11 Jan 19
Footwear News

So this is where all the fashionable men are right now.

03 Jan 19
Loire Magazine

UPPERS DOWNERS Up Colder weather Down Grey skies Up Paraboot Down Mephisto Up “Whack it up front” Down “Pissing about at the back” Up Those that know Down Grandaduals Up The Rolling Stones Down The Beatles Up Mary Poppins Down Harry Potter Up Nigel Cabourn Down Nigel Farage Up College scarves Down Aqauscutum scarves Up […]

14 Dec 18

Paraboot have been making their Michael silhouette for over 70 years. And it’s taken that long for me to take notice of it. As I’ve touched on before, I’ve previously relegated the brand Paraboot to the pile of brands that are lovely and well made and all that, but rather too ‘available’, too commonplace and […]

12 Dec 18
Loire Magazine

Why are suede shoes so popular – and so synonymous – with the north-west of England? I’m sure people reading this from that part of the country are nodding away saying, “Yeah they are aren’t they and yeah I wonder why that is”Because – let’s be frank – it rains all the fucking time! Now […]

04 Dec 18
Top Reviews Site

This Norse store review examines if Norse store is legit, or a scam. And also if it is safe, real or fake. Customers complaints and feedback are also discussed in this review. This Denmark based online fashion retailer says that they have “a passion for functionality, quality, the classics and the ultra modern”. This conveys a […]

03 Dec 18

So on a Sunday cold cloudy foggy and settling back from a hectic Saturday all over France let me bring back the uncharted waters of talking about streets, food places etc of my eternal Paris. I shall be by again this month! I used to worked just at the corner with this street and walked […]

12 Nov 18
Blake's International Business Study Tour

Who knew learning about alcohol could also teach you about business? Well, Chartreuse is a great example of a liquor company who is doing just that. Started by monks in the 1700s, Chartreuse was originally created as a medicine that then became a liquor. The company sells over 1 million bottles yearly, is multi-national, and […]

13 Nov 18
Blake's International Business Study Tour

Paraboot was the name of the first company we visited, and it was a great way to start our overseas business experience. The company was founded in 1908 and has been owned by the same family the entire time. It has between 130-140 employees at any given time and has seen steady growth for the […]

30 Oct 18

I was in New York last week, with just enough time to check out a few stores. Seeing Engineered Garments, Needles and South2 West8 en masse over at Nepenthes is always a pleasure: one Londoners will enjoy when our own outlet opens early next year. For the first time I was able to visit Soho’s […]

11 Oct 18

Perhaps it was necessary to be a specialist in nineteenth-century literatureis century to understand that the meaning of a literary work is never reduced to the declared intentions of its author? Take Balzac, in the preface (1842) of the human comedy : "I write in the light of two eternal truths, Religion, the monarchy, two […]

08 Oct 18

If you slept on these shoes, it’s already too late. I feel a certain sense of responsibility having not spotlighted them earlier. That said, it’s a ‘certain sense of responsibility’ so mild as to have no discernible impact on my life whatsoever. Which only leaves the issue at hand, these shoes and the fact that […]