15 Dec 18
Nouvelles Du Monde

Nous avons d’abord dit, bêtement, devant la télévision, ce samedi matin, que ces cinq jeunes femmes dénudées dans le froid glacial, immobiles face aux gendarmes de marbre, en marge de la énième manifestation des Gilets jaunes à Paris allaient tombez malade, topless couvert de peinture argentée, malgré leur veste rouge grande ouverte et leur casquette […]

15 Dec 18

Back to "dialogue" and "calm" or shuffle the sidewalk? Under the watchful eye of power, the "yellow jackets" are entering their fifth Saturday of divided rallies after President Macron's announcements deemed insufficient by some to improve purchasing power. The scale of the demonstrations, which gathered about 136,000 people in the last two "acts" characterized by […]

14 Dec 18
Nachrichten Welt

Am Freitag reagierte Emmanuel Macron in Brüssel auf die Anschuldigungen des Sohnes der französischen Geisel Sophie Petronin. "Ich kenne seine Sorge und die seiner Familie sehr gut und wir teilen es seit dem ersten Tag", sagte der Staatschef nach dem Europäischen Gipfel in der Presse. "Der Staat wird unermüdlich handeln, um unseren Landsmann zu finden, […]

12 Dec 18
Kate's Travels

Welcome readers, friends and family alike. Quite some time has passed since I last uploaded a blog post so I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to know that I am still alive and well, despite my lack of recent blog posts. With only a week to go until I return to British soil for 2 […]

12 Dec 18

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11 Dec 18
Author Belle Green

This week I’m pleased to bring you Janie Dempsey Watts and her book, Pap Pap Goes to Paris, and So Does Ricky. I was excited to read this story because I visited Paris in 2008 and it has truly been a part of me ever since. There is really nowhere else like it, and Janie […]

11 Dec 18
Free Cad Blocks & Drawings Download Center

The Fundació Mies van der Rohe and European Commission have revealed the 383 projects nominated for the 2019 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award. The projects, which hail from 36 countries across the European Continent represent a wide range of typologies and office types. Of the countries included, the most projects come are located in Spain and Belgium (27 and 21 nominees, respectively.) London, home to 12 nominees, boasts the most nominated projects of any single city followed by Vilnius (9) and Paris (8).