20 Nov 18
Robb Report

These wines definitely punch well above their weight.

21 Oct 18
Armando Segovia

What situation? It’s a tale of 2 Bean towns, but first, here’s the situation: It’s like a Domino Effect, pero aqui no ha pasado nada… nothing to see here, move along, Y’old shutterbug. … anyWey, hoy no hubo noticias, TimeNow, Sad Mona on the desert road, It’s half seas over the Sax, or something like […]

06 Oct 18
De Newsle/itter van Antoine Légat online

FOLK II. 1/ A Phiuthrag ‘s A Phiuthar (O Sister, Beloved Sister) (Julie FOWLIS, cd Alterum) 2/ Santiana (ALAW, cd Dead Man’s Dance (Dawns y Gŵr Marw)) 3/ Dragonfly (Olivia CHANEY, Shelter) 4/ The Butcher’s Boy (KRONOS QUARTET, cd Folk Songs; singer Natalie MERCHANT) 5/ Walsje voor Veerle (CECILIA, cd Pastourelle) 6/ Peat Bog Soldiers […]

08 Sep 18

The designer company recently introduced its second collection for home, and will showcase girls’ apparel on its spring runway.

21 Aug 18
Diabolus In Musica

Label : Hyperion Format : Flac (image + cue) Cover : Yes

12 Aug 18
Hungryalist Poems & Photos

Malay Roy Choudhury (born 29 October 1939) is a Bengali poet, playwright, short story writer, essayist and novelist who founded the Hungryalist movement in November 1961 with the publication of a Hungryalist bulletin on poetry from his Patna residence. Early life and education Roy Choudhury was born in Patna, Bihar, India, into the Sabarna Roy […]

21 Jul 18
Diabolus In Musica

Label : Sony Format : Flac track Cover : No

17 Jul 18

88985471862 / Oscar Levant – A Rhapsody in Blue – The Extraordinary Life of Oscar Levant 藍色狂想曲 –  雷文特不凡的一生  8CD ◎ 雷文特為美國鋼琴家、作曲家、作家、搞笑藝人與演員 ◎ 8CD特別版的專輯,見證雷文特這位多才多藝的音樂家不凡的演奏才華 ◎ 收錄其在Sony唱片公司的完整錄音,所有原始的類比錄音,均以 24 bit-192 kHz技術加以轉換處理 ◎ 絕大多數的錄音均為首度發行CD ◎ 124頁豪華解說冊,包含許多珍貴資料與照片 ◎ 由專家撰寫全新介紹:偉大美國歌本之大使   雷文特(Oscar Levant, 1906-1972)為近代美國的藝術家,為鋼琴家與作曲家,也是作家、搞笑藝人與演員。在其事業最高峰時,是美國酬勞最高的演奏家。受歡迎程度遠遠超越霍洛維茲與魯賓斯坦,更曾踏上好萊塢的星光大道,參與多部電影的演出,在古典樂界至今仍不多見。   年輕時雷文特在荀伯格(Arnold Schoenberg)門下受教三年,與托斯卡尼尼、畢勤、萊納、奧曼第、米特羅普洛斯等指揮均曾合作演出,也是其好友蓋西文作品的最佳代言人。1934年的熱門流行曲「歸咎於我的青春」(Blame It On My Youth)便是他的創作。1949年首次登上卡內基音樂廳的舞台,與指揮米特羅普洛斯及紐約愛樂管弦樂團合作演出蓋西文與其他作曲家的作品。當時紐約時報的樂評家Olin Downes評論表示:「他那如歌唱般的音調美得令人心融化……他將能成為藝術大師。」   曾參與20部電影與電視劇的演出,包括:Kiss the Boys Goodbye (1941)、Rhapsody in Blue (1945)、The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)、The Band Wagon (1953) 等。在1951年的電影《花都舞影》(An American in […]

03 Jul 18
Massive Action Media

Following Fall/Winter 2018’s Paris, Texas-influenced range, Japan’s JIEDA returns with another collection of wearable, laid-back looks. Along with the brand’s signature streetwear influences, an array of elevated tailoring and patterned shirts contrast more mature styling with caustic deconstruction. Dubbed “universe laboratory,” JIEDA Spring/Summer 2019 centers around playfully off-kilter designs, dangling drawstrings and unusual textiles, which […]

19 Jun 18
Basic Outlet Stores

Description: 187 Marmellata Little Gi 16 GR Item Number: IN780176934704 Size: All Size Location: Showroom Kaslik

12 Jun 18
Tilman Skowroneck

© Tilman Skowroneck 2018 As I have written previously, I made a new solo recording in June 2015. It is now available on CD, produced by the German label TYXart. The official announcements are here (German) and here (English). Listening examples can be found here. As of yet, it seems the CD is best available through and […]

07 May 18
Experience Writing

quadrille: noun – 1. a square dance performed typically by four couples and containing five (or six) sections, each of which is a complete dance in itself. A piece of music for a quadrille dance. 2. each of four groups of riders taking part in a tournament or carousel, distinguished by a special costume or […]