Perry Ellis

16 Feb 19
slave shae

The following is one scene from a novella I’m writing. It’s a rough draft still, and there’s much to be done on it, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Some of this is autobiographical, but the characters, other than myself, are fictional.  (Will post this also in my fiction section.) I meet Summer in […]

15 Feb 19
The Fan Voted Chart

DISCLAIMER: These are only the results.  I only share these with everyone so they can see how the voting went and how many points each song is earning.  The chart will be revealed Sunday.  You can see the Hit 100 here or the entire chart here. PLEASE READ TO UNDERSTAND: The results each week determine […]

15 Feb 19
Bad Yogi Magazine

If you’re a fashionista or just have a general interest in fashion, you probably know the name Christy Turlington. She was the face of Calvin Klein’s Eternity campaign way back in 1989 and once again in 2014. She also represents the famous beauty brand Maybelline. Turlington might have been absent from the runway since the […]

14 Feb 19
Financial Post

MONTREAL, Quebec — Jesta I.S. Inc., a global leader in integrated ERP solutions for wholesale and omnichannel retail, is pleased to announce the release of its Trade Management Portal (TMP). TMP is a global procurement platform that streamlines and optimizes the processing and tracking of overseas orders and shipments. The centralized, cloud-based portal can be […]