Pennies Flattened

20 Feb 19
The Unconventional Millennial

This past December I was on my way to Texas A&M’s campus with thousands of others to greet the 4141 engine and welcome President George H.W. Bush home to Aggieland one last time. Shortly before hitting the intersection at Texas Avenue and University Drive, my Great Aunt Dottie in Kentucky called. She hoped I would […]

16 Feb 19
This could be heaven or this could be hell..

What started as one thing morphed into something else entirely. The more I wrote, the more personal and lengthy these ‘blogs’ became. All were originally written for Facebook and for a while I’ve been trying to pull them all together under one roof. I think there are others too and I’ll add them in when […]

16 Feb 19
NOSAS Archaeology Blog

By Eric Soane Eric is a local metal detectorist whose exploits include discovering the Belladrum hoard of Roman coins, among other finds. He has put his email address at the end in case you want to contact him directly. This article is the report of a recent survey in the fields at the back of Beauly, […]

16 Feb 19
Armchair Maestro

I’m always leery when I approach an album that falls outside the scope of a band’s studio discography. Smartphone technology allows a for quick check of an album’s legitimacy, but there are some occasions where you are willing to throw caution to the wind. The time that I found this little R.E.M.-themed package was one […]

15 Feb 19
Nicole DiNicola

Last weekend I made my grandma’s oatmeal cookies for the first time. Typically, I’m not a big fan of oatmeal cookies, but these tasted like they were delivered from heaven just for you. It took me nearly 30 years to ask for the recipe, and when I finally had the directions to the magic in […]

14 Feb 19
Three Nerds & A Movie

I saw Ghostbusters for the first time during the summer of 1984. The film had just been released in theatres, and my brother and I were treated to this film as an apology of sorts for a misunderstanding from a stranger. We had just moved to Champaign. My parents were separated, but not yet divorced. In […]

13 Feb 19
Dawn Noon and Dusk

It Happened One Starry Night                           “You doubt my veracity? I’m hurt,” Anya pouted dramatically, proving she was indeed the ex-captain of the CCK dramatics club. “Ana Singh Raizada! You really expect me to believe Naniji fell into depression and Mamiji is rolling […]

12 Feb 19
Travels in Retroland

Wakes Week   Early July 1963 and a sparrow alights upon the roof of a small terraced house that is home to my family but a slum to the bigwigs of Wigan Council. In 18 months time the sparrow, should it survive the smog from the billowing chimneys of both home and industry, will have […]

12 Feb 19
Penny and Rusty's Food Blog

It’s been a few years since I last posted a review about Joey Burnaby… that’s not to say that we stopped coming here. Rather, I’ve found that their menu really hasn’t changed much over the years. I suppose this is true for many chain restaurants as it’s the consistency in menu and service delivery that […]

09 Feb 19
ColorMag Pro Technology

If you’re on the hunt for speakers that feature Google Assistant, it’s tempting to first turn to Google’s line of Home devices. Google is in the Google Assistant and Google Home names, so why not just turn to the company behind the software to buy your hardware? Best Smart Displays – Google Home Hub, Lenovo […]

06 Feb 19
Tracey & Dustin

This years vacation is our first ever trip to Disney World! We have SIX whole days to visit all 4 parks. We will be pin trader, flattened penny, and Tinkerbell hunting! Ok, so Tinkerbell is just for me, but Daddy-O is going to be right there with me! Stay tuned for daily updates!

05 Feb 19
Mark Bickerton

A funny thing happened yesterday. I was walking to the retail park next to Next when I was knocked down by a running man in a baseball cap and shirts over his arm. “Fucking hell mate!” I exclaimed as I struggled to my feet. Next thing I saw two women with walkie-talkies in warm pursuit. […]

04 Feb 19
Travel Tales from Here and There

South-easterly we go  This was another epic journey of more than 2100kms, this time, around the Western Cape of South Africa. How l love road trips because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination but the discoveries you make along the way.  Back in the Mother City after 4 years. […]

02 Feb 19

It is in Stiglehold that the new Adventurers Guild is founded. Just one more thing for overworked Sheriff Darathra Shendrel to try to cope with! Fortunately she finds in newly-arrived and legendary paladin Jahia a kindred spirit. Although extremely busy herself, interceding in the town hospice and traveling to nearby towns to do the same […]

01 Feb 19

The announcement of a second Swindon Zine Fest this July leaves me pondering my zine-making past, with edge.   Her triangular-cornered glasses slunk down her vaulted snout as those elderly eyes gawked at me. “Something in graphic design then?” she muttered after an unending awkward silence. No, I felt like screeching, “I want to be […]