01 Feb 19
Mindless Mag

Fast Fashion is like speed dating for fabrics; we’re falling in and out of love with our clothes so quickly that many are lustless after one date. It’s an industry worth $3 trillion, churning out 80 billion garments per year and going from concept to checkout in a week. We weren’t born into Fast Fashion, […]

13 Nov 18
Our Indian Adventure

Today I had the quintessential Indian bureaucratic experience but first some background.  I was reimbursed with a check for some expenses incurred when I went to Vellore a couple of weeks ago.  Last week I went to the first open bank I came to but they would only cash the check if I had an […]

11 Oct 18

Baby/kinderkleding in Kringloopwinkels Eerlijk is eerlijk: als je weet dat je moeder wordt van een meisje wil je maar één ding. Shoppen. Ik ben op zoek gegaan naar één speciaal jurkje voor een fotoshoot en gewoon omdat ik vond dat ik echt wel één jurkje mocht gaan uitzoeken om te vieren dat ik mama ging […]

09 Oct 18
Kayleigh Potter's Blog

We know it is early to start thinking about Christmas but why not get ahead of the crowds and start shopping early this year? Better yet, avoid the crowds altogether and shop for all your Christmas presents locally in our gorgeous range of independent shops. Combine with some lunch in one of our many cafes […]