Peruvian Connection

18 Feb 19
Ambo da'wah

I’m having fun. Halal haram technical. The fiqh of immediate young teen model sex. Or preteen whatever. What happens in La Selva stays in La Selva. Utopian sex tourism in literature. This was a private duaa for the author that came true forever and ever in Al Firdous insha’allah. Green bird reference, or general birds […]

17 Feb 19
jenny's lark

The upshot is that it was a damned good idea then, and it’s still a damned good idea, now. Here’s how I know: In early spring 2007, before … well, before so many, many (many) things that have happened in the past decade, a neighbor asked me to join her book club. I declined, responding […]

17 Feb 19

& # 39; Alita: Angel of combat & # 39; This weekend has arrived in US theaters. This production was made by Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron he was not aiming too high in the early forecasts of his debut, which indicates a first with fairly low figures for a tape with a high budget […]

17 Feb 19
Stories from the Gate

2/17/19By Tony Artym If there’s one thing Disney Parks fans love, it’s continuity. That is, a thread that connects multiple attractions or even lands into a continuous story; two unique things suddenly coming together. Sometimes, the connections are vast and visible. Take Disneyland’s Adventureland, uniformly set in the 1930s with all of the land’s rides, […]

17 Feb 19

Jennifer & April Edwell // February is American Heart Month. The heart is an amazing organ that deserves our fascination and veneration. There it is tirelessly beating inside your chest right now, running on its own electricity, steady and miraculous.

16 Feb 19
News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from

An expert has revealed just how couples can reignite their passion in the bedroom, with the simple help of a few libido-boosting herbs.

According to new statistics, 52 per cent of couples have sex twice a week or less, and the initial passion in most Brits’ relationships now lasts an overall average of just 3 years, 3 months and 26 days.

Surprisingly, those aged 18-24 tend to lose the passion even faster, with the average time the spark takes to die standing at just 1 year, 2 months and 2 weeks. 

But now Katrine Van Wyk, 35, an author who lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children, has shared the recipes which will get the spark back in a natural way- including a latte infused with the powder of Peruvian plant maca – which is found to boost the libido .


15 Feb 19
Lester's adventures in Lima

I survived the 12-hour overnight journey along the notoriously unstable, unreliable and indirect path from Cajamarca to Chachapoyas. In fact, I managed to blissfully sleep through it all. I came with Miriam who I had met in Cajamarca, and it was nice to have a companion after having been flying solo for over three weeks […]

15 Feb 19
Boricua Reads

The snow is starting to melt, the trees are looking green again, flowers are beginning to welcome sunshine and showers…

Here? It’s gonna get hotter as Easter approaches, with more people bathing at the beach and more tourists starting to arrive for their Spring Breaks. That’s right, Spring is around the corner. The time between Spring and Summer is my favorite, as it’s cool enough for me to wear cool jackets and but also hot enough that we don’t have to wear coats (I mean, I don’t have to wear coats at any given time here, but I’m being empathetic for those going through harsh winters and who are waiting for Spring to arrive).

It also means it’s time to bring a new list to your lives, or, what I’ve dubbed “#Read&Latinx.”

14 Feb 19
Empire and its Ruins: Past and Present

Why is instagram so popular? With the rise of social media in the late 20th century and early 21st century comes the facebook, twitter, snapchat, and instagram that we know today. Over time, social media platforms have evolved. From examining the shift of the ancient AOL messaging to the modern instagram, it becomes clear that […]

14 Feb 19
World Traveller

With vintage trams and vibrant street life, the sun-drenched Portuguese capital is an Instagrammer’s dream

13 Feb 19

I spent a week in a retreat in the Amazon near Iquitos, Peru. I had three Ayahuasca ceremonies on three consecutive evenings. Each ceremony and experience lasting around 5-6 hours. I feel I have only begun to scratch the surface at expressing some of the insights gained. The difficulty is putting into words and conveying […]

12 Feb 19
The Pisco Society

This three part primer is a spirited introduction to the oldest grape distillate in the Americas, pisco. Part 1 defines pisco, then explores its origins and historical connection to San Francisco, before covering its presence around the world. Part 2 takes a look at pisco’s grape varietals and producing regions, then describes the distillation process, […]

13 Feb 19

Diego Velazquez, 1634 Medici Gardens in Rome, at the Prado, taken from Wikipedia The Prado, like the Louvre, takes a bit of context. It is a Royal Collection, and the royalty in Spain was; Well, full of stories, to say the least. The Spanish had an enormous empire, but two provinces of supreme artistic value […]

13 Feb 19
Bad Yogi Magazine

Let’s talk about sex, baby! No matter the significance of the holiday to you, Valentine’s Day gets us talking about… connection. Who doesn’t want to have the best possible connection with their partner? If these seven foods can help in any way, why not keep them in mind this week, or any day of the […]

13 Feb 19
South America Peace Studies

Language in Peru The most common language spoken in Peru is Spanish. Spanish is known as the official language of Peru. About 86% of the total population speaks Spanish. This can be compared to 80% of the United States population speaking English. Peru is one of the most interesting places in the world when it […]

13 Feb 19

For an assignment in my final semester at college, my professor required our class to either write a manuscript that was non-fiction or fiction, preferably one that could later be published in a journal. (Which sadly, I was not able to find a journal where my piece fit the requirements) The overall goal for me […]