Pathfinder Miniatures

15 Jun 19
Reading and Walking

After so many books on the theory of walking, here’s one about actual walking. Raja Shehadeh’s Palestinian Walks: Forays into a Vanishing Landscape is essential reading for any descendant of settlers contemplating walking in colonized space. Shehadeh is a Palestinian lawyer, human rights activist, and writer, and a comparison between his experience, walking in the […]

12 Jun 19

Chris – Sorry that this isn’t being posted sooner, but I have been travelling the week after UKGE so I’ve been quite busy and not in a position to write this. But here we go! UKGE has been bigger than ever, featuring most vendors, larger tournaments, and a larger bring and buy area. And of […]

11 Jun 19
Burnaby Mountain District

Last month Burnaby Mountain District took a day trip to visit our province’s capital for a day of culture, fun, and friendship. Organizing this trip was quite the undertaking as more than 70 girls participated. Girls left Burnaby on a school bus early in the morning and arrived back there late in the evening. In […]

07 Jun 19

On May 30th and 31st, The New Century School 4th- through 8th-grade students took their fourth annual overnight field trip to Echo Hill Outdoor School (EHOS), in Whorton on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Chaperoned by teachers Nameeta Sharma and Ilia Madrazo, girls bunked together in two separate dormitories (older girls, younger girls), and boys bunked together in two […]

07 Jun 19
Sentrybox's Blog

We’re back to wrap up the Xenos forces, completing our look at starting each Kill Team faction. We’ve got big angry green dudes, alien robots, giant bugs and some guys who wish they were giant bugs. Let’s begin!

03 Jun 19
Get it on the Table!

So on my GM break I have been re-evaluating how I game, run games, play games, etc. etc. etc.  In the past I worked best at getting things done with a deadline.  This meant huge game projects got done last minute but made it to the table.  I have a bit of a reputation of […]

29 May 19
@The Mountains of Minis

Random minis of the week #3-7, Bones     3. Formorian Giant aka The Great Mutato! (Did they spell Fomorian wrong on purpose? Fomorians being monstrous, supernatural creatures from the underworld of Irish mythology, much like the Jotun frost giants of Norse) From Bones 3 core set, this Chaos mutant thingy takes the medal for […]

29 May 19
Tabletop Hunter

Hello everyone, my name is Hunter. Since I was about 10 I was playing MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, Lineage, and Everquest. When I played those game I almost instantly got into the Roleplaying aspects of them, finding the sometimes niche community and living out these characters […]

27 May 19
Teylen's RPG Corner

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #107, including every tabletop project started between 05/12 and 05/27. After a small break and the fantastic Larp experience Club Babylon Schwarz, I had a small delay, yet present to you the collection in full. Among the German projects you can see that ICONs RPG Assemble Edition […]

25 May 19

To produce these amazing minis, Eldritch Foundry has partnered with a leading US 3D printer manufacturer, 3DSystems, and their team of in-house printers utilizes the most advanced technology available on the market. As such, they are able to offer a printed mini at about 40% higher definition than anyone else.