Original Poop Bags

10 Dec 18
Bulletin Board

Then & Now Plus: Know thyself! Semi-Legend reports: “Subject: Plus ça change. “After five days away, the mail had piled up. In the pile, an Atlantic magazine (I subscribe). The December issue. I began reading it.

05 Dec 18

If you’re an aspiring minimalist, a penny pincher, or just not ready to fully commit cloth diapering and blow your piggy bank, this is for you. No one has ever said “wow having a baby is SO CHEAP!” and there’s a reason for that. Before baby was born I agonized over every pinterest baby check […]

05 Dec 18
Bitchy Cats

Why hello there!! So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and what can I say? The cats and I really missed you. I stumbled upon a movie on Netflix- not sure if an original or not- called “Holidays”. I vaguely remember seeing a preview or trailer or something for it before but I honestly can’t […]

04 Dec 18
Midnight Mama Bay

We are going to Hawaii in January for just over 3 weeks. Nathan’s parents generously gifted the whole family a warm destination for Christmas this year. We cannot wait! The original vacation with the fam is actually only 10 days, but we opted to fly to another island and stay an extra 2 weeks. 10 […]

03 Dec 18
orena45blog - MTB Riding & Racing

The 4th generation Rallon was (and still is) an enduro race weapon. The 5th generation, turns things up a notch. A 29er-sized warp speed notch!

03 Dec 18
How Bad Can It Go?

Saturday while I was grocery shopping, I dropped a squash. And that’s not even a euphemism for anything crude, I promise. I literally dropped a squash. It was a small delicata squash, almost round whereas normally they’re elongated. The little bastard rolled like three feet and ended up under the floral display just at the […]

02 Dec 18

Articles Reality has a surprising amount of detail – John Salvatier At every step and every level there’s an abundance of detail with material consequences. It’s tempting to think ‘So what?’ and dismiss these details as incidental or specific to stair carpentry. And they are specific to stair carpentry; that’s what makes them details. But the […]

01 Dec 18

Consistently Inconsistent

Happy November! November 2018 – (~˘▾˘)~ So November has finished and the madness of Christmas has begun! But before I get swept up in the festive haze, I wanted to talk about all the good things that happened in November! This month has been a mixed bag of emotions (no different to any other month) for […]

01 Dec 18
Recognized Persona

She has always been old. I can’t imagine that she once had a childhood, or played in the street, or was sought after by some boy when she was in 10th grade.

01 Dec 18
Capital Growth Management Inc.

[ad_1] A mini-runway, lined with stiletto heels, glistens in bright fluorescent lighting. Shoes of various types sit neatly in individual glass shelves. A statue of an angel carrying several shopping bags stands in the middle as Los Angeles fashionistas mill about, trying on shoes, posing on the red carpet, drinking champagne served in tall, slender […]

01 Dec 18

A mini-track, flanked by stiletto heels, glows with fluorescent light. Shoes of various types sit neatly in individual glass shelves. A statue of an angel with several shopping bags stands in the middle while the LA fashionistas turn, try on shoes, lay on the red carpet, drink champagne served in tall, thin glasses. It was […]

29 Nov 18
The Dogvine

A Christmas Gift Guide for Dog Divas, wrapped up. By Pops, serving fierce festive realness. Listen up pooches! I’ve taken the stress out of Christmas shopping for ya’ll! I’ve been one busy sausage and I’ve compiled a list of my top products in my ‘Christmas Gift Guide For Dog Divas’, at a range of price points […]

29 Nov 18
North Omaha History

For 75 years, Uncle Sam cereal was manufactured in North Omaha. This is a history of the company and its locations in the community.

27 Nov 18
Exist Ants

The old bitch upstairs was dragging her furniture across the floor again! Another knock just as he lowered his head. “Goddamn bitch!“, he yelled! Hoping that his exclamation was just loud enough to be heard through the concrete slab construction of his one hundred and eighty unit Mid-Century dilemma. The snowbound darkness to his left […]