05 Dec 18

Wright’s Gunsmiths Perazzi 12 Ga. Stainless Choke Tube – Set of 8 (#6008) – Buy – Wright’s Gunsmiths Perazzi 12 Ga. Stainless Choke Tube – Set of 8 (#6008)

30 Nov 18
Behind The Break | The Ultimate Sporting Clays Podcast

Gun:  Perazzi MX8 with drop it coil spring triggers and MX12 engraving Ammunition:  Gamebore White Gold 1 1/8 oz 1300 for Sporting and Dark Storm 1 oz for FITASC. Glasses:  Pilla Outlaw X7 (my go to lens is a 26ED) Earplugs:  ESP Earplugs (stealth) Clothing:  I like to look as professional as I can (or just better than David which […]

30 Nov 18
Behind The Break | The Ultimate Sporting Clays Podcast

Gun:  Perazzi High Tech Sporting – check my website for more information Ammunition:  Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm cause it’s sicknasty Glasses:  Pilla Outlaw X6 – 32MXB or 18CED at night because I like welding goggles Vest:  Any Castellani vest from Ultimate Shooting Accessories (Tom Lotus) there’s really nothing that even compares Shooting Bag:  Perazzi USA shooting bag cause it was free and had so […]

23 Sep 18
New Penn Trucking

via Joel Castellanos Navarrete

14 Sep 18
International Trap and Skeet

As I posted following the conclusion of the Trap events of the 2018 ISSF World Championships, I also wanted to post the results from the Skeet events. Once again, Perazzi and Beretta are the top two guns used, but the tables have flipped from trap. Beretta has the clear advantage with skeet shooters, representing 3 […]

08 Sep 18
International Trap and Skeet

Now that the trap events have wrapped up, I wanted to post the results from all the trap events. I also took the time to put the guns that each competitor was using to give everyone an idea of what’s popular in the world of International Trap shooting. Looks like Perazzi and Beretta are the […]

16 Aug 18
Hunt Forever

Tony Galazan has been a fixture at the Safari Club convention as far back as I can remember.  Over the past 25 years, he and his company, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing (CSMC), have grown steadily in importance to the shooting industry.

01 Aug 18

Guns can be used for recreational or professional or safety use. Professional use of the gun takes place in the sport Shooting.   SHOOTING  the art of shooting lies within the sport itself. shooting has different types of guns being used in it like air rifle, pistol, shotgun. #AIR RIFLE This rifle is going for […]

29 Jul 18
Ambassador Adventures

Family is not always blood, sometimes a family takes in a complete stranger and makes them feel like they have been a member of the family the whole time.

27 Jul 18
Breaking Clays

Just like every other sport or hobby, you need equipment to participate. There are five essentials every competitive shooter needs: ear protection, eye protection, ammunition holder, ammunition, and a shotgun. Each of these pieces of equipment have a super wide price range- you can literally find everything you need at your local Walmart. However, the […]

23 Jul 18

Canarie, il paradiso per fuggire dall’Italia. Angelo Perazzi: “Vi spiego come si vive qui e come potete trasferirvi” È fuga di massa dall’Italia. Le cifre, impressionanti, sono contenute nel Rapporto italiani nel mondo 2017 della Fondazione Migrantes: nel 2016, i connazionali espatriati sono stati 124.076, in crescita di oltre 16mila unità rispetto all’anno precedente. In […]

18 Jun 18
Streljacki savez Crne Gore

CRNOJ GORI  IZMAKLA BRONZA – HRVAT GERMIN NA NIVOU SVJETSKOG REKORDA Na tradicionalnom Grand Prix Perazzi, takmičenje u gađanju letećih meta Trap,koji se pro-teklog vikenda održao u Beogradu, crnogorska ekipa u sastavu (Nikola Perišić 112, Ivo Stanišić 111, Nikola Marković 108) je sa 331 pogotkom ostvarila zapažen nastup. Naime, naš sastav je u konačnom zbiru […]

24 May 18

Escenda – Happy feat Eva Kade (Ivan Starzev Remix) Zippyshare Escenda – Happy feat Eva Kade (Original Mix) Zippyshare Essentials – Hypnotic (Extended Mix) Zippyshare Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King – Shame (Original Mix) Zippyshare Ezikiel – One Beat (Alejandro Mosso) Zippyshare Fabrizio Mammarella – Skymed Zippyshare Fader From Borneo – Sound Fondue Zippyshare Fahrland – I […]

15 May 18

By Philippe Bacchetta and Elena Perazzi A monetary reform is submitted for vote to the Swiss people in 2018. The Sovereign Money Initiative proposes that all sight deposits should be controlled by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and that the SNB could distribute its additional resources. While a sovereign money reform would clearly affect […]

14 May 18
Free Cad Blocks & Drawings Download Center

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