11 Dec 18
365 Days With My Monster

I’m finally making progress in my living space. I’m doing it all alone, but I’m getting shit done. My living space is way less chaotic which helps me feel more together. I’m working on setting up a back room as a permanent PartyLite room. It’s a lot and I’m hurting physically but I’m getting stuff […]

05 Dec 18
Hetty Borger

De totale omzet van bedrijven die via netwerkmarketing in Nederland actief zijn met directe verkoop is vorig jaar met 15 procent gestegen. Mensen willen meer vrijheitijd,  zelf beslissen wanneer ze op vakantie willen, geen dure kinderpvang voor de kinderen. Tijd door brengen met hun gezin en familie. Geen stress omdat ze steeds harder moeten werken […]

30 Nov 18
365 Days With My Monster

Today has been full of tears. Frustration. Anxiety. Overwhelming emotions. I can barely cope today, and I don’t know what I want to do anymore. I love my husband, I really do, but the way things are going right now, I can barely stand being around him. I am crying for help, asking for help, […]

23 Nov 18
The Worthy Widow

The book I’m (still) reading mentions that finding a side hustle or two is a good way to boost the snowball debt pay-off. To be honest, I’ve seen this mentioned in numerous places and by numerous people but I always wrote it off because I’ve NEVER had any luck with it. Having been laid off […]

16 Nov 18
PartyLite with Christine

PartyLite has released their Fall & Holiday 2018 Product Retirement list.  Stock up on your favourite items before time runs out! Fall & Holiday 2018 Retirement List

15 Nov 18
Mayor Infurna's Blog

Holiday fair season is here again. The Fall Fair at the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church offers a mix of longtime favorites and new attractions including delicious baked goods, a terrific mix of hands-on fun activities for the children, and a deservedly famous lobster roll lunch (with plenty of other menu options available). Plus, amazing cheese […]

07 Nov 18
PartyLite with Christine

Our wax blends burn evenly to fill every room with stunning fragrance All our candles offer the same great fragrance experience for cold throw (unlit) and hot throw (lit) 100% cotton wicks and exceptional was blends provide a beautiful melt pool for the best fragrance experience Our fragrances are “True to Life Scent” giving the […]

07 Nov 18
PartyLite with Christine

Online Only | November 7 – 11 | Special Offer Get 25% off the Autumn & Holiday Scents of the Season Gift Sets for $37.50 each*. *Offer ends at 11:59 p.m. ET, November 11, 2018. Offer valid for Online purchases only for the Autumn and Holiday Scents of the Season Gift Sets (P86045 and P86044). […]

01 Nov 18
PartyLite with Christine

HOST SPECIAL Lustrous Pine Hurricane Only $48 with a $300+ Party & 1 booking P93142 Retail value $140 HOST SPECIAL Peaceful Deer Candle Holders with choice of wax bundle offer. Limit 1 Offer includes: Peaceful Deer Candle Holder Set, one dozen Votive Candles and one dozen Universal Tealight™ Candles in choice of Iced Snowberries or Mulberry. HOST […]

31 Oct 18
C.U.NextTuesday, Dolly

I love candles with my favourite being PartyLite candles. However, my daughters have managed to find the one candle scent (not PartyLite) that I can’t stand and that triggers my asthma. Now, to be fair, the asthmatic reaction could be a psychosomatic reaction simply because I find the smell so repulsive. Whether an asthma attack […]

28 Oct 18
365 Days With My Monster

I came to a realization today that is a little darker than I like. It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but I don’t think anyone has noticed. And to be honest, that scares me a little. As long as I’ve been forcing myself to write, I’ve been able to keep My Monster at […]