Origami Owl

23 Jul 19

3D Origami Blog

50 Creative DIY Owl Craft Project Ideas and Tutorials 50 Creative DIY Owl Craft Project Ideas and Tutorials Click through to see them all! Click through to see them all! Facebook Email StumbleUpon Pinterest WhatsApp Twitter Tumblr Reddit Google+ LinkedIn Previous1 of 52NextArticle Navigation – Click through to see them all More info @ https://ift.tt/32Pg4KO […]

22 Jul 19
That Baka Blog

By now almost all of us have heard about the tragic news regarding Kyoto Animation (KyoAni). Not only did the news tragically affect anime fans around the world, it also affected Japan in general as it is now being regarded as the most violent event to occur in Japan following World War II. Now while […]

15 Jul 19
True Crime Case Anaylsis

Welcome back! We are gonna take a journey together again! First let me go over a few matters. I mentioned in the last series that prior to the blogs’ creation; I had been supplying personal findings with other platforms. I went on to explain effective immediately that will no longer take place. I had been […]

09 Jul 19
Follow Your Spark

I’m going to invoke a song that will not leave your head for the remainder of the day. Or week. In the words of Queen Elsa of Arendelle, “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!” You’re welcome. Consider it my gift to you. Any time we begin something new or even […]

07 Jul 19
Decluttered by Doss

This week I had a fantastic time helping my friend declutter and decorate her home studio. Peyton is a Designer with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. This “momtrepreneur” has a contagious laugh, a great sense of style, and is fun to be around so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her. In […]

07 Jul 19
Saba Niaz siddique

I’m so happy to be nominated for the Liebster Award. From out of the blue I received two nominations one by one. The first one was from Beth. I’m so honoured she shared this honour with me. she is a wonderful lady who utilizes her learning by sharing with others. What I like most she […]

06 Jul 19
Jen's Blogging

So i have started this new blood to really gush more about my direct sales companies I’m working for. But you know once you get typing all kinds of thoughts come out. So this is an all out, reach for the stars, talk about anything kind of Blog. So i guess before talking more about […]

05 Jul 19

I am Me

As I sit at the dining-room table, the chair keeps sealing my leg’s skin to the chair because of how hot outside is right now. The temp is 84 degrees. No wind from seeing the trees through my slide-door. I hear fans going and my 14 years old son chatting with someone over his x-box […]

02 Jul 19
Seihou’s Inner Space

Day 0 (Thurs. June 27th) – We leave the bus station at around 7:30 or 8. We ride around for a few hours until around 11pm. By that time, we get stuck in San Antonio because the engine kept turning off. Luckily the driver was able to get the bus to the bus center, but […]

23 Jun 19
Afro House King

Afro House Essentials, Vol. 09 presents tracks and remixes from Old Handz, DeepBlue SA, Kquesol, Alan de Laniere, Black Savana, DJ Jim MasterShine, G-Soul, Baco, Musiq Mo, Drumstone, Ch!NJoNG x Ch!NJoNG, Harry Soto, Ethiopian Chyld, Blaq Owl Feat. El’set Soul, TechTonic Tay, Ed-Ward, Tafkaj, Manybeat Feat. Anaja, The CombiNations featuring LetiKane, ElusiveBoy SA, Profound Roar, […]

22 Jun 19
Hut Wood

Amid Summer Night Dreams 2019 / 59 Beautiful evening. Mild 16°C, calm and still. Sunset 9.25pm Nightjars. I do so love these enigmatic, mysterious and almost mythical birds. It is humbling and a deeply satisfying privilege to be in their company, to be accepted into their twilight world. I barely have the language to express […]

22 Jun 19

…and crows and owls and mice and and and…. So many last minute and ‘small’ roles had to be sorted, some I’ve mentioned along the way. The crows were made using the fab PDF download I bought from Wintercroft Designs The three masks took me about four hours to assemble, as they are quite detailed.  […]

16 Jun 19
Snow Beach Café

DJ Jahbaz played Fern Bar Saturday, June 15. He closed the all vinyl set featuring Mac Dre and Sex Pistols with rare records from personal friends. Hear DJs Ticklah and Spinna remix Les Nubians’ “Makeda” on promo-only red vinyl (1998) (eBay, Discogs), MC White Owl’s “Pickle Juice” from Born Yesterday (2018) limited to 250 copies […]

16 Jun 19
My journey through direct sales

I became friends with people in other ds companies through Facebook groups. This one company, I was very intrigued by it, had harry potter items. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE harry potter. So I bought a little necklace with the glasses and the lightning bolt. I continued to look at her website and […]

15 Jun 19
My journey through direct sales

Hi my name is Ashley Bosse and I am in direct sales. My company’s that I am with are origami owl and thirty one gifts. I am a wife married 3 years, a dog mom and I work full time.