21 Feb 18
MadFiddler's photography

Thanks for joining me! I hope you don’t get as bored as poor Reynard here. The best photograph is the one I haven’t taken. But wish I had… Let me introduce myself. My name is Neal Rollason. My tag? Fiddler, because I play folk fiddle, and it was my tag at college. Mad? A long […]

03 Nov 17
LGRE (Lee G R Evans) - A site dedicated to the ‘George Michael of birding’, “A legend in my own lifetime”

This blog has achieved its aims so we have decided to significantly reduce the number of new posts. However we will update existing posts with extra information if it becomes available.  We have shown that George (i.e. Lee G R Evans twitter @LeeEvansBirding i.e. https://twitter.com/LeeEvansBirding) is a compulsive fabricator, liar and cheat on an extraordinary scale so birders do […]