Occasion By Dex

15 Feb 19

Title: BreakfastEAD: 2019Author: KyliaFandom: Stargate: AtlantisGenre: Episode Related (Post Duet)Relationship(s): Pre-John Sheppard/Rodney McKayContent Rating: PGWarnings: NoneWord Count: 1720Summary: Lt Cadman shares breakfast and wisdom. “There is no such thing as the perfect man.” Rodney looked up from his somewhat dubious oatmeal and stared at Laura Cadman as she sat across from him.  “Excuse me?” “I […]

11 Feb 19

What if Frankenstein solved crimes? What if the Bermuda Triangle was a mysterious land you could get lost in? What if there was an NYPD Blue sequel and if The Lost Boys was a TV show? Broadcasters are full of ideas for next season and have ordered dozens of pilots, each with a dream of becoming the next […]

09 Feb 19
weekly global research

BITCOIN 1 Bitcoin = $3,662 Market Cap = $64 billion   Blockstream’s Liquid Payments on SideShift AI Integrating Blockstream’s Liquid payments on SideShift AI Sideshift.ai accepts Blockstream Liquid deposits. It’s the only service in the world that accepts deposits and withdrawals of LBTC (which is bitcoin that has been sent to the Blockstream sidechain, but […]

06 Feb 19

I think it is vital to understand what the people at rescue centres in different places around the world do and how they do it. We all know why they undertake rescues of course, because there are many furs in need of help through no fault of their own. So, I decided to ask my […]

06 Feb 19
Why Is Everyone So Fucking Stupid?

Sat 19th Jan 2019 Pretty uneventful today other than watching tonight’s Impact Wrestling. After months of teasers and sneak peaks Scarlett Bordeaux chose herself as the winner of her own talent search which is pretty obvious move but it’s still a great heat getter. If Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses teaches us anything there’s nothing […]

05 Feb 19
Jake Lenzen

There is one mechanic that stands above all others I have added to my D&D campaigns. Everyone I have run a game for, who then later has DM-ed a game has adopted this mechanic and used it themselves, and that mechanic is critical effects. If you look at D&D forums or subreddits, this is not […]

01 Feb 19
Nexus Tritium Information

Brian (@Brian) and Alex (@alexelmo) spent a few hours in Slack answering Tritium questions this afternoon… even troll questions.  Here are some of their comments… foutdu92izi [2:04 PM] Cubsat launch is still planned for march ? alexelmo [2:08 PM] @foutdu92izi The satellite launch is scheduled for late March. Vector timelines are also a factor in […]

29 Jan 19
Canadian Veggie

Is it summer yet? I’m not sure how much more of cold and flu season I can handle. The new year started off well enough. We spent the first Saturday snowshoeing up on Mount Seymour. Astrid had fun playing in the snow, making snowbabies, and sliding on her bum. We had to run back when […]

27 Jan 19

In the entire blockchain ecosystem, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, and Steem are the most active users in the market. But out of these four, Tron and EOS are fast making development in the Dapp field. However, in the year 2018, Ethereum reamined the king of the Dapps market according to the 2018 Dapp Market Report by […]

26 Jan 19
Sami Richman

I listen to music everyday almost all day. I was fascinated by different genres and the craft of lyricism. Im going to share some of my favorite songs from all different genres, for all different occasions. I attached a link to the songs that I love most! Click here for the link to my Spotify  […]

23 Jan 19
Mind Weave Role-Playing Platform

It came like a field of stars falling from the night sky and while all stared in wonder, the world became a chaos of buffeting bedrolls, crashing rock, and swirling embers. It must not have been too hungry, it only took two horses. Even stories of cosmic dragons are incredibly rare. The dragons look like […]

21 Jan 19

This list will be frequently updated as more pilots are announced and cast. Pilot season is upon us, meaning the broadcast networks are taking stock of their needs for the 2019-20 TV season and getting the ball rolling toward filling any gaps. With things about to get really interesting

14 Jan 19

“Streets filled with blood, black and red Dreams and hearts that once knew love are cold and dead” We see the EMERGE arena, the camera swooping in through the front doors, down a corridor and into the ring, the EMERGE logo on the canvas “Breathing rust, it’s come to this We burnt to dust, an […]

11 Jan 19
Site Title

“Picture this: Gavin Taylor – EMERGE Champion.   Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I mean, let’s be honest. There is a small class of people in EMERGE that is truly ready to be the top dog, the numero uno. There’s Jenni Helms, a young woman who has shown all the potential to […]

07 Jan 19
Dynasty III: The Next Generation

  Scene:  The Sacristy of the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – Saturday Evening – Denver, Colorado….. Danny:  Uncle Pat.  Aunt Leslie.  We’ll catch up with you guys outside.  Jess and I need to talk to Tim for a little bit. Jessica:  It’s about…..ummmmm…..RCIA class. Patrick:  All right.  Just make it quick.  (to Leslie)  […]

06 Jan 19
Dungeon Master Dave

Hello all! I thought I might start putting out recaps of my Saturday sessions so you all can get a look into the world of DMDave. And don’t worry, Twitch/Live Streaming is coming as soon as our Twitch man, Clint, gets his laptop running (it failed its Dex save versus lightning a couple months ago). […]