20 Jan 19

For this post, I’ve decided to group Chile and Argentina together because when exploring Chile, it is easy to cross the border into Argentina to visit places nearby. We spent most of our time split between the 2 countries, crossing the Argentina-Chile border 8 times in total! Santiago- Chile We flew from Rio de Janeiro […]

18 Dec 18

“Darkness cannot survive in light, but a light can shine in the dark!” ― Odille Rault House Points 154 187 273 239 Deven Dighe, Blake Tracy, and Miles Edmiston showed TEAMWORK when they helped account for attendance during Advisory.   Cameron Abaqueta showed RESPECT when he cleaned up another student’s mess in the hallway after student choice. […]

12 Dec 18

Group Members Rebeccah MUGABEKAZI Odille NZAMBAZAMARIYA Diane GIKUNDIRO Gisele TWIZERIMANA Claire NIYIGENA Sandrine UWASE MAGNIFIQUE This is the first day, we went in the organisation to ask them to have a partnership with them. So they accepted to work together. This organisation called Seven United and they started when they were seven people that’s why […]

07 Dec 18
One Way Ticket

Random thought – I underestimated totally during the first few days how long it would take to master the appliances. Every appliance manual in the home was in either French, German or Russian. Google is my friend, but the Siemens website is not – ha! I found a couple of them easily enough using the […]

06 Nov 18

[ad_1] It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry A statue of saint Charbel is being lowered to the bottom of the sea by the members of the “C-Club diving club” with the help of the lebanese army, in Tabarja, Lebanon. A young […]

17 Oct 18
odille bike

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

15 Oct 18

Book Our imagination is the problem words written in red ink is written post the entire bellum omnium contra omnes shebackle Chapter I Imagination as the a main problem Our imagination is to blame The capacity to talk, is an odious complex thing. We dwell in ancient text and scriptures and it is considered a […]

15 Oct 18
Líder Quintana Roo

Indautor, en la picota Se le armó al Indautor con los compositores, quienes acusan a esa institución de fomentar la piratería, pues basta con que un grupo se registre como Los Ángeles de Azul para que usufructúen el nombre de Los Ángeles Azules o que se apoden Banda Muchos para perjudicar a la Banda […]

11 Aug 18
Photography by Odille's Blog

(Note: few more, images to come, just doing a little tweaking) Well, this trip started out as a desire to see the fagus at Cradle Mountain, but frankly, it was disappointing. I’d rather go to Lake Fenton. Only yellow and slight orange, and mostly at a distance. The few spots we could get close up […]

17 Jul 18

. . . . . . . Eunice Newton Foote (17 jul 1819 – 30 sep 1888 | Goshen CT – Lenox MA) scientist, inventor, essayist, women’s rights campaigner, portaitr / landscape painter, early greenhouse effect researcher, signatory of Women’s Declaration of Sentiments Gladys Amanda Reichard (17 jul 1893 – 25 jul 1955 | Bangor […]

04 Jul 18
Afoma Umesi

The Reading Women Podcast is one of my favorite literary podcasts. They’ve interviewed so many female authors, including Min Jin Lee, Lucy Tan, and Crystal Hana Kim. These two ladies are constantly working hard to get more people into reading women i.e. books by women. Even if you’re not crazy about podcasts, you should try theirs […]

01 Jul 18
The Denver Post
Think they will dig a tunnel? Re: “Q&A: Do migrants who enter illegally get ‘due process?,’ ” June 27 news story President Trump keeps talking about building his beautiful border wall between the United States and Mexico, at an estimated cost of $40 billion. And journalists report on it without questioning its efficacy. Has anyone thought of tunneling? Remember the tunnel that (Joaquin “El Chapo”) Guzman used to escape? How about the tunnel the Palestinians built that almost reached Tel Aviv? Or the existing, sophisticated tunnels that already exist between the two countries? Doesn’t this administration have better use for $40 billion? Odille S. Hansen, Broomfield Health care for all Last night, my family had a medical emergency and we had to call 911. The emergency services were highly competent and supportive during the emergency call, the treatment in our home, and at the hospital. I am deeply grateful for all of it. I am also aware that as a citizen and as a professional with (what passes as) reasonable health care in the United States, calling 911 and accessing medical services were options for my family. We are also financially privileged and are able to pay the $609 hospital service bill, and the estimated $1,700 for the doctor services, emergency services and ambulance ride. But we know many are unable to do so because they are undocumented or documented and (rightly) fearful and/or unable to cover such exorbitant fees. Those facts are shameful. For our estimation, when we compare the universal health insurance we paid for through taxes in Germany, we pay nearly twice as much in fees and have less than half the coverage in the United States. I call on Congress to demand ICE stand down and stop any arrests in medical settings. Legislators also should support universal health care for all, in line with and even better than the level of care they receive from our tax money. Nicole Trick Steinbach, Golden If Hillary had become president For all those who have issues with President Trump: Yeah, I know, this is not your fathers’ gentle kind of president and his manner can be coarse, but you need to get over it. Consider this one fact: Had the election gone the other way, Hillary Clinton would now be considering her second nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. Results count, and this president is exactly what America needs now. Len Bentley, Colorado Springs