Paula Deen

22 Apr 19
debtcanada5jarvis's blogs

Content create by-Barlow Khan For example: For IPTV services, the image quality will lie upon the encoding deployed: MPEG-2 consumes approx. 3.75 Mbps, whereas MPEG-4 needs approximately. 2 Mbps for the same high-quality image development. Also broadcast is delivered using IP Multicast which definitely makes the bandwidth required dependent located on the number of […]

22 Apr 19
MyCookery Zone

The celebration of Easter is still on, it’s a time of the season to celebrate the life spent by Jesus Christ who layed down his life for the remission of sin and the belief in his ressurection.

19 Apr 19
Paige Minds The Gap

Last weekend, Kevin and I stopped off in Dublin, Georgia on the way to see his nephew. Turns out, there’s more to this little Middle Georgia town that I first thought.

18 Apr 19
Stephanie Raffelock

For most of my adult life I have been a carrot juice swilling, veggie chomping, sugar eschewing, fitness buff.  I’ve made good choices.  I value health. I stand strong and somewhat smugly in the light of that truth.  And then I moved to Texas. Texas women are belles. That means they are beautiful, elegant, smart […]

17 Apr 19
512 Bounce

Paula Deen's idea for 'butter burgers' might be your new favorite recipe – Fox News — 512 Bounce (@the512bounce) April 17, 2019 from Twitter April 17, 2019 at 05:37AM Paula Deen's idea for 'butter burgers' might be your new favorite recipe – Fox News — 512 Bounce (@the512bounce) April 17, 2019

17 Apr 19
(Pun Intended)

  Well helloooooo there. So ya, its been a hot minute since I sat down and shared my less than riveting experiences and dished out my mediocre advice and I kind of missed it. JK I am just bored and procrastinating. Also, I reread some of the stuff that I wrote last year and thought […]

13 Apr 19
The Baby Name Buff

This week’s blog discusses names inspired by the TV show The Gilmore Girls. In addition to the names I contributed, I am especially excited to present name picks from two of the top GG gurus I know: (my aunt) Terri Gundling and (my sister-in-law) Carrie Gundling. From the moment my friend Lauren Albright introduced me […]

10 Apr 19
Still Life

112 people took the time to send me an FB stimulated birthday greeting. Ok, I am sure that a few people knew without FB telling them. Anyway, I appreciate them all. And the others who sent texts, and emails and presents (thank you Juliet – best sister ever!!)(thank you Ernst and Betty – Best brother […]

10 Apr 19

Day three had us cruising 84 miles from St. Augustine to St. Simons Island, Georgia. We cruised on the outside as the ICW through Georgia is winding and shallow in some areas. We’ve cruised that territory before and are not fans. The ocean was bathtub flat; nothing but small waves rolling by. Unfortunately conditions changed […]

09 Apr 19
Common Slaves

I am now immoral when once I wasn’t, and I didn’t do nothin’. These are my thoughts concerning my recent, rather unpleasant, self-discovery.

08 Apr 19
Cooking for Wellness - The Basics

After class on Tuesday, I felt inspired by my sauce practice and had dreams of making a delicious macaroni and cheese or Hollandaise using some of the techniques I’d learned making the curry cheese sauce in class. Sadly, upon reading the homework instructions more closely, I realized that I undoubtedly wouldn’t have all the ingredients […]