dairy with the amount I was pumping out a day! At the […]

05 Oct 18
The Informed Pharmacist

ODB pays for two version of each of extensively-hydrolyzed protein and amino acid formulas, if the infant meets the nutritional product eligibility and the doctor has filled out the form. On the other hand, no soy-based formula is covered.

05 Oct 18
Being Archie’s mummy

WOW…I’ve finally got a moment to write a post! The past few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind and I kind of lost my way. Archie has been doing fantastic recently, learning new things by the day! But whilst Archie is learning myself and Jord are to. I’m fact every day we’re learning. Since Archie […]

02 Oct 18
E M I L Y & Y O U

Weaning. It’s happening. Reuben isn’t quite 4 months old but what difference is a week and a bit going to make? To my sanity and his happiness, a huge difference actually. But to his development, none at all. And that is what’s important. As you may be aware, pretty much since birth Reuben has struggling […]

02 Oct 18
Inexperienced Mothers

So when your baby is born, you meet with a pediatrician and they you learn what formula your baby drinks. You also learn that your baby will eat between every 3 or 4 hours. Well my fiance was taking care of our son because I had c-section with him and could not get out of […]