18 Apr 19

Un cordiale saluto a tutti i followers di NOCSENSEI; in queste note voglio attirare l’attenzione su alcune versioni particolari di obiettivi Zeiss appartenenti alla famiglia Biometar e Biotar. Il Biometar è un obiettivo normale con schema a Doppio Gauss asimmetrico e semplificato rispetto alla configurazione standard, trasformando il doppietto posteriore in un singolo menisco e […]

15 Apr 19
En La Calle On The Street

By Juan R Govea “Johnny” with Bio by Ken Shimamoto Big Heaven is the newest new wave garage band from Fort Worth with front woman singer-songwriter Mandy Hand leading the Fort Worth Dreamy Life Records synth pop band saying the group formed in 2017 and released their first EP “Strike a Match” in 2017. Hand’s […]

03 Apr 19
My Awakening in Hell

Just last week the internet was all abuzz about DHS telling Amerikans to prepare for 6 months without electricity.  In the same week we learn the District of Criminals are worried about EMP and over at the Pentacon they just ordered 250 million bucks worth of gas masks.  In the meantime AOC wants to turn […]

02 Apr 19
Casual Photophile

“After a few weeks with a Pentax 50mm lens, I had the feeling of suffocating. I realized that I needed a wide angle. As soon as I had my Zeiss Flektogon, the world looked very different.” Words spoken by Joel Meyerowitz on the Flektogon, and how it completely altered his photographic vision. During World War II there […]

31 Mar 19
My Awakening in Hell

‘Back to the Future’ wasn’t a lucky prediction of the 911 terrorist attack – it was scripted into the movie intentionally by Steven Speilberg.  Muslims didn’t do 911, Israel and the Neocons did 911.  There were no Muslims involved in 911, it was organized and executed by American and Israeli Zionist Jews in NYC and […]

28 Mar 19

It’s a long held belief of mine (and not just as a photographer) that the beauty of life is in the tiny details. So for as long as I’ve been photographing with intention (since around 2006 with Sony camera phones), I’ve been drawn to photographing up close and intimate. This is a short series on […]

13 Mar 19
IJM Photography

What do you do on a nice, sunny, Saturday afternoon, when the Gilets Jaunes have forgotten to turn up? You get in the car with your daughter and meet some fellow Instagrammers from Nantes Grand Angle to go out and take some pictures. My camera for the day was the Canon 6D Mark II, with […]

24 Feb 19

ใช้คู่กับ Sony Nex-5   ตอนหมุนโฟกัสไป infinity เหมือนจะกลายเป็นไม่ชัดไปซะยังงั้น เดี่ยวคงต้องลองหา adapter แบบ m42 แท้ ๆ มาทดสอบ  ตอนนี้ ใช้  ต่อแบบสองท่อน nex-eos eos-m42  เลยไม่รู้ว่าทำให้ระยะมันเคลื่อนไปหรือเปล่า        

23 Feb 19

Yesterday I developed a roll of Ilford FP4+ which had been in a Praktica MTL3 for around eight months; a side-effect of having too many cameras to choose from. The film had first been exposed at the Tees Transporter Bridge and it was apparent that the film wasn’t winding on properly as there were a […]

19 Feb 19
Creative Production: Photography

For the first lesson of the photography workshop and seminar, I get to know about a bit of the history of photography and to try out with a camera. The lesson started with a seminar, our tutor, Adam has provided us a number of items that are related to cameras and photography, and to do […]

13 Feb 19
Casual Photophile

Modern digital photographers looking for a more distinctive look have turned to classic manual focus lenses; and one of the most popular of these is the Soviet Helios 44-2, famed for its swirly bokeh. However, the Helios (despite being a great lens) is not unique. In fact, it’s a derivative of the famed Biotar 58mm […]