22 Jul 19

Central Landings at Palm Coast, a 233-unit apartment complex in Town Center, gets its development order, FPC, Matanzas, ITMS and Buddy Taylor have new websites, the Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club meets.

22 Jul 19
Earth Buddies

Animals and plants and basically everything in the world are beautiful, unless they’re invasive. We already know the famous ones like lionfish, but there’s another species of fish that makes everything in Yellowstone National Park miserable, lake trout. These trouts arrived in the national park around 25 years ago and just within a short time […]

22 Jul 19
Energy News and Information

Following recent trading activity on shares of Osprey Energy Acquisition Corp. (:FLMN), we can see that the stock has been hovering near the $7.96 … from Google Alert – energy trading https://ift.tt/2XYfrzx

22 Jul 19
the needlefish

When I was a kid, the proverbial canary in the environmental coal mine was indeed a bird, but a much larger, much more formidable creature than any songbird: the osprey. Osprey, referred to as “fish hawks” where I come from, are large, powerful raptors that are essentially specialized eagles, a little smaller than bald eagles, […]

22 Jul 19
The Year of the Pink-Footed Goose

These are all birds seen on the South Shore of Massachusetts, mostly during morning bike rides and other excursions. Locations include Jerusalem Road, Atlantic Avenue, Cohasset Harbor, Musquashcut Pond, Myron’s Panne, Scituate Lighthouse, and A.J. MacEachern Trails. Monday (7/15/19) Canada Goose Mallard Least Tern Mute Swan Double-Crested Cormorant Common Loon Killdeer Red-Winged Blackbird American Crow […]

22 Jul 19
New Travels

“Green Douglas firs where the waters cut through. Down her wild mountains and canyons she flew. Canadian Northwest to the ocean so blue, Roll on, Columbia, roll On!” Wordy Guthrie The Columbia River begins its 1,243 mile journey in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. The largest river in the Pacific Northwest, created the catastrophic […]

22 Jul 19

If you follow me on social media, then you know I do a significant amount of hiking. It’s been mostly day hiking in the last few years, but I have done some multi day back country hikes as well. Over time I have accrued some decent gear and thinned out the useless junk. My favorite […]

22 Jul 19
My Sunday Brief

Greetings from Lake Norman, North Carolina, home to one of four Osprey Cams on the Catawba River (and near our home).  More information on this initiative is here from the North Carolina Wildlife Federation. We have had an overwhelming response to the TSB re-launch over the past three weeks with many new readers, contact information updates, and ideas for […]

22 Jul 19
Readings From the Northside

The end is nigh, but the good times, as always, are just around the corner.

21 Jul 19
X. Bex

*And mix drinks and explore and play games and relax I just spent a gloriously relaxing week with Thomas and his family on Kiawah Island, SC. We stayed in a beautiful house within walking distance of the beach and did plenty of eating, drinking, and exploring. All the Nature I suppose you wouldn’t expect me […]