15 May 19
Namib Insider!

Marchell Linus is one of Namibia’s most sought after dance influences.

06 May 19

By Simnikiwe Xabanisa Peter de Villiers’ tenure as Zimbabwe’s head coach hangs by a thread as the rugby union’s lawyers and his representatives are locked in talks to engineer what looks like an early exit from a two-year contract. The former Springbok coach said this week the Zimbabwean Rugby Union (ZRU) had “expelled” him for […]

19 Apr 19

Because I like a challenge, I’ve been trying to sort out the LeBlanc family. It’s like tumbling down a rabbit hole after a white rabbit. It just gets curiouser and curiouser. Josephine Emiline Templet married Etienne Carville LeBlanc. in 1867. Josephine was the sister of my g-g-g-grandmother Anaise Templet. Anaise – I think – was […]

22 Mar 19
Centre For Reproduction Research Blog

I have a question for you, hand on heart, without peeking, would you be able to sketch out a moderately accurate image of a vulva off the top of your head? I will make it easier, can you draw a vulva if I gave you the name of the following parts? Labia minora – Labia […]

18 Mar 19
Saint Columban College
15 Mar 19

WHO IS SAINT COLUMBAN? St. Columban’s lifetime was devoted in selfless giving. Though a son of a highborn Christian and belong to the nobility, his great love was to give himself to God in the loving service of God’s children. He decided to become a monk and came in contact with men famous for their […]

15 Mar 19
Learning about Senior High School Track TechVoc Major in Cookery

Saint Columban School was established in 1957 by Fr. Sean Nolan of the Missionary Society of St. Columban(MSSC), Sisters Teresita del Nintilde;o Jesus Reyes, Isabel of the Angels Narciso, Marie Odille Cayetano and Anne Bacomo of the Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres (SPC). Under the leadership of Fr. Partick Campion of the MSSC, SCS […]

08 Mar 19

When I was about ten, I watched Odette/Odille turn, and turn, and turn, on her same leg, again and again to the rising Tchaikovsky score. I counted all 32 fouetté turns until I felt dizzy and sick too. I also cried in frustration when I watched Siegfried dance the pas de deux with Odile and […]

23 Jan 19
melissa zexter

have 2 embroidered photographs included in the exhibition, “Home Sweet Home” at the Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY.  Opening January 26 through March 23, 2019. https://www.safe-harbors.org/events/homesweethome/  

20 Jan 19

For this post, I’ve decided to group Chile and Argentina together because when exploring Chile, it is easy to cross the border into Argentina to visit places nearby. We spent most of our time split between the 2 countries, crossing the Argentina-Chile border 8 times in total! Santiago- Chile We flew from Rio de Janeiro […]

18 Dec 18

“Darkness cannot survive in light, but a light can shine in the dark!” ― Odille Rault House Points 154 187 273 239 Deven Dighe, Blake Tracy, and Miles Edmiston showed TEAMWORK when they helped account for attendance during Advisory.   Cameron Abaqueta showed RESPECT when he cleaned up another student’s mess in the hallway after student choice. […]

12 Dec 18

Group Members Rebeccah MUGABEKAZI Odille NZAMBAZAMARIYA Diane GIKUNDIRO Gisele TWIZERIMANA Claire NIYIGENA Sandrine UWASE MAGNIFIQUE This is the first day, we went in the organisation to ask them to have a partnership with them. So they accepted to work together. This organisation called Seven United and they started when they were seven people that’s why […]