Pavlovo Posad

07 Jun 18

I was tagged by fabulous and lovely @ninjaofthepurplethings Rules: Answer the 12 questions & tag 5 other Simblrs! What is your favorite season? I love all seasons for different reasons. I’ll rule out summer because there is a phrase in Scotland called “taps aff!” which as you may have guessed translates to “tops off” and the result […]

01 May 18
Chutuku Kathegalu

Stories have been originally penned down by Alexander Raskin.

11 Apr 18
Un Armario Verde

I revised my notes of Kate Fletcher’s Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys (2014, London – New York: Earthscan from Routledge) and found a ‘make post about this’ note in Chapter 3 waiting for me since November last year. However, as I had it on a limited loan from a far-away library, I only have […]

02 Jan 18
High Latitude Style

Faux fur is having a moment Faux fur scarves, headbands, pom poms on knit hats, vests, sweaters, coats and skirts are a big trend this winter. Anoraks have fur trim in all colors of the rainbow. There are even bags in the faux fur trend. While the trend is easy to style when it comes […]