17 Jul 19
Order and Entropy

Commentary for Book III, Chapter 54 in which power leads to pride, and pride leads to the expectedly unexpected.

17 Jul 19
Psychonomic Society Featured Content

What were we thinking? Is it possible to discover how past cultures made decisions, prioritised issues, or which ideas were felt to be emotional or bland, offensive or pleasant? Language provides a fossil record of society, and big data has made huge progress in making historical psychology through language analysis possible and accessible. A step […]

17 Jul 19
Hot Takes Over Cheesecakes

This review of Stepping Out is based on the opening night performance at 8pm on Saturday, July 13th, at Newcastle Theatre Company on De Vitre Street in New Lambton. Featured image, taken by Jörg Lehmann, lovingly gleaned from Newcastle Theatre Company’s official Facebook page. Despite its comedic gloss, Richard Harris’s Stepping Out has heart. At a weekly […]

16 Jul 19
Altitude branding

Persnickety coding style problems, a bit of copy and paste, incorrect variable and method naming, coding that does not adhere to the standards, and trivial bug issues are irritating. However, these technical debts (TDs) are not worth monitoring. You can take care of such problems in daily…

16 Jul 19
Short Story Scribe

Yesterday, I wrote a post discussing the importance of the author maintaining her or his voice, despite the pressures of self-appointed grammarians. Today, I am going to give an example of an author who makes those grammarians crawl right out of their skin. I belong to a few author and writer groups on social media. […]

16 Jul 19
Eyes + Words

7/16/2019 “We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.” – Patrick Rothfuss Photo by Persnickety Prints

15 Jul 19
The Nexus

Have you ever felt like God was hard to please? How do we make Him happy? The author of Hebrews here gives us one surefire way to do it. Read on to find out what it is.

14 Jul 19
Fighting For Surthrival 2

To me, cannibalism was always a fable which I heard about while attending school. It was basically part of ancient history when humans were not civilized. The exact definition of cannibalism is the practice of humans eating flesh or internal organs of other human beings. Now, we all grow up hearing of the boogeyman, Dracula […]

13 Jul 19

[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#aa1217″ background_color=””]I[/edgtf_dropcaps]’m sitting across from two Ellies. Or is two Katherines? This is a little confusing. In the Disney musical “Freaky Friday,” a mother named Katherine and a daughter named Ellie swap souls. The actress who plays Ellie stays the same physically, of course, but for much of the show her “essence” is […]

13 Jul 19

  Jack ‘Whopper’ McCain followed in the footsteps of his father (the war hero and senator John McCain), grandfather and great-grandfather, when he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. Here he describes flying and fighting in the Blackhawk and MH-60S ‘Sierra’ helicopter.  “Even the routine flights where I was teaching students to land in the […]

13 Jul 19

After leaving my classroom behind for three weeks, I walked in to see that I had neglected a few things. Am thinking my little plant wasn’t feeling so loved at all during my absence. It’s a plant that really doesn’t need much care at all. It’s not one of those persnickety needy plants. It’s not […]

12 Jul 19

When you become a woman who is alone, you notice other women who are alone. I became such a woman when I got divorced. But each woman alone has her own story, of course. Some women, like one of my sisters, just never marry. For some, it’s a conscious choice. For others, luck or fate […]

12 Jul 19

All art has a message. Even the silliest, shallowest stuff, whether deliberately meaningful or not, conveys something to the audience — even if it’s only the simple notion of “I think this is pretty and I wanted to draw it.” Yes, even artists who deliberately avoid any kind of theme or moral cannot escape this […]

11 Jul 19

I’m not going to send back my ill-fated and ill-fitting shoes. I decided to keep it as proof of the spoils of war. The way Zod’s brainwashing works is they make you agree with them, like “I’m going to throw this or that out,” like that’s a good thing. They act like such lovely people. […]

11 Jul 19
The Haunted Coconut

Brought to you by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…and Boss Hog. If you’re reading this, you probably are familiar with the notorious cure for boredom that was conceived by the assholes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That’s right, it’s Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games! And I have (very painfully) put together a set […]