22 Jul 19
Find one job

Company: Morrison
Location: Antwerpen (stad)

16 Jul 19

TL,DR The point of dressing well is to look “cool” It gets you out of the badly-dressed hole but doesn’t make you a cool God. Work on yourself. Less is more, don’t trust your “I like this funky thing”. Buy to compose outfits, ie to match what you already own, instead of random pieces you […]

23 May 19

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial and film. Photography by Irving Pomepui. Video by Irving Pomepui & François Roy. Styling by Elise Accart. Hair & Makeup by Emilie Peltier. Fashion by Eye Like, Asos, Lesca, Reebok, One Culture, COS, Uniqlo U, Collusion x Everyone, Columbia, Arena, Vans, Rue Begand, The Kooples, De Fursac, Caterpillar, Fred Perry […]

17 Mar 19

My passion for furry shoes continues; oblivious to the unpredictable UK climate, relentless unsolicited comments and basic common sense. I wore my ‘hairy cow’ Paraboots last night out on the pops. A bloke I had never met told me I had nice shoes. Not sure if he was taking the piss, but I thanked him […]

20 Feb 19

So, are Paraboots having a moment? To answer this, firstly we must put to one side the reprehensible use of the phrase, ‘a moment’. Secondly we can examine some recent evidence. There was this interesting pair we looked at in December. Then there are these hairy ones remember? Exclusive to Goodhood, I ended up buying […]

07 Feb 19
Eyes on the ties

So as a bit of a get to know me exercise I’m going to do a few posts on brands I like. Top of the list currently is Drake’s diary.

11 Jan 19
Footwear News

So this is where all the fashionable men are right now.

03 Jan 19
Loire Magazine

UPPERS DOWNERS Up Colder weather Down Grey skies Up Paraboot Down Mephisto Up “Whack it up front” Down “Pissing about at the back” Up Those that know Down Grandaduals Up The Rolling Stones Down The Beatles Up Mary Poppins Down Harry Potter Up Nigel Cabourn Down Nigel Farage Up College scarves Down Aqauscutum scarves Up […]