Oxo Tot

06 Mar 19

Always be prepared for on-the-go potty emergencies with the OXO Tot 2-in-1 go potty The 2-in-1 go potty opens quickly and easily so it can be ready in snap, whether you need a standalone potty to use with disposable bags, or a potty seat to use in a public restroom. When using the 2-in-1 go […]

04 Mar 19
Baby Castan On Board

I remember the first time I created a baby registry. I had NO idea what I needed so I relied on the recommended “lists” provided by the stores I registered with and basically registered for everything. Thankfully, I had many helpful friends who pointed me in the right direction, and no surprise —  those are […]

03 Mar 19
Typing In Pajamas

Put an end to snack spills! Check out these cool snack containers. The bottom of your purse will thank you.

24 Feb 19
From the Desk of Katie

* Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. 🙂 All my opinions are my own. Excitement, giddiness, and straight-up terror may be a few of the things you’re feeling as you plan your baby shower. This. […]

24 Feb 19
DIY Thrill

This Carrot Baby Food Puree Recipe is so easy to make at home, and will save you so much money! Did you know that you can save BIG by making your own baby food?  It’s true!  This healthy treat for baby can be made in minutes and is a fraction of the cost of the expensive store bought […]

13 Feb 19

Designing a nursery for a second baby.

30 Jan 19
Multiples & Miles

Hitting the road with little ones is no easy task – first there’s the planning, then the packing (of your entire house), and the loading the car.  And then there’s the whole well you know kids in the car thing for hours at a time.  Whew – deep breath. The good news? I’m here for […]

30 Jan 19
The Arizona Mom

As a first-time mom, you really have no idea what is going to work for you or your baby best. It’s it truly all a learning experience since no baby is the same. I did so much research while creating my baby registry and thought I had it all covered, boy was I wrong. I […]

22 Jan 19
Mommy & Matchbox Cars

Being a mom means getting excited over silly things like “snot suckers”. So here are a few things that make me happy. Affiliate links are provided for what is available on amazon.com *Be still my mommy heart* A) Cloud B Tranquil Turtle B) Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack and Everything Bag, Cactus Crew C) […]

19 Jan 19

Valve dispenses the perfect amount of soap directly onto bristles for efficient cleaning
Soft bristles clean, but don’t scratch baby bottles
Plunger-less button design