28 May 19
The Healthy Ghost

I’ve been playing a lot of music this month and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve mostly been practicing guitar and ukulele and I’m finally building a pedalboard! For now it’s complete (all I need now is a bigger pedalboard). I couldn’t be happier. I’m using a pedaltrain nano pedalboard with these five pedals: […]

14 Apr 19

My thoughts on Man Of La Mancha and its guitar book, my experience playing it and a rundown of the equipment I used…

08 Apr 19

My two pedalboards have worked perfectly for the three, four, five years that I’ve owned them. But I realize that only recently have I had the opportunity to test them under realistic circumstances. One thing that has become clear since I started jamming with my new band is that studio and live are two different […]

31 Mar 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

Every single time anyone has ever said “country players can’t shred” to me, I have had a Johnny Hiland video in their face within seconds. When you think of country shredders, who comes to mind? “When thinking of a country shredder the person that comes to my mind instantly is Danny Gatton” When thinking of […]

25 Mar 19
Heavy Metal Hill

Get there early. The last all AC/DC night for The Sunset Jam broke records at The Viper Room. The Sunset Jam #160 Presented by SoloDallas, Telefunken Elektroakustik, BAE Audio THE SUNSET JAM HOUSE BAND Erik Himel (Guitar) Victor Brodén (Bass) Chris Reeve (Drums) + special guest Filippo SoloDallas Olivieri Special Guests: Garry Beers Brent […]

24 Mar 19

This is hopefully going to be an easy one.  We’re going to take my pedalboard layout from last post, and we’re going to populate it with the most appropriate of the current and classic Boss lineup, and then check out the total cost for each.  For the current boss, I’m using and for the […]

01 Mar 19
Jks Guitarism

I thought I’d just give a very short litte description on how I do my initial pedalboard planning.

10 Jan 19
Guitar Gear

Did I just say that? A gear slut saying to get rid of gear? Okay, I have to admit that the title was mostly meant to be an attention-getter. BUT… There really is a serious side to this, and no, it has nothing to do with evaluating an emotional response to gear. What the subject […]

07 Dec 18
Millennial Gizmo

Since its humble one man startup beginnings in 1999, Pedaltrain has mushroomed into a global brand that has everything guitarists need to create a travel home for their effects pedals. But once you’ve attached your power brick, distortion and modulation stomps with Velcro, you may find that there’s little or no space for a board […]

30 Nov 18

Cory and I were recently discussing pedal boards, and I figured I would share what we and our friends have made over the years with the internet.

26 Nov 18

If you are a Proglodytes follower, you might know that I attended ProgStock 2018 this year, and was able to live-blog the entire event. The weekend was stacked with some amazing performances, but one of the most amazing ProgStock performances happened at the second late-night event. Though I was sleep deprived and running on fumes, […]

22 Nov 18

My thoughts on Legally Blonde The Musical and its guitar book, my experiences playing it and a rundown of the equipment I used…

11 Oct 18
Nylon Live

I have been so happy with my Córdoba 45FP guitar that has the L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical Tru-Mic installed. I am also using the L.R. Baggs Venue DI to eq the system. I have put this all into full time gig rotation now. I don’t leave the house without it. After a few gigs with […]

06 Oct 18
Dogs Of The Road

Pedalboards are glorious contraptions aren’t they? But, it’s just too easy to get carried away with all the crazy stuff that is out there. Need to create more space for tonal glory? Then this guide is for you…

03 Oct 18
Dogs Of The Road

Pedalboards are a guitarist’s playground. Expressive, crazy or just plain weird. Go on, give them the respect they deserve with these simple tips.

27 Sep 18
That Delay Pedal

I think this is a topic that is often overlooked until you must deal with it. If you are musician or guitar player and you need to travel with your gear, what do you do? Is that possible? How do you transport your pedal through the airport security check? I’ve traveled a lot with my […]