18 Jun 19

The modular world is replete with ideas – but what would a complete modular concept look like? Erica Synths’ Techno System is just that rare kind of concept, a modular made for dancefloors rather than chin scratching, and a total vision instead of just components parts. So we thought it deserved a proper techno test […]

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15 Jun 19
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Hip-hop was no longer popular than it is today, but it is likely that many fans would not know who Aubrey Graham is, although they do flush his songs every day. Going back to the early days of rap music, the names of the steps are a huge part of their culture. Many of the […]

15 Jun 19
On The Record

More Pat Metheny More Offramp A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame. Triple Plus on side two, it’s the side with the most space, all the weight, and the best balance of them all. Side one is Double Plus, doing pretty much everything side two was doing – in short, getting this […]

14 Jun 19
Warren Seale

My 1980’s stage setup: Hammond B3/Leslie 122, Crumar Multiman S, Yamaha CP70 Stage Piano, Oberheim OBXA polyphonic synthesizer, Arp Pro-Soloist monophonic preset synthesizer, Hohner Clavinet D6, Minimoog synthesizer, numerous effects, pedals and a sixteen channel board to premix the signal going into the snake and out to the soundman running the main PA. All analog […]

11 Jun 19
Jessica Over

From humble beginnings to household names, for the better part of a century drum machine technology has evolved to become the extremely prevalent instruments that they are today. They are the product of years of innovative thinking, of trial and error that resulted in redesigned and refined versions. Many of the drum machines created over the years are still in use today, all thanks to creative minds of the 1930s.  

09 Jun 19

The Sci-Fi & Horror Sounds Rompler features 50 professionally crafted presets to get you the amazing soundtrack sounds inspired from the 80s. Buy Dark KZ (Affiliate Link) for only £5.79 / $9.00! Dark KZ (Affiliate Link) features 50 professionally crafted presets to get you the amazing soundtrack sounds inspired from the 80s. Includes Pads, Choir, […]

07 Jun 19

In the age of analog, synths and modules declared obsolete just a generation ago are now commanding unheard of prices on the secondhand gear market. Vintage Oberheim keyboards like the OB-8 and OB-Xa are among the most sought-after analog synths these days. Luckily, developer discoDSP have an …

05 Jun 19
Delta Sound Labs

Saber by Delta Sound Labs is a reimagined variation of the pioneering 1970’s era SEM filter by Tom Oberheim. This is a truly classic audio filter reworked as a compact and 100% skiff-friendly 8HP module.

The original SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) was one of the world’s first all-in-one synthesizers and it’s unique 12dB/Octave multi-mode filter, imparted unique character to anything it touched. Saber by Delta Sound Labs remains true to this design but features modern touches such as buffered low-pass, high-pass and band-pass outputs, each of which can be used at the same time. All in all, this makes for a really flexible, great sounding addition to any Eurorack system.

Specs: Width: 8HP, Depth: 20mm

04 Jun 19

Resurrecting a failed pot on an Oberheim Four Voice.

28 May 19

J3PO (aka Julian Pollack) is a Los Angeles based keyboardist, producer, and audio engineer. Having spent over a decade in New York City, he honed his craft amongst some of the best musicians in the world. His keyboard and sound design abilities helps to create a concoction that blurs the lines between experimental hip hop, […]

26 May 19

Band: Palais IdealAlbum: No Signal Label: Dark Vinyl Records – Now on Cold Transmission Records JOHN EDWARDS:  VOCALS, GUITARS, SYNTHESIZERS, PROGRAMMING RICHARD VAN KRUYSDIJK: BASS, SYNTHESIZERS, BACKING VOCALS, BARITONE GUITAR, PROGRAMMING  Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Uwe Teichert At Electropolis https://palaisideal.bandcamp.com/album/no-signal https://www.facebook.com/palaisideal/ https://palaisideal.bandcamp.com/album/pressure-points Palais Ideal means the Ideal Palace. A concept of building a home or place […]

23 May 19

V Collection 7 by Arturia Review Arturia has released the updated version V Collection 7 which is under review today. With the new release, you get additionally three new synth and updates for existing instruments. Arturia is a team of passionate people was founded in Grenoble, France and specializes in the development of music software and […]

23 May 19
Jay On The Web.com

"I guess that kind of loneliness gets deep inside a person. I’ve never shaken it …"
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21 May 19

Here’s our list of excellent Free VST Plugins – real alternatives to commercial VST plugins. Free VST Effects Brainworx bx_subfilter. Free. With the bx_subfilter you can achieve more clarity and definition of the bass range in just a few steps. This useful effect makes it obsolete to manually correct bass tones using an equalizer. d16 …

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