10 Jul 19
Internet Ninja

Price: $3239  | Buy This truly exquisite turntable uses coils and magnets to levitate its platter above its base. Not only is the design eye-catching, but it eliminates unwanted vibrations that might be transmitted by speakers. It has a lightweight carbon fiber tonearm and a premium Ortofon cartridge. Save 10% off the MSRP in The Awesomer Shop. More […]

10 Jul 19
Boing Boing

If you listen to vinyl, it’s a good bet that the sound is only part of the experience. There’s something about the tactile sensation of putting the needle on the record, the ritual of hearing that static before the first note kicks in. If you’re that kind of devotee, there’s a record player that’s on […]

08 Jul 19
Totally Wired

The new Well Tempered Labs Phono Stage is the product of several lifetimes in high end audio. In both absolute performance and value for money it is quite simply the best phono stage I have heard. 

05 Jul 19
News Archives Uk

An update on the offers of the middle class. Pro-ject has announced details of the new X1 and X2 X-turntables, which will be available in the UK in July. Continue reading: The 8 best cheap turntables that will not ruin your records The X1 (£ 699) replaces the Xpression Carbon turntable and features a Pro-Ject […]

20 Jun 19

Ortofon Cadenza Red MC Phono Cartridge BRAND NEW 

20 Jun 19

Simple truth Cambridge Audio’s Alva Direct Drive turntable package is easy to use and has Bluetooth connection. Noel Keywood sees the sense. A simple turntable that ticks all the boxes – that’s Cambridge Audio’s Alva turntable I’m reviewing here. Direct Drive to the spinning platter, a quality Rega one-piece arm and a high output moving coil […]

04 Jun 19

A Concorde DJ permite uma reprodução acústica precisa e fiável Para mais informação Contacte-nos: ✉ sonigate@sonigate.com

28 May 19
Beer & Records

Another jazz standard that’s a little less constrained, in that there’s quite a lot of solo stuff in here – drum solo, tenor sax over the main riff, piano… all sorts. It’s good for the most part (the first piece does sound a bit of a jam session) though. Like Kind Of Blue this album […]

25 May 19

Read Here “That’s probably down to its precision yoke housing with 10mm ABEC 3 ball-bearing races. The yoke is mounted to the 23mm-diameter heat-treated, ground and honed steel pillar, with a pair of 17mm ABEC 7 ball bearing races widely spaced to resist tilt. SME’s partnering cartridge of choice is the highly regarded MC Ortofon […]

17 May 19
Part-Time Audiophile

Everyone’s looking for giant killers in this hobby. I’ve always maintained that they don’t exist, that elusive component that gets the job done for an insanely low price. (I also maintain that the Law of Diminishing Results is also overused in high-end audio.) At High End 2019, however, I heard a loudspeaker, diminutive in appearance […]

16 May 19
Beer & Records

Where have I been?! I’ve been moving house, that’s where I’ve been. Everything packed up for a while, everything unpacked in its’ own time and yes, a certain nervousness about restarting this blog after a month plus dormant. But – here we are, and this is the first official new vinyl play through, and it’s […]