Orb Factory

16 Apr 19
European Summer Adventure 2018

On to Salzburg! This city was my favorite out of any of the cities that I was in. As usual, we took a walking tour on our first day to get our bearings. Our walking tour began at the Mozartsteg, the wrought iron pedestrian bridge over the Salzach River. -The Salzach River flows west to […]

16 Apr 19
European Summer Adventure 2018

Today, we visited the Residenz and Nymphenburg Palace! -The Residenz was the palatial residence and seat of power of the ruling Wittelsbach family. It began in 1385 as a crude castle with a moat around it. The main building was built from 1550 to 1650, and decorated in Rococo style during the 18th century. The […]

16 Apr 19

The Fourth Dial The autumn-struck red maples lining Broad street resembled a line of fire leading Jason from his therapist’s ancient brick building back to his own, tiny, empty room in the housing complex so uncomfortably ironically named “Joyful Heights”. Some time ago, the city had taken an initiative to give everything within its zone […]

15 Apr 19

Global Dissolvable Tobacco Market Research Report 2019  Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Dissolvable Tobacco – Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Manufacturers and Analysis of Top Key Players to 2025” To Its Research Database Dissolvable tobacco products are finely milled tobacco held together with food-grade binders The global Dissolvable Tobacco market is valued at xx million US$ in 2018 is expected to […]

13 Apr 19

I find his writing underrated, honestly, I loved the Knuckles Comic, so it took a while to get the motivation to post this. But I didn’t spend days making the forced concept list for nothing (and Flynn has more forced concepts by the way). Worst written issues: 44 (Anti-Knux), In Your Face, 19 (RoboR), 24 […]

12 Apr 19
End of turn, draw a card

First of all: sorry for not updating more. March was insanely busy for me, with a bunch of work-related deadlines on papers and grants applications, along with moving to a new apartment. Back to an at least monthly schedule from now on. On to the content! On the weekend of February 23rd, there was the […]

09 Apr 19
Remarkable Heroes and Stories

Captured. Emerly must duel Okuro Koy.

09 Apr 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW HIM Cole Wilson is an editorial and commercial photographer who primarily focuses on portraits, food and sports. Chosen for our sister publication’s PDN’s 30 last year, he is especially adept at interesting lighting approaches via both sunlight and flash. colecwilson.com  @colewilson Almost every time he opens up his photos in Lightroom, […]

09 Apr 19
Astrology Cafe

  Today’s Moon: The Moon is in Cancer. The Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Crescent phase. The New Moon occurred on the 5th in the sign of Aries, and the First Quarter Moon will occur tomorrow. Retrogrades: Jupiter is retrograde. Mercury is direct and is in its post-retrograde shadow phase until April 16th. […]

06 Apr 19

Compiled and prepared by ABDULMALIK MERCHANT Publisher-Editor, Simerg, Barakah and Simergphotos On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) announced before a special joint session of Congress the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon before the end of the decade. He said, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, […]

06 Apr 19
Blaine Arcade

President Digz “Hey Longjump… it’s looking at me,” Digz said with a smile. He waved his hand back and forth and watched the eyes of the little character on screen follow it. “Hey little guy, can you bring me some Seinfeld? Season seven? S-E-V-E-N.”

05 Apr 19
Sven and Lars

The Recap: When we left our two fatuous siblings, the Mother of all Big Damn Spiders was slowly making her way to a Lars sized snack. His vacuous and rarely useful brother, Sven, is staring and babbling.   Now, back to our program: “Wha’s’matterwityou,” Lars asks as he leans forward to knock some sense into […]

04 Apr 19

Today was the day and everybody will get out to the streets. I took a spoonful of flakes from the bowl, mom shouted from the counter to cease my enthusiasm and chew, but I was in a rush. Grabbed my jacket, stormed out of there and knocked on the other door to call my friend. […]

03 Apr 19

Testify Episode #106. Originally broadcast 04/03/2019 Special Afternoon Fill-In Show Ikebe Shakedown – Hard Steppin (Colemine) Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line (CBS) Heaven 17 – Penthouse and Pavement (Virgin) New Order – Blue Monday (Factory) Urban Dance Squad – A Deeper Shade of Soul (Ariola) Pizzicato 5 – Twiggy Twiggy (Twiggy vs James […]

03 Apr 19
All The Write Places

A whole museum devoted to bright, shiny objects? That’s my kind of place. I was thrilled to visit to the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass in Neenah, Wisconsin. The museum, first opened in 1959, houses two world-prominent collections among its 3,500-plus pieces: Antique and contemporary glass paperweights, and Germanic glass drinking vessels. The museum also holds […]