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20 Jul 19
Brexit Compliance News

President Trump speaks to the media as he arrives on Air Force One in Greenville, N.C., on Wednesday. (Carolyn Kaster/AP) With Emily Davies THE BIG IDEA: President Trump has soured on hiring generals, whom he stocked his administration with at the beginning. Remember John Kelly, Jim Mattis, Michael Flynn and H.R. McMaster. But the billionaire’s fondness […]

17 Jul 19
Ateneo Ethnographies

Ambrosio, Jenica V., De Guzman, Twinkle Jade A., Pascual, Maureen Lianne T., Sahagun, Jean Marcus A. Background & Rationale Trade across archipelago can be traced back in pre-Hispanic times when early Filipinos engaged in barter system with neighboring countries like China, Java, and Borneo. Barter is the ancient method of exchange where people swap products […]

14 Jul 19
Concealed Carry Today – Real World Concealed Carry Handgun Tips

by Joe I What are you going to do? Are you going to rush out and buy one? And will you buy some ammo when you get the gun? Are you just going to head out to the range and start shooting? Figure it out as you go? Buying a firearm is a huge decision […]

13 Jul 19

  We met at the Vonnegut Room in the Atheneum (designed by Kurt’s architect grandfather) to discuss Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” a 1937 novel depicting struggles in the Florida Everglades involving race and gender in the early twentieth century. Those joining our leader, John Sturman, in the fun were Phil Watts, […]

12 Jul 19

IN WHITES WE TRUST Things are indeed good for those who are white and wealthy and healthy in America. They are even good if you don’t meet all of these criteria, so long as you are white. Black? Nope. Female? Nope. Brown? Hell no! And so on. After all of those years under the progressive […]

11 Jul 19
The Blue Hills Gazette

The Fourth of July is always the quietest holiday in Scotch Plains. Many families go down the shore, while others host small parties at home. Most small businesses, including bars and restaurants, are closed. At 4:30 p.m., when there’s normally an unbroken line of cars from the Fanwood line to Route 22, the streets are […]

03 Jul 19
The Australian

That’s it for the Trading day blog for Thursday, July 4. The ASX closed at 12-year highs in its fourth consecutive day of gains Australian May retail sales edged higher, but missed expectations while job vacancies were “noticeably weaker”.

01 Jul 19
APS Forum on Physics & Society

Raymond G. Wilson
Emeritus Professor of Physics
Illinois Wesleyan University
July 2019

27 Jun 19
Aggressive Moderation

It’s a debate.  Two debates, really, airing tonight and tomorrow on MSNBC from 9:00 until 11:00 PM.  It doesn’t seem like four years ago that we started this process with a similarly unwieldy (and waaayyy less likable, but also waaayyy less unknown) Republican field.  But here we are.  Two nights, twenty candidates, and I can’t […]

20 Jun 19
Shiksha IAS Academy: Call @9986102277

1. Panel will study the ‘1 nation, 1 poll’ issue The Defence minister announced that a panel would be constituted to by the government to design a roadmap for “One nation, One election”. Background: The push for “One nation, one election” came from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2016. Ever since, there have been […]

19 Jun 19
Ali's Photography Space...

Python: Triangle Number Projecteuler problem No.42 With Problem 42, we have to read a file containing nearly two-thousand common English words and find how many are triangle words? Difinetion: Triangle Words: If we give each alphabetical in English language a value related to its corresponding location such as A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on, then […]

09 Jun 19
Achieving Fitness Goals

1.1 History 1.2 Sport Application 1.3 Resistance Training/Diet Application 1.4 Conclusion Chapter intro Have you ever noticed that there are certain body types in certain sports? Large and tall basketball players such as NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal, slim built athletes such as Kenyan Marathon Runners, and even a mix of the two; slimmer than a […]

31 May 19
Barker's View

Hi, kids! Well, friends and neighbors, it appears our ‘powers that be’ have dropped the proverbial turd in our celebratory punch bowl. That’s right.  Gird your loins in 2020 – because here it comes again. . . In the aftermath of the Volusia County sales tax initiative – a failed plan that asked long-suffering taxpayers […]

30 May 19
GL-W's WEBlog

DO MAKE USE of LINKS, >SEARCH< & >Side Bars< & The Top Bar >PAGES< ~~~~~~~~~~#########~~~~~~~~~~ . Tiananmen Square Revisited 30 years on … . ~~~~~~~~~~#########~~~~~~~~~~ Posted by: Greg Lance – Watkins Greg_L-W eMail: The BLOG: The Main Web Site: http://www.InfoWebSite.UK ~~~~~~~~~~#########~~~~~~~~~~ . Hi, May 30, 2019 ChinaPolitics & Society The New Tiananmen Papers […]

28 May 19
Inmate Blogger

BY: POLITICAL PRISONER & ACTIVIST CHRISTOPHER J. SMITH (A606559) Ladies & Gentalmen welcome, my name is Christopher J. Smith (A606.559) former Number 1 Fashions Clothing store sells assistant & Activist who has been unlawfully arrested, kidnapped & wrongfully held captive against my will for TEN years within prisons of Lebanon Correctional & now confined at […]

20 May 19
Truth2Freedom's Blog

Righteousness Is Provided For All for all those who believe; for there is no distinction; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, (3:22b–23) The provision of salvation and the righteousness it brings is granted for all those who believe. Anyone will be saved who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord […]