25 Apr 19
The Bad Karaoke

  About thirty days after I thought we could be something… You broke my heart, I still remember the awkward silence when I said goodbye and left you to catch my train. We didn’t look at each other for quite some time. We started talking again, but it was just a start of our “on-off” […]

31 Mar 19
The Bad Karaoke

  I really don’t want you listen to that song and think of me. I don’t want to think that maybe it’s not you who broke my heart, but I’m the one who broke yours. I really don’t wanna be the dust that got into your eyes and made it so painful for you to […]

27 Mar 19
The Bad Karaoke

There’s still a question in my head. Only one, but I’m not sure it’s a what, why, or how. It’s okay that we decided to end this in silence, because we both didn’t owe each other any explanation. And it’s really okay if it’s actually only inside my head. It’s a closure of something that […]

17 Mar 19
The Bad Karaoke

  I don’t think I’m doing good. My head is full of things that aren’t supposed to be there. I want to run away from things I don’t even know. I don’t want to be here. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t like myself. I’m afraid of everything. I’m afraid of who I might […]

15 Mar 19
The Bad Karaoke

Tell me something about the heartbreak leaving the worst aftertaste in your mouth, it’s bitter, iron-like, almost like blood. The taste of long-forgotten dream you tried to revive collapsing before your eyes, once again. Crushed dreams smell like burnt hair. Like thousands of dead butterflies. Like dying self-worth. It’s the worst smell you can imagine […]

20 Feb 19
The Bad Karaoke

  Sulit membayangkan aku menjadi bagian dari tahun-tahun yang hilang darimu Namun, tampaknya kita akan sampai di sana Bersama setumpuk angan-angan usang yang kini malas kau singgahi Mungkin di sana kita akan bertemu sesekali Saling bertatapan dengan senyum simpul yang sudah mewakili semua jenis kata-kata Karena kita berdua sudah kehabisan alasan untuk saling bicara Sulit […]

25 Jan 19
Jamika Heffner Blog

Central Park is truly a place of wonder no matter what time of the year.  It’s rare to capture Central Park without an army of people and fleets of wandering feet at every corner. We walked through Central Park two days ago on a Wednesday.  Clouds in the sky and it was actually quite nice […]

31 Dec 18
The Bad Karaoke

  Things I learned in 2018: I still remember the warmth of happiness. I’m still capable of falling in love with little things, with someone, and it doesn’t matter how it ended. I went through a lot (including a cat bite), and I survived them. I got in touch with the newest wave of guilt, […]

25 Dec 18
The Bad Karaoke

Was is that easy? Because you made it look like it was. You don’t have time for confusion, do you? Now that you understand you live inside the mirror I broke, inside a wall that is too thick and  too dark for us. No, we don’t want each other, nor crave for each other’s company. […]

09 Dec 18
The Bad Karaoke

  Don’t worry. Everyone will know where to go home eventually. He will. So will you. Don’t forget to make peace with everything that hurt you. You learned a lot this time, didn’t you? Even more than you ever did. More than everyone, you know well how to use heartbreak as an armor. You will […]

12 Nov 18
The Bad Karaoke

I don’t do love like everybody else. The wolf inside me has been in a very long quest, and I can’t tell whether it’s looking for a home or just somewhere to escape to. Sometimes I hate being myself and that’s not something I’m ashamed of. I always know how to give love out, but […]

05 Nov 18
Dressed for My Day

There’s something pretty humorous about a gal in southern Arizona writing a blog post about winter coats. Truthfully, I hardly ever wear a winter coat. It’s not that it doesn’t get cold here. It does. We’ll even enjoy our share of snow here this winter. But we don’t have long periods of freezing temperatures like […]

04 Nov 18
The Bad Karaoke

  Selamat malam. Mungkin kau sudah tertidur dengan sisa gerimis di luar jendelamu. Jika pun kau terjaga, aku tak berharap itu karena aku. Aku tahu kau terlalu lelah dengan semua percakapan yang sebenarnya hanya terjadi dalam kepalamu. Aku tak pernah merencanakan pertemuan kita. Ini mengejutkan, ya memang. Dan lagi, sepertinya kita juga harus menerima bahwa […]

19 Oct 18
The Bad Karaoke

It was a good dream. It was a bad dream. It was both. Beautiful. Anguishing. Delirious. Thrilling. But it’s over now. Thank you for being here for a very short time. It sucked, but it was fun, too.

13 Oct 18
The Bad Karaoke

  Probably there could’ve been a story about us. Behind the paradox of a quiet world in this jam-packed, awful city.  And it could be a beautiful story. But then I remember you only like pretty things. With feathers. Pale. And the grand display of beauty. And I’m sorry I’m not a part of that […]