Pampered Chef

19 Apr 19
Luxury Travel Diary

Which is the best Ritz Carlton hotel in Florida? Whether you are looking for the nightlife of Miami, the sunsets on Naples beach, the Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando theme parks for the family or whether you just want an overnight pre or post cruise, there is a Ritz Carlton that hits the […]

18 Apr 19
All God's Creatures Reptile Rescue

2018 was a very busy year and 2019 shows to be even busier. From January 1 through today, AGCRR has rescued and relocated over 57 reptiles. Last year alone we had over 436. Most of these come to us with special medical needs, and the rising cost of food and medical care we are hoping […]

18 Apr 19
CBD with Brad

I did a local community Spring fair over the weekend. The fair didn’t have many visitors, but they were very colorful and very open to CBD and our various products (Shop Here). The other stall owners and Jeremy and I spent most of the time talking about either their products; Pampered Chef, Paparazzi Jewelry, Home […]

18 Apr 19
Sticky Shoe Review

If films about real life tragic events like Patriots Day and 22 July make you uneasy, then Hotel Mumbai is not for you. That being said, Aussie director Anthony Maras, making his feature debut, has a nice feel for suspense and a real eye for detail as he chronicles the events that transpired over three […]

18 Apr 19

Texas Flag and The Millennium Falcon Star Wars shirt Question the cookie press can you please recommend a Texas Flag and The Millennium Falcon Star Wars shirt the cookie batter won’t come out or it comes out not looking like the Christmas cookie it’s supposed to look like. Have tried several willing to spend the money on […]

17 Apr 19
Design and Desserts

No time to bake? Try these easy lemon and lavender tarts.

17 Apr 19
Fly High | Think Big

It has started to create an impact a decade ago. Every time we think that there’s nothing more to explore in the field of branding and marketing either we unleash an opportunity or miss on it. And sensory branding is one of those opportunities that we were missing out a decade ago. Why is it […]

17 Apr 19
Discover 365

Do you love a great steak or a delectable dessert? What about an adventure? Or are you more the relaxing kind of cruiser? Do you want a break from the kids or are you looking for a bubbling spa and a glass of champagne? Life is full of people who have different wants and needs, […]

16 Apr 19
Rosemarie's Kitchen

Wow – guess I’m becoming a bit of a rebel in my own kitchen. First with Saint Patrick’s day; and now Easter . . . This year for Easter I wanted to do something without the traditional Ham. One alternative via a quick internet search would be to make some sort of Lamb. The association […]

16 Apr 19
Hoggard / Wagner Food Blog

It’s probably a dead giveaway of the really modest size of some of the farms whose produce we enjoy in our local farmers markets that I couldn’t assemble 4 goat chops of the same cut when I was shopping in Union Square recently. No problem however, as I welcomed the chance to show a little […]

16 Apr 19

I wasn’t sure about this one. In going DF, so many recipes I come across that use coconut milk taste so coconutty. Which is great if you like coconut. Sadly, I don’t. But since I made this, I’m thinking this is going to be the base for my ice cream creations from here on out! […]

15 Apr 19
Sunshine Terri

I have been giving meal prep a try over the last month or so.  I have really been enjoying it!  More than I thought I would.  Basically, I pick two meals, grocery shop for those, and cook them both on Sunday for lunches during the week for me and my daughter.  It has really been […]