18 Jul 19
My own personal Mt Everest- a weightloss journey

Warning: I mention a couple of non Optifast foods so if that’s a trigger for you proceed with caution! Another good week for me. I was counting down the days to today, and hoping madly that I’d be getting the result I wanted. Last Friday I drove my partner and I, plus Golden Retriever Ollie […]

17 Jul 19
Cook with Barb

this has been a favourite recipe I made when on optifast many years ago but I still love it.

11 Jul 19
My own personal Mt Everest- a weightloss journey

What a week it’s been.  I have finally ditched my wheely walker when walking around the house, and am using my walking stick to help me on the tiled floors.  My legs are starting to get stronger after all the pedaling away on my mini cycle gizmo. For me that is a major milestone. Okay, […]

07 Jul 19
DO OR DIE - Quest for life.

I need to lose a great deal of weight, in a short period of time, so that I can have life-saving cardiac tests and interventions performed. Currently, my BMI makes it too dangerous to undergo an angiogram procedure to insert a stent, where needed. There’s a very real possibility that the procedure could kill me. […]

27 Jun 19
My own personal Mt Everest- a weightloss journey

Well the lows of last week are over. Thank goodness. I reminded myself of why I am doing this and focused on my goals of becoming healthier and lighter. I am hopeful of being able to ditch my wheely walker soon. I can walk well with it, a lot faster than when I use my […]

26 Jun 19
365 Days on a Plate

Today I was so anxious when I got to work, I just went straight into theatre to get cracking on my tasks for the morning. I didn’t stop for breakfast, or to have a coffee, I just cracked on. Most people are plagued by anxiety from time to time, today just happened to be one […]

24 Jun 19

Kevin Patrick Smith a.k.a Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, and podcaster. He rose to prominences after starring the role of Silent Bob in 1994 low-budget comedy Clerks. Likewise, he is also a comedian and host of a very popular podcast SModcast. Kevin is happily married and shares a daughter […]

23 Jun 19
365 Days on a Plate

Sorry, but I’m going to keep today sort of short, due to the fact that I was at my course all day, and then travelling. I arrived back in Wellington at 8.30, was home by 9.15.So breakfast was a flat white, and a mandarin. Then after a couple of hours at my course, I had […]

21 Jun 19
365 Days on a Plate

I’m just writing day 47 as the day goes by, and then emailing it to my mum to publish later as I won’t be home to publish it myself. I’m going to Auckland for work for the weekend. Last night I thought I’d packed everything. Well i’d hoped I’d packed everything. Then while sat at […]

17 Jun 19
365 Days on a Plate

So I think my leg is well on the Mend now. I’m still reluctant to put my heel on the ground, but the pain is significantly less now. My shoes were relatively dry today when I got up too so that was nice. I had a nap on the bus into town, and then another nap […]

14 Jun 19
365 Days on a Plate

Wow, 40 days into it now. I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about blogging today, because I’m not because I’m tired and I’ve eaten shit and my diet it’s fucked to be quiet honest. This weeks been tough really. I’m exhausted butSo I’m going to get straight into it, and try and stay on topic. I […]

13 Jun 19
My Skinny Jeans Runneth Over

So I guess it’s official, now. I’ve paid the fee for my initial health assessment ($280) and have an appointment for that in early July. I also have to take some time to go have some blood work and an EKG done. It feels a little bit more real seeing those appointments in my Kaiser […]