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23 May 19
The Blog of Amanda Tretter

Worldview has many different definitions that essentially mean the same thing: “an intellectual perspective on the world or universe” (Funk, 2011). Below, I have chosen three elements of worldview and will explain my point of view on the particular element, explain why I hold that point of view, and I will provide an example or […]

22 May 19
Sound Books

Below are Nickelodeon USA’s currently announced May 2019 premiere highlights for Nick, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick at Nite and TeenNick: Latest Update (5/22): A few minor updates. (Check back regularly for the latest updates!)Channel selector: Nickelodeon | Nicktoons | Nick Jr. on Nickelodeon | TeenNick | Nick@Nite | Nick Jr. | TV Land | Nickelodeon […]

22 May 19

Everyone tells me there’s no work on this road, I make bad choices okay fine but I swing from a godswell and take a punch like a philomel no more that I shame / for my failures as beads I read them off full of grace I jerk them off the fine jet string that […]

22 May 19
Creation IAM The First Witness/Woman

I was having a conversation with a young man last night.  He has a blog site called,” The Law of Creation”.  His name is Mr. Sagar, he wrote a blog and in it I narrowed my eyes on one thought that he put out there.   It was in his mind that he would like to […]

22 May 19
Tim Staley, poet

The venerable Catfish McDaris just posted 2 new poems of mine over at Ppigpenn: See the original post. Here are the 2 new poems which are part of a manuscript in process titled DOOMSDAY JOGGING: SOLAR CORONA A Chinese chamber on the moon full of rotten cotton leaves. On my mission to the moon I […]

22 May 19


New Myth Crosses Time: A Mission Vision for our Global Ascension is not receiving any proceeds from advertisements!!! Prologue Geologists claim that our Planetary electromagnetic polar shifts have occurred 181 times since our Planet was born 4.5 billion years ago.  That means from our Planet’s perspective our Galactic electromagnetic polar shifts have changed at the […]

22 May 19
Mario E. Guevara's Blog

Until very recently, and mostly because of the power provided by the recent expansion of technology, some industries that used to be the domain of governments, had now been taken by individuals and business. One of them is the space industry. Even though it had had some old participants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, it […]

21 May 19

It didn’t end the way anyone wanted, but the Trail Blazers can hold their heads high after getting swept by the Warriors.

21 May 19

THE INFORMATION #1047  MAY 31, 2019Copyright 2019 FRANCIS DIMENNOdimenno@gmail.comhttp://dimenno.wordpress.com When you’re in hell, only a devil can point the way out.― Joe Abercrombie   WHEN THIS WORLD CATCHES FIREBOOK THREE: SAVAGE NOXTOWNCHAPTER TWELVE: PART SIXTY-FOUR: THE EASTERN GATE OF PARADISE     More than a year after I had last spoken with him at length, “Doctor”Peter […]

21 May 19

Pickled peperoncini are the most common. If you have access to other Greek cheeses besides feta, you might want to try a soft, granular, pungent xinomyzithra cheese from Crete. Green olives instead of Kalamata are also acceptable.. The company now concentrates on the development of pneumatic car tyres and in 1895 Edouard and Andre build […]

15 May 19
Cipher Method of dream interpretation

PART 4:  SACCADES ARE LINKED TO LANGUAGE. N.B. To go to clickable Table of Contents of the full blog, click here: Cipher Method, introduced: Dreams have a linguistic meaning if narrative arc is ignored & true context is found (1st post; 10 July 2017) This is posted as an Appendix to a paper that proposes a theory […]

21 May 19

Phases Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Oh, babe I know you’re tryna do you, but I heard you fell off After a couple bad nights And 20 cold hearts, mmm Tryna find a new you, but I heard you got lost Tryna figure your worth What the hell does that cost? Aye! When I’m kissing ya, grippin’ […]

21 May 19

Celine Dion hopped in James Corden’s SUV for an all-new “Carpool Karaoke” and belted out some her most iconic tunes while driving through the streets of Sin City. Corden headed to Las Vegas as part of his Late Late Show primetime special on Monday, and was joined by the Canadian diva, who was very excited to […]

20 May 19
the Storyteller's Hat

One human out of five watches it live — for the first time in history, a man steps on the Moon. The name is Neil Armstrong, the date July 20, 1969. But what else do we know about the iconic Apollo program? Let’s spare a thought for space dogs, rocket-riding astronauts and Nazi pioneers who […]

20 May 19
Snake Alley Festival of Film

With 131 short films screening and 6 short screenplay table reads, this years Snake Alley Festival of Film is the biggest yet! Please note that films are not listed in playing order; they are listed alphabetically within their block.    Thursday, June 20 – Block 1 – 12:00pm Aksarben: Nebraska’s Racetrack – Dir. Ehren Parks […]

20 May 19
Peter's green tube walks

Start: Hackney Wick London Overground station; Zone 2/3, London Borough of Hackney; Finish: Distance: Time: Map: O.S. Explorer 162: Greenwich & Gravesend. [Fish Island entrance to the Greenway] Introduction The Greenway is an attractive man-made footpath-cum-cycle track that runs for several miles through London north of the Thames. The corresponding Ridgeway path in south London will […]