Olga Flirty

25 Sep 18

Directed by William Dieterle (who this same year directed JEWEL ROBBERY, also with William Powell – then later directed such things as FOG OVER FRISCO (1934), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (1935), & in 1937 was nominated for an Oscar for THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA). Screenplay by Rian James & James Seymour (yep, that’s right […]

19 Jun 18
Basic Outlet Stores

Description: 212 Olga Flirty Lace-Pan PURP Item Number: IN608926195321 Size: Extra Large or (16/18) Kids Location: Showroom Verdun

11 Jun 18
Basic Outlet Stores

Description: 217 Olga Flirty Lace-Pan 2XL P Item Number: IN608926195307 Size: Extra Large or (16/18) Kids Location: Showroom Verdun

06 Jun 18
Hear Me Talk of Sin

June! My face is starting to feel drier than usual (lovely beginning of summer) and I don’t remember which foundation I own has necessary SPF to protect my face from the dreaded appearance of freckles or sun spots. California will feel like a sauna in the upcoming weeks and my young skin fears the malignant […]

04 Apr 18
Malicious arts

Zarathous’ outskirts 1 day before Neila had completed her quest. The lands here are deprived of vegetation. Monster beyond monsters prowl the area, preying onto everything that isn’t them. There, the infamous Crest Bearer of Heroes stood watch over some cliffs onto an ginormous moving rock in the distance. He had dark brown hair, and […]

12 Feb 18

sO, yEaH—I’ve decided to make an A-Z challenge for the 10th post! A-Z challenge is my home-made challenge that let you know about myself and let myself see the reflection of mine. So, let’s start!

30 Dec 17

Chapter 1 – Werewolf Among Sea of Humans The lecture drones on. I stifle an urge to yawn. Why am I here again? Oh yea, to have a full college experience. I glance around me. I’m the only werewolf here in this lecture hall. The only werewolf among the sea of humans. Oww…An elbow pokes […]

02 Nov 17
Sound Books

Wheels of Aurelia, now out on Switch, is a smart, charming game that takes you on a road trip through Italy in the 70s. Wheels of Aurelia is a visual novel that originally came out for PC in 2016 and iOS last month. It’s about two young women driving from Italy to France in 1978. […]