05 Jun 19

Il capo della comunicazione di Naughty Dog, Scott lowe, ha pubblicato oggi sul sito ufficiale una news circa la chiusura del server PS3 di Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us e Left Behind. A partire dal 3 Settembre saranno chiusi, ma leggiamo le parole di Scott Lowe. “È un momento dolceamaro per non […]

26 May 19
My Sweet Musings

Time has really flown by as the weather is warm and sunny again. Birds are in the air, magnificent and vibrant flowers are blooming and the garden is flourishing….ahhhh summer is around the corner. Vancouver has been blessed these days with gorgeous sunny sky and picturesque sunsets filled with magenta hues. I just love the […]

15 May 19
The Norwegian American

The seemingly far-flung cultures of Norway and Azerbaijan met in an inspiring concert Victoria Hofmo Brooklyn, N.Y. Have you ever spent a night celebrating the dual cultures of Norway and Azerbaijan? This marvelous combination occurred on April 24 in Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter Auditorium; where a concert was held featuring Azerbaijani-born, New York-based pianist Nargiz […]

03 May 19
Healthy Chat Zone

Fly Bra Reviews : Several bugs leave a small acid residue on your automobile that will cause damage to your paint job. If you do not wish to continually wash your car you might want to appear into a transparent bra installation.A clear bra could be a protective covering that you’ll have put in on […]

02 May 19

First sorry for my English it is not my mother tongue. So I always see on Instagram or Pinterest a lot of pretty dresses or top but it is impossible to find where they are from or something affordable. I decide to give to you my secrets (?) to find what YOU are looking for, […]

30 Apr 19
Goddess Fiction

    Celibate since Yule, Passionata vows to break out at Beltane!   Oh, do not tell the priests of our art For they would call it sin  But we shall be in the woods all night A-conjuring summer in. Gerald Gardner’s version of a Rudyard Kipling poem.   Emerging from the shower with the […]

22 Apr 19

You can now listen to our Easter Special – Mono Loco Mixtape show for Soho Radio on Mixcloud. Featuring the best cuts of Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco from the Philippines and of course we talk a little bit about the history of the artists and bands behind the music.   Tracklist: 1) Flip Nunez […]

22 Apr 19
Graham Sherwood

. In hordes they teem this eager flock, to bring libations un-thought all, some adorned in hard won wealth, others come in cheaper cloth to hear sweet music, retailed hymns, the bright lit windows hypnotized, they break warm bread that’s offered there and drip their faith in litter bins  Elsewhere some cathedrals lie bereft cold […]

19 Apr 19

Please check out this collaboration mix I have done with Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream. I have provided a perfect Summertime mix of Pinoy Funk, Disco and a hint of Hip Hop for your listening pleasure. So go on and get down to their stores in Kentish Town and China Town and also their other restaurants […]

07 Apr 19

Bar Refaeli (Hebrew: בר רפאלי‎; born 4 June 1985) is an Israeli supermodel, television host, actress, and businesswoman. Refaeli is considered among the most internationally successful models to come from Israel, alongside models such as Nina Brosh and Michaela Bercu. As a result of her modelling and investment career, her net worth was estimated at […]

03 Apr 19
Society19 UK

Wearing sexy pieces of lingerie is a very feminine form of self- expression. Just think Agent Provocateur, Victoria Secret or Passionata: these brands offer very naughty and yet seductive pieces of lingerie. Choosing the right piece is always a hard thing to do as there is so much choice: you can go classic, modern, sophisticated, […]

30 Jan 19
Magic Sing Store - Authorized Dealer

498 popular Tagalog (& English) songs for Magic Sing karaoke systems. It comes with a hard copy of the song list. Compatible to Magic Sing ET23KH, Magic Sing ET25K, Magic Sing ET9K, Magic Sing ET19Kv, Magic Sing ET18Kv, Magic Sing ET13K, Magic Sing ET12K, Magic Sing MT14K, Magic Sing ET15K, Magic Sing ET21K, Magic Sing EG-18000, […]