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24 Apr 19
Savage Divinity

Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooo! We have another submission from Rocky, this time of a naughty little exchange between our boy Rustram and Sai Chou 😉 Thanks so much Rocky! Always happy to see your art, and the same goes to SD art from ANYONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE else. :D. Am Greedy, More Plz. As for the rest of you non […]

23 Apr 19
fifty & FIERCE

Little by little, one travels far. J. R. R. Tolkien Do you ever have a long weekend and somehow end up more behind at the end of it than you usually are after a normal weekend? Well, that was me on Easter weekend. And so here I am Monday night finally writing about last week’s […]

23 Apr 19
A Year of NCIS

Episode: 5.2, Family Air Date: October 2, 2007 The Victim: Petty Officer Christopher Munoz, USN Emotionally Traumatized, But Ultimately Irrelevant, Witness Who Finds the Body: There’s a fella in a tux and mirror shades driving a pick-up truck down a country road talking on his cell phone.  He is talking to a person about picking […]

23 Apr 19
On My Walk Outside Today

I have an amazing tip for the pew of poo.  When you have great advice, it HAS to be shared.  Even if it is uncomfortable to do so, the improvement that it could provide to someone is more important than the unease of discussing it. The definition of predicament is – a difficult, unpleasant or […]

22 Apr 19
Review Time

Welcome back everybody to my next post. Now there is one thing that has always been on my mind when I started to make this blog, and that is why not let my thoughts out on those movies, that I never understood the hate for. So I figured why not just do it now, I […]

22 Apr 19

In the last six or so years, I’ve worked primarily from (and often on the) home. As a man about the house and caretaker for a very furry cat and pug, I’ve become a huge fan of discount and just smart enough robotic cleaning assistance, as I’ll explain. I won’t say I’m the cleanest or […]

21 Apr 19
Your Journey Starts Here

As travel agents, Emily and I feel that in order to stand by the companies we book your trips on, we have to try them to ensure that we know the ins and outs, ups and downs, and of course their value. Just a few weeks ago we completed our re-certification of our 5 Star […]

21 Apr 19
The Joe and Lori Chronicles: RV There Yet?

The KOA in DeForest, Wisconsin is a very nice place to stay. The property is well maintained by folks that travel from all over and stay and work at the campground for several months at a time. And the hosts are super friendly and really bust their tails making sure the sites are clean and […]

21 Apr 19
shipertee Store bloger

See the original post at : Following xxtentacion Lilpeep Macmiller Avicii Why Do Legends Die Shirt If I recall correctly he originally struggled with Following xxtentacion Lilpeep Macmiller Avicii Why Do Legends Die Shirt that got amplified when he got pressured into touring by his manager. He also had other mental illnesses that got worse […]

19 Apr 19
ryan brinson

Sunday began not unlike any other day I’ve flown from here to there. My phone was charged, my mid-flight book was readily accessible in my backpack, and my bottle of water was filled. I’d spent the previous three days in Los Angeles with my friends and my other half, having the best time doing nothing […]

19 Apr 19
The Blog I'm Not Writing

Content warning: this is going to be a crappy post.     But first… *   *   * Department Of How To Make Your Dentist Guffaw   [1] Answering truthfully usually works for me. Dentist: “So, are there any teeth that are bothering you?” Moiself: (emphatically and enthusiastically) “Yes! The entire Kennedy family – it’s been bothering […]

18 Apr 19

Most of us have been doing laundry without issue for a long time. But add a husband and some messy kids to the mix and between smelly work shirts, dingy whites, and stained toddler tees you might feel that clothing has become disposable. Here are my absolute favorite laundry products, along with some amazing tips […]

17 Apr 19
Hawk & Waves

Cloth diapering can be a scary term for so many expecting parents and parents of young babies. When I first heard about cloth diapers, well before I had children, I pictured safety pins and lots of weird folds to learn. When my older sister had her first child, she decided to go with cloth diapers […]

17 Apr 19
Ottawa Citizen

Reeling from an embarrassing audit of city leasing, management has appointed another worker to run the leasing unit, increased staff training and made plans to hire an advisor to help with a new leasing policy. In a memo sent to council Wednesday, corporate services general manager Marian Simulik and planning general manager Stephen Willis said […]

17 Apr 19
Trail Talk with Suzie

If you ever run into to someone who recently ran a marathon, they probably won’t be shy to let you know. Most runners, or at least the ones I’ve crossed paths with, like to process their race by giving family, friends, and random strangers who’ve offered them their poncho a play by play of the […]

16 Apr 19

Easter Sunday is almost here, though it’s hard to imagine little kids crawling around on the soggy ground searching for eggs or candy treasures in their Sunday finest.  It is still very chilly and rainy here in Southeast Michigan, but, at least the lawns are as green as cellophane Easter grass. Linda and the Lenten […]