Octopath Traveler

24 Jun 19

DQ Diaries Vol. 2: My Quest to Become the Dragon Warrior

24 Jun 19
Walking in Shadows

I don’t have many friends but if you were to ask them about me, they would tell you a handful of concrete and solid facts about me that haven’t changed in nearly 2 decades about me. I am a tinker, I like the smallest of details when it comes to the things I enjoy, and […]

23 Jun 19
Aromatic Anime

Ophilia [Octopath Traveler] Touch here for the full post on Aromatic Anime tumblr

20 Jun 19
The Outerhaven

The Nintendo Switch is doing a great deal of promotion for games of all kinds. Its 1st party lineup is staggering despite only being in the 3rd year of its run. The system is getting indie titles sales that it’s not getting on other platforms, and the 3rd party games, both in terms of multiplatform […]

19 Jun 19

Japanese Nintendo

Wednesday Update:MariCAR Ordered To Pay $460m, Dr. Mario World Adds More Doctors, Yokai Watch 4 Releases, Plus More News! Please support me by shopping here (use JPNINTENDO for $3 USD off)! ● The end of the road is nigh for the former MariCAR as they (as MARI Mobility Development Co., Ltd. were ordered to pay […]

19 Jun 19

Square Enix has announced a new original soundtrack called Octopath Traveler 16bit Arrangements in Japan. Octopath Traveler 16bit Arrangements, a soundtrack consisting of 8 retro tracks including Battle 1, Boss Battle 2, and Battle 2, launches July 20, 2019 in Japan exclusively via Square Enix Store. NintendoSoup Store will take international pre-orders later this week, […]

19 Jun 19
Double Jump

For those of you who follow us on our other social media accounts (all the links down below!), we’ve been doing #GamingTogether questions for… I dunno, since last October or November? They’ve been pretty fun and today we’re going to do another batch from this month. Yeah, it’s been almost a year, I think. They’re […]

19 Jun 19

Square Enix is another company that has made me wonder if they can handle an E3 preference every year. However, I am happy to say they killed it this year! While several previous conferences have focussed on their third party games, this year they focussed a lot on the first party games that fans love […]

18 Jun 19
Business Goals

It’s rare for a good JRPG to come along that checks all the requisite boxes for it to be a… Octopath Traveler PC Review syndicated from https://lucystrickland.wordpress.com/

18 Jun 19
Press Start to Continue

https://pinecast.com/listen/0e3d939d-623f-48c4-a94c-ac21d337c903.mp3 Tonight is a RANDOM show! I just hit shuffle on all my music, and this is what spit out! The playlist is marked as follows:

17 Jun 19

Playstation Days of Deals, Xbox Unlocked, and Nintendo E3 Sale May All End Today. Want more deals? Join the IGN Deals Newsletter. By Eric Song and IGN Staff Welcome to IGN Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may […]

16 Jun 19
Rough Edge

In 2012, company Almost Human released Legend of Grimrock, triggering a slight resurgence of interest in party-based first person dungeon crawlers, but by the time Grimrock 2 hit the scenes, the fad died out and thus the company had to return to the drawing board. With the main devs splitting off into their own group […]

16 Jun 19
Archy Worldys

Share. $ 40 for many first-party Nintendo Switch games. By Seth G. Macy If you buy something about this contribution, IGN can get a share in the sale. For more information, please see our Terms of Use. The great Nintendo Deals for E3 2019 will not stop just because the event is over. Oh no, […]