23 Apr 19
Ahmad 256B

Space in literature doesn’t only mean using space as a location against which an action has taken space. For sure each work in literature must take place somewhere and think about literature with the absence of spatial context doesn’t make any sense. However, the usage of space in literature have surpassed this classical view.  There […]

21 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

When it comes to vacationing, the lure of UNESCO World Heritage sites is a big selling point. There are the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon and the entire city of Rome on the list. But which of the British locations have been recognized as "outstanding universal value"? To create the UNESCO list, the sites […]

19 Apr 19

Beauty Salon Tips They Don’t Want You To Know The essential necessities for organising a beauty salon are beauty salon equipment and provides. They form the spine of any magnificence Here is Wikipedia salon and assist it to perform effectively. Fortunately, quite a few firms exist to produce good-quality magnificence salon products. Beauty salon provides […]

18 Apr 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

With its rolling green hills and verdant valleys, Ireland is a picturesque place to purchase a luxury country home, and its breath-taking vistas and quaint historical villages never fail to surprise. One of the country’s many charms is the fact that it has managed to defiantly retain its heritage and charm over the years – […]

18 Apr 19
What Life Brings Us

E.L.F Flawless Concealer Brush – $3 This has been my favorite concealer brush for as long as I could remember and I’ve tried many of them. Its synthetic bristles allow you to pack concealer on for full coverage but since the bristles aren’t densely packed, you could also blend the edges of the concealer for […]

17 Apr 19

An 18th Century Arts & Architecture Museum in Annapolis, Maryland
The gentleman planter Matthias Hammond began work in 1774 with renowned architect William Buckland on plans for a new, elegant townhouse in the most fashionable area of Annapolis.
An Anglo-Palladian Mansion with the best woodcarving and plasterwork in America

17 Apr 19
European Summer Adventure 2018

After an overnight train to Venice, we started the last leg of our journey in Italy. A couple things about Venice. First of all, it is like being in a fairy tale, where you have to navigate through a water maze. It is absolutely spectacular! Second, it is gorgeous! It is also really easy to […]

14 Apr 19
Checked-In Travel Blog

Montagnana è uno dei borghi più belli d’Italia. Si trova in provincia di Padova ed è la meta ideale per chi cerca storia, arte, cultura e buon cibo.

13 Apr 19
Beauty, Hair, Nail & Skin Tutorials

[ad_2] Fast, Easy & Effective Makeup Tutorial for the 72 Year Old Femme Fatale PRO TIPS to save you time, money and frustration while you look, feel and present better – for any age or situation! BONUS: The environment and your pocket book will love you for taking this approach too. Serenity by Audionautix is […]

12 Apr 19
The Cutting Room Floor

Since it is officially the end of the second week of April, we now have less than 3 weeks to complete the projects. That is an unsettling time frame, especially considering how quickly each week goes by. Last night I shared my Pecha Kucha presentation with the class (20 slides at 20 seconds each with […]

11 Apr 19
Maria's blog

As previously mentioned in my blog, the concept of digital humanities has introduced multiple digital tools with different purposes but with the sole goal of allowing us to distant read books. One helpful and very popular tool is “mapping” tools, connecting digital humanities with geography. Looking at the bigger picture with the help of these […]

10 Apr 19
Just Sheilz

Im posting this a day early because I don’t think Ill be around my computer during the day on Thursday. Back in February, I posted a declutter, so this may come as a surprise that Im doing another one. I spent the last few days going over my inventory and really cleaning and organizing my […]

10 Apr 19
Grab Your Group and GO

Okay… I had a boss that often used to say “sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.” Well, boy did I get lucky with these words my brilliant friend Vanessa shared with me regarding our very limited time in Venice. This is some good stuff – entertaining reading filled with historic tidbits and a guide that includes snacks at almost every turn…