16 Jul 19
File 770

The nominees for the Deutsche Science Fiction Preis 2019 were announced May 27. The juried award for the best short story and best novel written in the German language is sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. Each winner will receive €1000. The awards will be presented at PentaCon to be held November 1-3 […]

03 Jul 19

I had a privileged nocturnal encounter with this handsome chap when he flew out of the darkness to settle on my brother-in-law’s shirt! Despite the dramatic entrance it proved to be a great opportunity to handle this magnificent creature and he seemed very amenable to a quick torchlit photoshoot; I then placed him safely on […]

29 Jun 19

Here’s a wrap-up of everything you may have missed on EMULSIVE in May 2018. With only one more day left in June, expect another one of these towards the middle of July! ~ EM RANTS: Who really cares if …”XYZ did it first”? I started the month with a little ranting – something you can […]

09 Jun 19
Som2ny Network

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07 Jun 19
Som2ny Network

212/365 Cheers Bebe for modeling for me, you are pretty much the best person in the world EVER. So a golden hour portrait, something I’ve been wanting to try for ages, even if it is a tad clichéd. Woo more than 5,000 stream views 😀 You can see another from what I humorously call ‘shoot’ […]

22 May 19
Kosmo Foto

Pop music and film photography are natural bedfellows. Both reached their peak in the decades following World War II, both morphing as technology changed and offered new opportunities for expression. Many of the photographers shooting bands in the 1960s and 70s were young and filled with new ideas, often inspired by the music they were […]

16 May 19

I love a bargain. My X-M1 was only £89 and it performs as you’d expect a Fujifilm to – admirably, great for JPEGs and intuitively. So when I saw the 7Artisans 25mm on eBay for only £47, I decided it was worth the minimal outlay. I wasn’t actually looking at lenses, but a Canon lens […]

08 May 19
Creative Production: Photography

For the first lesson of the photography workshop and seminar, I got to know about a bit of the history of photography and to try out with a camera. The lesson started with a seminar, our tutor, Adam has provided us with a number of items that are related to cameras and photography, and to […]

04 May 19
Mikrokosm Fotos

OK, I’m talking about tripod heads. There are a few reasons why it matters to me and might be relevant to anyone else: Some classic lenses are really heavy (–> tripod) Some people use classic lenses to stitch panoramic landscapes together (–> tripod) I have a near classic set of tripod legs and it’s only […]

02 May 19

My List On Camera’s Throughout History Mastra V35 The year the camera was made: 1958 2. Kiev 4A The year the camera was made: 1950s 3. Universal, Mercury II half frame 35mm camera Year that this camera created: 1945 4. Kodak Jiffy (Series II), 620 Roll Fill Camera Year the camera has created: 1973 5. […]

02 May 19

The Pentacon Six TL is a phenomenon of a camera. When I first got mine, I almost fell in love with it, because I liked the idea of shooting 6×6 and was fascinated by the bulky yet somehow elegant design of the camera.

18 Apr 19

Un cordiale saluto a tutti i followers di NOCSENSEI; in queste note voglio attirare l’attenzione su alcune versioni particolari di obiettivi Zeiss appartenenti alla famiglia Biometar e Biotar. Il Biometar è un obiettivo normale con schema a Doppio Gauss asimmetrico e semplificato rispetto alla configurazione standard, trasformando il doppietto posteriore in un singolo menisco e […]

15 Apr 19
En La Calle On The Street

By Juan R Govea “Johnny” with Bio by Ken Shimamoto Big Heaven is the newest new wave garage band from Fort Worth with front woman singer-songwriter Mandy Hand leading the Fort Worth Dreamy Life Records synth pop band saying the group formed in 2017 and released their first EP “Strike a Match” in 2017. Hand’s […]