27 Nov 18
Biking in LA

Welcome to Day Five of the 4th Annual BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive. Your support helps keep SoCal’s best source for bike news and advocacy coming your way every morning! ……… No surprise here. A new study from Ohio State University shows that distracted driving crashes tend to be more severe than other crashes. Which makes sense, […]

14 Nov 18
Two Grumpy Men

… most music lovers will associate the title with Frank Zappa’s song of the same name.  Bike lovers in the know will relate this with one of the iconic frames from master framebuilder Dario Pegoretti.  The most striking feature of the frame are the huge chainstays measuring a colossal 35mm in diameter, which also gives […]

29 Oct 18

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is pleased to announce that “Officina” Dario Pegoretti — the team that Dario trained for many years — will be exhibiting at this year’s show in Sacramento, California, showcasing the technical and artistic vision of their legendary founder.  Widely considered the “Godfather” of the artisan framebuilding world, Pegoretti’s frames […]

14 Oct 18
bucky rides

Fancy bikes all around this weekend. Chris King put on an exhibition from 18 of the most prestigious bicycle builders in the US. Where you could ogle new creations and talk to the builders.

08 Sep 18
Cafe Idler

I was startled and saddened last week to read of the sudden death of Dario Pegoretti, a man known to aficionados of fine bicycle frames as one of the world’s great artisan builders, and by all accounts a charming man, a lover of music and one of life’s true bon vivants.  He was only 62. A heart attack.

26 Aug 18
Criterium Cycles

Dario Pegoretti was one of the most uniquely talented of men; artist, engineer, craftsman, entrepreneur, philosopher, music lover and poet. We had the pleasure and honour of spending some time with Dario last year and only wished we had been able to spend much longer listening and learning. It was clear that this was an […]

24 Aug 18

According to the Italian website, Cyclinside, legendary framebuilder Dario Pegoretti died on Thursday after suffering a heart attack.  Widely considered the “Godfather” of the artisan framebuilding world, Pegoretti’s frames were known for their exquisite craftsmanship and creative paint schemes that made them as much objects of art as they were bicycles. Pegoretti apprenticed with master builder Luigi […]

24 Aug 18
Biking in LA

It’s bad enough that we can’t get the Complete Streets we were promised. Now we’re having to fight just to hold on to the ones we’ve got. While there seems to be a temporary ceasefire in the fight over the parking protected bike lanes on Venice Blvd, the highly successful lane reduction and bike lanes […]

23 Aug 18
the boardmad magazine

Man who built frames for likes of Indurain, Pantani and Cipollini was taken ill with heart problem this evening Powered by WPeMatico

19 Aug 18
Wolfi's Bike Shop Blog - Cycling in Dubai and the Middle East

Our relationship with Dario was born out of a shared Italian heritage and a passion for craftsmanship and functional art. Using the SuperPista Ultimate as his canvas, Dario has created some truly stunning pieces of art using his frames and imagination as a source of inspiration. These one of a kind pumps feature hand-painted renderings, […]

11 Jun 18
Tesco Warehouse Jobs

via Joshua Brown

27 May 18
The Utah Randonneur

I’m back in Davis California after a couple of years away. This is the 49th annual Davis Double Century and coincidentally will be my 49th double century as well! After riding all of those doubles you would think that I would start to get good at it at some point! My only goal this year […]