17 Mar 19

My passion for furry shoes continues; oblivious to the unpredictable UK climate, relentless unsolicited comments and basic common sense. I wore my ‘hairy cow’ Paraboots last night out on the pops. A bloke I had never met told me I had nice shoes. Not sure if he was taking the piss, but I thanked him […]

20 Feb 19

So, are Paraboots having a moment? To answer this, firstly we must put to one side the reprehensible use of the phrase, ‘a moment’. Secondly we can examine some recent evidence. There was this interesting pair we looked at in December. Then there are these hairy ones remember? Exclusive to Goodhood, I ended up buying […]

16 Feb 19

Le quartier a toujours eu une réputation sulfureuse. C’est à la fin du 19ème siècle qu’apparaissent les premiers cabarets. Le plus connu d’entre eux est devenu une institution : Le Moulin-Rouge. A partir des années 1910-20, Pigalle devient un véritable repère de bandits avec ses bars clandestins et ses maisons closes. Après guerre, la loi […]

07 Feb 19
Eyes on the ties

So as a bit of a get to know me exercise I’m going to do a few posts on brands I like. Top of the list currently is Drake’s diary.

25 Jan 19
At the first PROJECT NY of 2019, COOL HUNTING attended as more than just members of the media. Partnering with PROJECT on a standalone booth and a playful initiative, we urged attendees (primarily buyers and retailers) to really immerse themselves and visit plenty of the brands on exhibit. Situated just to the right of the show’s main entrance, our booth (designed and outfitted in partnership with Herman Miller) displayed a vast number of winnable products—all of which, including a pair of mohair Eames chairs, were given away to participants of our scavenger hunt. Other prizes included a handful of suitcases from Arlo Skye, a NAKED Labs mirror, a pair of Master & Dynamic MW07 headphones, gift cards from Sister City, Warby Parker and Rhone, custom bags from Troubadour, sunglasses from Ray-Ban and much more. The hunt listed 16 of our favorite brands (each pinpointed on a map) at the event and required participants make the effort to visit as many of them as possible during their time at PROJECT. The list included Atomic Mission Gear, Bellroy, Bogner, Brackish Bowties, Frame Denim, Good Man, Grenfell, John Smedley, Moore & Giles, Myths, Paraboot, ParaJumpers, Rhone, Stolen Riches, Troubadour and Wilde Vertigga. Bonus questions were listed on the map and each answer could be discovered by having a brief conversation with a brand’s representative. The more answered correctly and the more brands visited, the bigger the prize. On their way out, participants returned their scavenger hunt activity papers to the COOL HUNTING booth and retrieved their prizes. (All participants scored a Purist Mover Bottle and a packet of Liquid IV). Retailers and buyers remarked at the usefulness of the game; the extra incentive encouraged them to visit brands they would’ve otherwise skipped—resulting in orders and connections being made. Images by Josh Rubin
11 Jan 19
Footwear News

So this is where all the fashionable men are right now.

03 Jan 19
Loire Magazine

UPPERS DOWNERS Up Colder weather Down Grey skies Up Paraboot Down Mephisto Up “Whack it up front” Down “Pissing about at the back” Up Those that know Down Grandaduals Up The Rolling Stones Down The Beatles Up Mary Poppins Down Harry Potter Up Nigel Cabourn Down Nigel Farage Up College scarves Down Aqauscutum scarves Up […]

14 Dec 18

Paraboot have been making their Michael silhouette for over 70 years. And it’s taken that long for me to take notice of it. As I’ve touched on before, I’ve previously relegated the brand Paraboot to the pile of brands that are lovely and well made and all that, but rather too ‘available’, too commonplace and […]

12 Dec 18
Loire Magazine

Why are suede shoes so popular – and so synonymous – with the north-west of England? I’m sure people reading this from that part of the country are nodding away saying, “Yeah they are aren’t they and yeah I wonder why that is”Because – let’s be frank – it rains all the fucking time! Now […]

04 Dec 18
Top Reviews Site

This Norse store review examines if Norse store is legit, or a scam. And also if it is safe, real or fake. Customers complaints and feedback are also discussed in this review. This Denmark based online fashion retailer says that they have “a passion for functionality, quality, the classics and the ultra-modern”. This conveys a brand […]

03 Dec 18

So on a Sunday cold cloudy foggy and settling back from a hectic Saturday all over France let me bring back the uncharted waters of talking about streets, food places etc of my eternal Paris. I shall be by again this month! I used to worked just at the corner with this street and walked […]