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22 May 19
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By Press Association 2019 Lord Mayor of Belfast John Finucane meets the Prince of Wales John Finucane promised not to be discouraged by a loyalist threat when he met Prince of Wales on his first day as Belfast's new mayor. Sinn Fein councilor, whose lawyer Pat was murdered by paramilitaries 30 years ago, said the […]

22 May 19
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image copyright PA image Description John Finucane said he would be mayor for all citizens of Belfast Belfast's new mayor, John Finucane, said the police had warned him that loyalists intended to attack him at home. The City Council of Sinn Féin received the official chains on Tuesday. The 39-year-old said the police had come […]

22 May 19
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John Finucane with his mother Géraldine John Finucane receiving Deirdre Hargey's office chain I will not miss an invitation to a royal event or Orange: the new mayor of SF, Finucane The new mayor of Sinn Fein, mayor of Belfast, has urged trade unionists to judge him with an open mind, highlighting his family […]

22 May 19
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John Finucane with his mother Geraldine John Finucane receives an office chain from Deirdre Hargey I will not want to be found if I am invited to royal or orange event: SF & # 39; s new Lord Mayor Finucane The new Sinn Fein Lord Mayor of Belfast has called on union members to […]

21 May 19
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image Description John Finucane was elected to the city council of Belfast for the first time this month The newly elected Sinn Féin Councilor John Finucane is expected to serve as the new Lord Mayor of Belfast Tuesday night. Thirty years ago, his father was shot dead by loyalists in Belfast. Pat Finucane, a 39-year-old […]

14 May 19
The Irish Peace Process

El movimiento disidente del “IRA Provisional” surge desde la mayoría marxista existente dentro del IRA en 1969. Este movimiento, que había reevaluado Irlanda del Norte después de la fallida “Campaña Fronteriza” acometida por el IRA entre 1956-62, decidió que la guerra de clases y la agitación no sectaria podrían funcionar mejor que las actividades armadas […]

11 May 19
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MR Moonlight Bobby Ryan’s ex-wife has revealed her torment over his murder – and says she believes he “would still be here” if they had not divorced. Patrick Quirke was convicted of the murder of popular DJ Bobby Ryan by a jury majority verdict of ten to two on May 1 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mary Ryan, above in red, is pictured with her daughter Michelle. Mr Moonlight’s ex-wife has revealed her torment over believing if the couple had stayed together, Mr Ryan would still be alive Bobby Ryan, above, disappeared on June 3, 2011. He was found in a run-off tank on the farm own by his girlfriend Mary Lowry in Co Tipperary. Quirke – who had had an affair with Ms Lowry – was convicted of Mr Ryan’s murder on May 1 Mr Ryan, also known as Mr Moonlight, disappeared after leaving his girlfriend Mary Lowry’s home at about 6.30am on June 3, 2011 at Fawnagown Co Tipperary. His body was found in an underground run-off tank on the farm owned by Ms Lowry and leased by Quirke at Fawnagown, 22 months later in April 2013. After Quirke was found guilty of the DJ’s murder, Mr Ryan’s son Robert and daughter Michelle and their mother Mary Ryan wept and comforted each other. In interviews following Quirke’s conviction, Mr Ryan’s son Robert Ryan said he is still “haunted” by his father’s death, while daughter Michelle told RTE’s Marian Finucane that she will “never forgive” her father’s killer. ‘HE WOULD STILL BE HERE’ Now, speaking from her home in Co Cork, Mary Ryan told the Irish Daily Mail of her torment, believing her slain ex-husband would still be alive if they had stayed together. She said: “If we had stayed together [Bobby] wouldn’t be where he is today. “That’s the one thing that does play on my mind. In hindsight you can’t go back but it’s the one thing that torments me. If we hadn’t broken up, he would probably still be here.” Mary, who was married to Bobby for 19 years before their amicable separation in 2005, said her ex-husband’s relationship with Mary Lowry “didn’t bother” her. “Bobby had told me about it and I remember saying to him, ‘Look Bobby, I am in a relationship and I have moved on’.” Mary Ryan attended court alongside her children for every day of the trial – and insists there is “no way” she would not have gone for her ex-husband. “I would be there for Bobby, there is no way I wouldn’t. We might have been divorced but that doesn’t mean we ever stopped caring about each other.” She added that the couple split because they had “drifted” but there were “no bad feelings”. During the trial, the prosecution said dairy farmer Quirke, of Breanshamore Co Tipperary, murdered Mr Ryan so he could rekindle an affair with Ms Lowry, 52. Ms Lowry told the court she had started the “seedy” affair with Quirke in 2008 following the death of her husband in 2007 – but ended it after falling for Bobby Ryan. [article-rail-section title=”READ MORE IN NEWS” posts_category=”5″ posts_number=”6″ query_type=”popular” /] After the trial, Mary Lowry spoke of her former lover as a “lovely man”. “Pat Quirke killed someone and he is in jail now. Bobby Ryan was a lovely man.” “I have three boys and their father died of cancer. I just want to get on with my life and in the way I would have wanted to with Bobby Ryan,” she added. Patrick Quirke, above, was found guilty of the murder of Bobby Ryan on May 1. He was sentenced to life imprisonment Patrick Quirke wanted to rekindle a love affair with Mary Lowry who was then seeing Bobby Ryan, the court was told
05 May 19
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The head of the alliance, Naomi Long, has welcomed the "unbelievable outcome" of her party in the parliamentary elections as a key moment for Northern Ireland's policy. After all seats had been declared, Allianz's representation increased by 65%. The number of seats increased from 32 to 53. Other smaller parties and independents also made significant […]