14 Dec 18
OpenBox Advertising

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

12 Dec 18

I installed an app called Anlinux that installed arch in chroot and I managed to update the system without issues and I managed to run a desktop environment with another app called X server XSDL until the x server stopped responding for some reason, reinstalling it right now which is taking a lot of time… […]

11 Dec 18
AI Tech & Support

I use Linux as my main operating system, Archlabs to be specific… I enjoy the freshness in programs and system through Arch repositories that are of rolling release model so I don’t have to reinstall after each available upgrade like with either Windows and other available Linux distributions. As a rather experienced Linux user I […]

05 Dec 18

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03 Dec 18

I have had a manjaro installation with gnome 3 installed for a long while now, maybe 6 months or perhaps more but with my restless and easily bored personality I decided to change my desktop environment to i3, a smaller window manager with more keyboard shortcuts rather than using the mouse for everything. I am […]

03 Dec 18

Our article “Best Linux Desktop Environments: Strong and Stable” surveyed 9 strong and stable Linux desktop environments (DEs). Due to popular demand, this article extends that survey with 3 other desktops: Pantheon, Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE), and LXDE. We examine their features, user experience, resources footprint, extensibility, and documentation, and compare them to the 9 desktops covered in the original article.

02 Dec 18
linux receptury

Zrzut ekranu: Tapeta (źródło: internet): Plik konfiguracyjny tint2 (tint2rc): #—- Generated by tint2conf 953f —- # See for # full documentation of the configuration options. #————————————- # Gradients # Gradient 1 gradient = vertical start_color = #000000 0 end_color = #222222 0 color_stop = 0.000000 #222222 0 #————————————- # Backgrounds # Background 1: Panel, […]

30 Nov 18

It has been a little over one year now that I’m with the Ravenports project. Time to reflect my involvement, my expectations and hopes. Ravenports Ravenports is a universal packaging framework for *nix operating systems. For the user it provides easy access to binary packages of common software for multiple platforms. It has been the […]

30 Nov 18

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28 Nov 18
Linux Rig

Scott’s an amazing Linux usage case. He lives off the grid! And he uses Linux for pragmatic, rather than political reasons. Which is nice to hear. While Linux does have lots of social and political advantages, a large part of why I use it is because I think it’s an amazing operating system that allows […]

24 Nov 18

I have recently installed the custom launcher AP 37 and a custom lock screen caller KLCK. Both very simple and customizable and I feel very happy with the results. I will try to learn a bit of java just to customize AP 37 a bit more in-depth because tweaks could always be made but so […]

20 Nov 18

This article is an update/rewrite to the already published FreeBSD Desktop – Part 2 – Install. With the upcoming introduction of the FreeBSD 12.0-RELESE version new possibilities arise when it comes to installation. I already talked/showed that method in my ZFS Boot Environments Reloaded at NLUUG presentation but to make it more available and obvious […]

19 Nov 18

BestbuyIPTV, a reputed IPTV provider, announces access to over 7300 channels for personal accounts in the budget. The announcement accompanies other plans by the company that aims to expand the customer base. November 19, 2018 / / — BestbuyIPTV, one of the best IPTV providers, today had an exciting announcement for personal accounts. These accounts […]

19 Nov 18

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17 Nov 18

I rather enjoy the ease of use of Cinnamon, which was my first desktop environment upon my return to the land of Linux. I originally had installed Mint, and Cinnamon is the default desktop environment for that distribution. However, as it turns out, Cinnamon can be a little heavier on the system resources, and as […]