Pennies Flattened

23 May 19
Cigar Reviews by Phil 'Katman' Kohn

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Binder: Mexican San Andrés Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina, Dominican Piloto Cubano, Dominican Olor and Nicaraguan (Jalapa) Size: 5.5 x 52 Robusto Strength: Mild/Medium Price: $19.99 ($16.80 online) Today we take a look at the Cohiba Connecticut. Samples were provided by General Cigar. OUCH! This catalog Cohiba better be even more thrilling than […]

20 May 19

Look, if you know a better way to shop than via a personality test, I don’t want to know about it.

19 May 19
My Cranky Recovery

Every year, Facebook memories makes sure I won’t forget an idyllic Mother’s Day of the past, which started with a breakfast-in-bed menu written in crayon. I got to choose between toast and cereal, and the fact that it was two hours earlier than I would normally eat was unimportant. Only half-awake, I blissfully ate my […]

13 May 19
Andy's Writing a Novel

Oh, just one more, but I’ll need to alter it a lot to fit it into my structure that I haven’t figured out yet. This is, again, the original blog entry – and it’s all true! 2. Day One Delhi Dung 3rd Dec 2002 or should that be, “Day two Delhi poo”? I’ve lost track […]

12 May 19

In the aftermath, of winning our very first Novel Award, we spoke to our first winner, Alexandra Page. How did you feel when you watched Chloe announce you as the winner? Flabbergasted! I honestly did not expect to win but hoped maybe to be a runner up, so when The Shape of The World and […]

09 May 19
The Bad Wordplayer's Stuff Talk Place Thingie

For Amazon Associates, I may get some dough.I get a small commission if you click a link below.When people make a purchase if they like something they see,They won’t lose another cent, but there’ll be a prize for me.I had to let you know ‘cause a disclaimer is required,And following the rules to stay is […]

09 May 19
Florida Politics - Campaigns & Elections. Lobbying & Government.

Heat up your day with a dose of Sunburn, the premier first read of Florida politics and policy.

05 May 19
Hays Corner

Maker Faire Thursday, May 9th from 5PM-7PM. is the SES Maker Faire.  We are making marble mazes.  Our class will also be hosting the Wawasee Iron Pride Robotics Team’s penny machine.  Come see our marble mazes, visit other classes to see what they have made,  and roll a flattened penny for free like the ones […]

02 May 19
Tales for Life

If she could have avoided Marsten Street she would have, but the traffic was so bad Cam had to take the lane she could grab. It made her turn right and there was the street she tried to not use, cross, go near. It was inevitable that one day she would be corralled into its […]

01 May 19
Shell On Wheels

Key West is a touristy town, and dining experiences in such places often run the gamut from great to poor in a way that normal towns don’t quite see.  The touristy places attract some top flight restaurateurs and chefs, but also have an unfortunate number of spots living off their location and banking on glitzy […]

30 Apr 19
Writing Wings

Jackdaw jigs keep us entertained as Kama and I relax on our patio, enjoying the evening sun and breeze. Negesydd had adopted us and even assists on cases.

30 Apr 19
Arts Foundry

  Elsewhere   The soil here is too soft. This landscape holds no edges. It lacks the cracked cliff grit bound granite proud escarpment ledges. Birdsong too melodic, hear, too tuned the notes fall full perfect on the ear. In silent fields the inkfall night lacks the ever glowing ribbon of light that carves through […]

29 Apr 19

Authored by Bill Bonner via, It’s no secret that socialism – in all its forms – doesn’t work very well. You soon run out of other people’s money. And people don’t always want to give up their money readily. Or let you boss them around. Inevitably, the more ambitious your plans, the more people […]

26 Apr 19
Melissa Sweeney

The following week, Avery went to school like she hadn’t a secret to keep. She paid attention in class and greeted teachers who greeted her first. She acted perfectly normal, the average eighth grader. She wanted to cry the entire time. To fight through it, she managed to skip her last period. She’d pleaded with […]

25 Apr 19
Friends of Seafield House

PUBLIC MEETING : Monday 15 April 2019 : 5pm – 6.30pm The Savoy Park Hotel, 16 Racecourse Rd, Ayr KA7 2UT AGREED Meeting Note  Present for Friends of Seafield House Committee (FoSH): Patrick Lorimer FRIAS (Chair) Fiona Walker (Vice Chair) Lianne Hackett (Secretary)* Rob Close Kirsty Menzies Sheila Penny Rosemary Paterson, Hon Seafield Co-ordinator Jean […]